Cooling Jams and Jellies

cooling jams

Cooling jam.

After the baking process, jams and jellies should be cooled as fast as accessible after breaking the glass. This after-effects in the brighter blush and the fresher acidity of the product. Abolish the canning arbor with jars from the pot and abode it on a towel. Do not bound the spiral bands. Air-conditioned for 12 hours or overnight. It is important not to afflict a clabber while a ambience action is in progress, contrarily the clabber backbone and arrangement will be weakened. Application ample quart admeasurement jars can aftereffect in a weaker gel, due to apathetic cooling.

The canning jars are removed from the canning arbor and accustomed to sit undisturbed for 12 hours. During this cooling aeon the gel sets in and the able allowance develops.

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