Meat Smoker and Clamminess Control

Meat weight accident (moisture) is anon affiliated to the temperature and clamminess and it is of abundant accent that we apprentice how to dispense those two factors back smoker meats. Acclimation clamminess in a home fabricated smokehouse can be done indirectly, and is almost simple and amount free. Back smoker in a home fabricated smokehouse the clamminess can be controlled by:

  • Choosing the time of smoking.
  • Placing a baptize abounding pan central the smoker.
  • Using clammy copse chips or sawdust.

The bulk of bare clamminess is dictated by:

  • Type of a artefact - hot smoked sausage, algid smoked sausage, smoked and air-dried ham, or aloof air-dried ham.
  • The smoker adjustment that will be employed.

There is added clamminess in areas absolute abounding lakes, rivers or actuality abutting to the sea shore. Barren areas such as chastening or mountains accept beneath baptize and after beneath humidity. As you cannot change the concrete area of the smokehouse, you accept to apprentice how to go about it and how to accept the time of smoker to your best advantage. The best important aphorism to bethink is that back the temperature goes up, the clamminess goes down. Back the temperature goes down, the clamminess goes up (night). Back the clouds appear in and it starts to drizzle, the clamminess will go up immediately.

In a home refrigerator the clamminess charcoal at about 45% at 40° F (4° C) and in a freezer it is about 70% at 0° F (-18° C). In an air-conditioned allowance the clamminess charcoal at 40-45%. Altered smoker methods crave altered clamminess levels: in dry climates like New Mexico or Arizona the about clamminess stays low at 15-20% during the day and it will not be appropriate to smoke meats at such conditions. The antidote will be to abode a baptize pan central of the smoker and to use clammy copse chips. The best band-aid is to smoke at night time back the temperature will bead and the clamminess will increase.

When smoker meats in a smokehouse, or advancing sausages in the kitchen, we should apperceive how to ascendancy humidity. Back authoritative dry sausages the salting and damp abatement are two capital methods of meat preservation. We charge annihilate as abundant damp as accessible back the damp is the capital culprit that boodle the meat. We can apply admirers alarming hot air at the sausages, but this will anon amalgamate the apparent breadth of the meat and will actualize a barrier that will allurement damp inside. The sausage will be dry on the alfresco but raw and clammy inside. Algid smoked or air broiled sausages are candy at the alpha at actual aerial clamminess levels and low temperatures. Low temperatures anticipate bacilli advance and aerial clamminess allows for apathetic damp abatement after hardening the apparent of the sausage. By authoritative clamminess (moisture in the air) we can actualize able altitude for dehydration and smoker articles at altered temperatures. Back acid meats we don't appetite damp to abbreviate on knives, stainless animate tables or alike walls as this will advice bacilli to accumulate and will abbreviate the advantageous activity of the product.

Humidity or bigger said the "relative humidity" defines how abundant baptize (vapor) is present in the air at a accurate temperature. In abstruse agreement the about clamminess is the allotment of damp air is captivation compared to the best damp it can hold. The air about consistently contains some baptize breath and although we don't see it, it is there and it has a assertive accumulation (weight). This bulk of damp will abundantly depend on a altitude in which a actuality lives. There is consistently added clamminess in areas affluent with bodies of water, like lakes, rivers or the sea shore. Barren areas like chastening or mountains accept beneath rivers and lakes and after beneath humidity. In hot acclimate back clamminess is additionally high, we feel alike hotter than it is. The acumen actuality that by perspiring, (removing moisture) our anatomy cools us and provides a relief. If the clamminess is aerial alfresco our damp has boilerplate to go and we diaphoresis alike in the shade.

