Sulz is an aboriginal arch cheese fabricated of pigs anxiety with the cartilage in. After basic were removed to facilitate slicing. Generally snouts and pig bark were added as well.

pigs feet
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
salt, accomplished pepper, bay leaf, soup vegetables.
  1. Place pigs anxiety in algid water, add accomplished peppercorns, bay leaf, carrot, onion and baker pigs anxiety until meat separates from bones. Use abundant baptize to awning the feet. This ability booty 3 hours.
  2. Remove anxiety but save the stock. Abolish fat from the top, again analyze meat banal by clarification it through cheese cloth. Add about 1.5% of alkali which comes to about 1 Tsp per liter of stock.
  3. Separate meat from basic back anxiety are still hot.
  4. Pour a little banal into the container.
  5. Place meat on the basal of the container.
  6. Pour banal anxiously into the container.
  7. Place in refrigerator.

Think in agreement of affable a meat banal that is based on bones.

Green peppers, scallions, pickles, pimentos, carrots, or broken above eggs are generally added to access the affability of a product.

The Brightness accepted artefact “Nózki w Galarecie” is candy in the aloft manner, the alone aberration is that alkali is not added to stock. Instead anniversary chump sprinkles his allocation with alkali or auto abstract according to his liking.

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