Lard - Homemade

Materials Metric US
back fat, beginning (not frozen), after bark and traces of meat 1 kg 2.2 lb


  1. Dice aback fat into 1/4 inch cubes or bullwork through a 3/8" plate.
  2. Put bucket on a calefaction antecedent and add diced/ground aback fat. Administer calefaction and alpha melting the fat, active often. Any adumbration of smoke signifies that the temperature is too high, about-face the calefaction down.
  3. Remove cracklings by clarification the drip through a strainer.
  4. When the temperature of the drip drops to 72° F, 22° C, cascade the drip into No. 2.5, 401 x 411 or No. 2, 307 x 409 cans. Abode in a air-conditioned breadth so the drip will set. If needed, you can add added balmy (liquid) drip to the container.
  5. Seal the cans.
  6. Clean the cans and store.

NOTE there is no thermal processing involved.

There were actual few articles that were not submitted to thermal process. The articles were drip and smoked bacon, both arranged in cans. Smoked sausages were generally arranged in drip to extend their shelf life. The convenance was not bound to Eastern European countries, but was accepted in added areas, for archetype in Cuba. Such articles were kept in basis cellars or in air-conditioned pantries. Beginning fat is a poor average for bacilli to abound as it contains actual few nutrients and little damp (15%) as compared to meat which contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and 75% moisture. During assembly of drip best of the damp is evaporated during heating and this is the acumen drip keeps so well.

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