The air at assertive temperatures is able of captivation a anchored bulk of damp in it. The college the temperature the added baptize can be captivated by air and carnality versa. As the bulk of damp in the air is anchored for at atomic some time (the clouds can accompany damp and rain), adopting the temperature lowers the about humidity. There is a point for anniversary temperature account back the air can authority the best accessible bulk of baptize and we alarm it a assimilation or a dew point. At this point the about clamminess is 100%. If the dew point is beneath freezing, it is alleged the frost point and the baptize breath will anatomy the frost or the snow. Air with a about clamminess of 50% contains bisected of the best damp it could hold. If the allowance is at 100% clamminess and we agitated a brazier of baptize on the floor, this baptize will never clear as the air can not blot it anymore. The alone band-aid is to clean it off or accession the temperature of the allowance what will lower the about clamminess and the air will be able to authority added moisture. Accumulate in apperception that in a bedfast allowance we can acclimatize about clamminess by increasing/decreasing temperatures, nevertheless, the mass/weight of damp charcoal the same. In adjustment to change this bulk of baptize we will accept to either abolish some of it application dehumidifier or accompany added of it into the allowance (humidifier, agreement a baptize bowl on a heater, baking a kettle etc). Agenda that a account of 100% about clamminess agency that the air is absolutely saturated with moisture, creating a adventitious of rain. This does not beggarly that we alone get the rain back clamminess on the arena is 100%. To get the rain the about clamminess charge be 100% area the clouds are forming, but the about clamminess abreast the arena could be abundant less.

You can see in the afterward table how abundant baptize breath can be captivated by air at altered temperatures:

Temperature in ° C Water breath (g) per kilogram of dry air
50 88.12
40 49.81
30 27.69
20 14.85
10 7.76
0 3.84

Air with a temperature of 30° C ( can authority added than three times as abundant damp as air at 10° C (50° F).

In the aforementioned allowance at 100% about humidity, if we aback lower the temperature, the air can now authority beneath damp and the aerosol of baptize will alpha abbreviating on bland surfaces like mirrors, knives, or alike meat itself. You may say that the baptize is advancing out of the air and it is about like raining. This abnormality can calmly be empiric in hot climates for archetype in Florida. In the aboriginal morning (6 AM) aback the temperature is low, there is so abundant clamminess that there is baptize all over the car: tthe mirrors, the bottle and all over the body. The roof of the abode is so wet that the baptize is decrepit down. It is absurd to cut the wet grass as the mower will accumulate on stalling. We are at 100% about humidity, the saturation. Afresh the sun gets up, the temperature starts to accession and the damp goes aback into the air. Afterwards a few hours aggregate is dry afresh and the grass can now be cut with the machine.

To see how the temperature affects clamminess in absolute life, we accept taken alternate readings of the temperature and about clamminess in Florida on November 10/11, 2006.

The consistent table and the blueprint chase below:

Time 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
6 PM mid. AM noon 6 PM
Temp.°F 70 66 66 64 62 62 62 62 60 60 60 60 59 60 64 68 71 74 77 77 77 78 75 74 70
Temp.°C 21 19 19 18 17 17 17 17 15 15 15 15 14 15 18 20 22 23 25 25 25 26 24 23 22
% humidity 60 80 85 90 92 94 94 94 94 93 92 92 91 90 84 64 45 40 36 36 35 32 44 50 67
humidity chart

As accurate on the graph, there was a abrupt acceleration in clamminess levels (from 60 to 90%) back the temperature alone from 70° F (6 PM) to 62° F (11 PM). These aerial clamminess levels connected until 7 AM. Those would be the best clamminess levels for algid smoking. The blaze should be kept actual low in adjustment not to access the temperature too much. Afresh during the day the artefact should be placed in a acknowledgment at 85% clamminess levels. At 7 PM the aforementioned artefact would be taken from the acknowledgment and algid smoked again.

There was a big bead in clamminess levels from 90 to 36%, back the temperature added from 60° (7AM) to 77° F (12 AM-noon). Additionally at 7 AM there was so abundant clamminess that there was a fog all over the breadth which abolished absolutely one hour later. The aloft blueprint proves that the cold smoked articles can be produced from the average of November to February, alike in a hot Floridian climate, as continued as we pay absorption to the time of smoking, the temperature and the clamminess levels.

Humidity and fog

7 AM - fog - 90% humidity


8 AM - bright - 84% humidity

For added advice on humidity:

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