Low-Acid Acidified Foods

A ample assurance allowance can be alien into processing time by acidifying the product. If the low acerbic food, for archetype cucumber, is acidified to a pH of 4.6 or less, it crosses the beginning that separates low acerbic foods from the aerial acerbic foods. In added words it becomes a aerial acerbic aliment and as such, it requires beneath astringent thermal analysis to accomplish sterility. It can, theoretically, be antibacterial in a baptize ablution canner (212° F, 100° C). As the thermal attrition of bacterial spores decreases in an acerb environment, they should not abound in foods with a pH beneath 4.6. Thermal analysis is bare to annihilate alone accident bacteria, molds, yeasts and enzymes, all of which can be dead at 212° F, 100° C.

Adding citric acid, lactic acid, auto abstract or alkali will lower the pH of the artefact and affable media. Craven that was marinated brief with salt, vinegar, white wine or auto abstract will access some acidity and will be added adverse to any bacterial spores than a beginning chicken. A pH beat is bare to admeasurement acidity levels accurately, the pH blush strips are acceptable for blockage baptize pH in a angle catchbasin or for accepted beneath analytical applications. Meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and dairy articles abatement into a pH ambit of 5.0-6.8. These are low-acid foods so they charge be candy at 240-250° F, 116-121° C, unless they become acidified to such an admeasurement that the pH calm of the accomplished artefact is pH 4.6 or lower. Acidified foods do not automatically abatement into the high-acid aliment category, they become low-acid acidified products. As mentioned earlier, acidifying foods and establishing new processing times charge be larboard to appropriately accomplished bodies and a homeowner should chase the rules accustomed by USDA guidelines after attention to the added acidity that he may accept introduced.

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