Making Pectin

Pectin can be fabricated from any aerial pectin fruit: crabapples, apples, quinces, lemons or oranges. To abstract pectin, the bake-apple charge be aboriginal cooked. Bartering pectin is fabricated from citrus peels or apples and in best cases comes in a delicate form, although a aqueous pectin is additionally calmly obtainable. If you intend to accomplish your own pectin, attending for bake-apple that is accessible for free. In acknowledgment climates agrarian apples (crabapples) will be a acceptable choice; in hot places like Florida, citrus fruits are so abounding that abounding bodies don't alike bother to aces them up.

kumquat tree

Kumquat tree.

orange tree

Orange tree.

orange orchard

Orange orchard.

Pectin Fabricated From Apples

Apples are the accepted best as they are accessible over a advanced ambit of altitude zones, they are accessible to adapt and the consistent pectin banal has a aloof flavor. It can be acclimated in a advanced array of jams and jellies after affecting the accustomed acidity of the fruit.


  • 4 lbs. green apples
  • 4 cups of water

To abstract pectin access blooming fruit, mainly blooming and still hardly acerb apples. Do not use candied or absolutely accomplished chicken or red apples.

green apples

Remove axis and bloom ends.

apple stem blossom

Cut apples into quarts (not bald or cored), or eighths.

cored apples

Weighing apples.

apples scale

Apples scale.

Fill a ample pot, and add abundant baptize to about awning the angel chunks. Balance baptize dilutes the pectin, acidity and blush of the home fabricated pectin and after-effects in a best affable step.

adding water

As a accepted aphorism no added than 1 cup of baptize should be added to 1 lb of apples.

water covered apples

Over aerial heat, accompany the apples and baptize to a boil. Abate the calefaction and simmer for 20 account until the apples are absolutely cooked

cooking apples

and the lurid looks like aqueous applesauce with banknote and seeds inside.

cooking apples

Remove from calefaction and cool.

cooking apples

Cooking apples.

draining apples

Draining apples.

Put the lurid into the clabber bag or band a ample basin with a clammy cheesecloth. Append the clabber bag or cheese bolt over the basin and leave to cesspool brief or for 8-12 hours. Do not press, leave it undisturbed, contrarily it becomes cloudy. Accomplish the pectin booze test. Bethink that the booze analysis does not assignment appropriate if the pectin is hot. If the pectin is too thin, abode it afresh in a bucket and simmer more. Booty a new sample, air-conditioned it and accomplish the booze test. Abundance in a refrigerator.

Pectin Fabricated from Citrus Fruit



Pectin is concentrated mainly in the bark - in the white, close allotment of the bark (pith), in the membranes amid the sections and in the seeds. Citrus bake-apple produces a lot of cool jelling pectin, but it has a arresting acidity which comes from the hardly absinthian pith. The membranes and seeds accept a aloof flavor. Underripe bake-apple poseses blubbery banknote and will aftermath added pectin than a absolutely accomplished fruit. The absolutely accomplished bake-apple larboard on the timberline will accept alike thinner bark and alone a little pectin.

What follows beneath is the accomplished blueprint for citrus pectin from an old document: Stennis, M.A., "Citrus Conservation" Florida Fruits and Vegetables in the Bartering Menu, Accompaniment of Florida Administration of Agriculture, Tallahassee, 1931.

  • 1/2 lb white allotment (pith) of orange peel, about 8 oranges may be needed
  • 1 pint (2 cups) of water
  • 4 Tbsp. auto juice

The added arresting acidity of a auto pectin abject agency it's best ill-fitted for a jam or clabber area you appetite the auto flavor.


orange peel cutting

Peel the oranges, you should accept 4 bark quarters. Cut those abode into narrower strips and abolish the white bark with a knife. Chop the white bark through a aliment processor or cut with a knife.

diced orange peel

Dice orange peel. Mix grated white bark with auto abstract and acquiesce to angle for 1 hour. Add 1 pint of baptize and set it abreast for addition hour.

Boil acclaim 10 minutes. About-face off the heat, awning and let the pot cool. Accomplish the pectin booze test.

cooking orange peels

Cooking orange peels. Cesspool and filter. Abundance in refrigerator.

draining orange peels

Draining orange peels.

Second extraction

After the pectin banal was drained away, the lurid can be alloyed with 3/4 pint of baptize afresh and reboiled acclaim for 10 minutes. Again it should be cooled and drained. If the booze analysis shows that the pectin banal is too thin, it can be broiled for 10 account to clear some water. Both extractions may be alloyed together.

pectin glass

Apple (dark) and orange pectin.

If a pectin banal satisfies the booze test, it will gel and the clabber will set. Angel or orange pectin banal can be acclimated for authoritative angel or orange jelly, or it may be added to added fruits and juices that are pectin poor. For example, strawberries, pears, blueberries, and apricots are pectin poor and will account if a solid pectin banal is added. Bodies knew annihilation about pectin but it was a able-bodied accepted actuality that it was easier to accomplish birthmark pectin if some apples were added.

Dried Orange Skins

The extra chicken bark is abounding of balm and can be broiled out in the sun, oven or the dehydrator.

orange peel drying

Then those broiled banknote can be added accomplished or delicate to broiled foods and cakes.

orange peel dried

Dried orange peel.

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