Filling Jams and Jellies

Jams and jellies should be abounding back they are still hot (over 180° F). Abolish clabber from the calefaction accumulation and brush off any cream (it is edible). Ample hot jam into hot antibacterial bottle jars, abrogation 1/4" headspace. Apple-pie off the rim of the bottle jar apple-pie and abode a hot lid on the jar with the sealing admixture adverse glass. Spiral the metal arena bottomward fingertip tight.

cooling jams


The acceptable action for authoritative jellies would usually stop appropriate here. The bottle would be astern for 5 account and if no leaks would be visible, the jar would be placed in its accustomed cocked position to air-conditioned down. This adjustment served us able-bodied for centuries but the cease was occasionally not exhaustion tight. That accustomed molds to abound on top of jelly. Usually the cast will be skimmed off and the clabber would be accounted fit for consumption.

However, contempo analysis has bent that some molds may aftermath toxins, and therefore, any molds should be avoided. To actualize a exhaustion and abolish the air which is acute for the development of molds, gelled articles should be candy in a hot baptize bath. Aerial temperatures will annihilate any cast spores that could accept sneaked in from the air during the bushing process. This removes air and creates a abundant tighter seal.

The affable footfall kills molds which were originally present in a abstract or bake-apple mixture, but new molds may access back the jars are filled. Processing abounding bottle jars in baking hot baptize eliminates those new molds.

Preparing jars for filling

Wash bottle jars in hot bubbling baptize and rinse. There are two methods of advancing canning jars for bushing and heating:

1. Alter the jars and lids by baking them for 10 account and authority them in hot baptize until they are accessible to use.

sterilizing jars

Sterilizing jars.

Use a jar countdown to aces them up from the canner. Angle the jar countdown beneath the spiral bandage of the lid and accumulate it cocked at all times. Angry the bottle jar may discharge capacity into the sealing breadth of the lid.

2. Accumulate apple-pie (not antibacterial jars) in hot baptize to anticipate them from breaking back abounding with the hot product. If the jars are cold, the bottle is submitted to a thermal shock and ability break.

Fill the jars application a bail or aloof cascade the artefact down.



Allow for 1/4" headspace. The headspace is the amplitude amid the top of the gelled artefact and the central of the lid. Too abundant headspace after-effects in a lot of trapped air beneath the allowance and the heating action may not be continued abundant to belch all the air. This may acquiesce molds to grow, affect the blush of the artefact or abate the seal. Too little amplitude may force the artefact to abscess out, leave particles of artefact beneath the sealing admixture and anticipate the accumulation of the seal.

air removal

Remove air by active a artificial knife or spatula about the edges of the jar, acclaim alive the jelly. This will absolution any trapped air.

The capping action follows the bushing and should be performed after any delay. The artefact should be capped as hot as possible, which ensures a antiseptic amalgamation and a college vacuum. This in about-face leaves beneath air in a alembic and creates a stronger seal.

Wipe off the rim of the jar apple-pie and abode a hot lid on the jar with the sealing admixture adverse glass. Spiral the metal arena bottomward fingertip tight. Do not administer boundless force back abbreviating the bands as this ability anticipate the air from artifice during heating and no exhaustion will be formed. The consistent burden may batter lids and anticipate them from sealing properly.

Place the filled, closed, hot jars on a canning arbor and alteration to a canner abounding with hot baptize for calefaction processing.

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