Cranberry Liqueur

Cranberry liqueur is one the finest liqueurs there is. It has a admirable bittersweet color, it can be fabricated into cranberry vodka by artlessly abbreviating the bulk of amoroso and it can be alloyed with added vodkas or liqueurs to actualize alike added adult drinks. Its acidity exhibits this slight sourely aroma that goes acutely able-bodied with added candied drinks like for archetype a honey vodka.

Fresh cranberries 300 g
Ginger, fresh 75 g
Sugar 300 g or 300 ml accustomed 73% amoroso syrup
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Lemon banknote extract 15 ml
Vanilla extract 5 ml
Alcohol 50%, 850 ml


  1. Cranberry infusion. Cut 300 g cranberries into behindhand and awning with 600 ml of 50% alcohol.
  2. Macerate for 3 weeks. Agitate the jar every few days. Ache and filter.
  3. Mix 500 ml of cranberry beverage with 200 ml of amber infusion. Add 300 ml of amoroso abstract and boilerplate and auto extracts.
  4. Add baptize if bare to 1 liter mark. The compound is for one liter of the product.


  • Mixing according genitalia of 150 affidavit Everclear with 80 affidavit vodka after-effects in 58% alcohol.

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