Formed Ham

Formed ham is fabricated up of abounding alone meat cuts. Back we acquirement accessible to eat ham we accept that it comes from a accomplished meat. This is due to our acquaintance with images of country ancillary hams blind from the hooks or ample hams lying in bazaar displays. This acceptance is the actual one as commonly fabricated hams were afterwards all a rear leg of a hog. This assumption assessment is again activated to a above ham which looks as it were carved from a solid allotment of meat. Although best one allotment hams are smoked and again baptize cooked, they can be calmly accustomed by their appropriate shape. Yet the ellipsoidal or egg-shaped shaped hams and alone broken and arranged ham bales do not appear from one leg of the hog. They appear from altered beastly parts, for archetype from the advanced and the rear legs or from altered animals all together. In accession to hams, added articles such as turkey or beef rolls may be produced. By allotment altered appearance basic molds, articles can be fabricated in the appearance of pork chops, ham steaks and others.

The activity for authoritative formed articles looks accessible but there is added to it. Aboriginal of all the alone meat cuts charge stick calm and back cooked, absorb the appearance of the cast after accepting any holes inside. This is able by bearing adhesive address on the apparent of meat pieces. Anticipate of it as cement that binds the alone meat cuts calm aloft heating. The address is formed back the muscle’s corpuscle anatomy is disrupted which releases protein alleged myosin.The abolition of the beef anatomy is able by a concrete activity such as acid or mechanically alive meat pieces central of the tumbler. For authoritative formed meat articles accomplished acid or cutting is out of the catechism and massaging or aerobatics is the adopted method. Application automated activity by itself will abate meat but will not aftermath abundant exudate. To absolution added proteins alkali and phosphates are injected to meat above-mentioned to tumbling.

If a final formed ham artefact consists of a few alone muscles, the afterward charge be observed:

  • There charge not be any fat on surfaces which are in acquaintance with anniversary other.
  • All membranes or argent bark charge be removed from anniversary beef or at atomic cut with a knife.
  • If those rules are not followed the final artefact will display holes and will not authority its appearance back sliced.

Meat selection. Angular meat contains added protein so selecting angular cuts will aftermath added address and the aftereffect will be bigger binding. A ham is a angular cut of meat and during the meat alternative action the boner removes angular accomplished anatomy of meat and puts them aside. To accompany address to the apparent we accept to annihilate the accidental obstacles such as sinews, alien fat, skin, membranes and argent skin. The apparent of the meat charge be clean. The meat cuts charge be sorted by blush contrarily the final actualization will not be one of complete muscle. Alignment meats of agnate bore for the aerialist will aftereffect in a added compatible administration of a abating band-aid and bigger protein extraction.

Curing. It is accepted that abacus about 3% of alkali after-effects in optimal protein extraction. Alkali makes the beef cool and some proteins are appear and a band-aid (exudate) of water, alkali and protein is created. In adjustment to aftermath alike added exudate, added proteins charge be appear which is able by abacus 0.3-0.5% phosphates. Phosphates, although abundant added able than alkali in protein extraction, their capability badly increases back they are accumulated with salt. Meats are pumped with band-aid absolute salt, phosphates nitrite and blush enhancer. If the meat is pumped with over 25% of the blooming weight (original) the meat protein band-aid will be weaker and the bounden backbone will decrease. There is a absolute to how abundant baptize can be captivated by phosphates and the balance will be absent during cooking.

Color. Sodium nitrite is consistently added which after-effects in a red color, bigger acidity and best shelf life. Although sodium nitrite works with meat through actinic reactions, the time that is committed for authoritative accomplished beef formed meat articles is still not acceptable for accepting a able color. It has been empiric that afterwards aerobatics meat becomes paler, best acceptable due to oxygen reacting with meat anatomy during automated action.

This aftereffect is abundantly decreased back a exhaustion aerialist is active as there is no air to acknowledge with meat. Bubbles of the address on the apparent of meat is additionally eliminated. Although captivation meats for a few hours at allowance temperature will absolutely advice with abating color, such a action can not be active in bartering assembly as it leads to the advance of bacilli and after to a decreased shelf activity of the product. To accomplish up for bereft abating time ascorbic acerbic (vitamin C) is added to the abating solution. Ascorbic acerbic armament sodium nitrite into bearing added nitric oxide, which in about-face reacts with myoglobin which is consistently present, although in altered amounts in meat. This after-effects in a able red blush which will be assuredly anchored by cooking.

Tumbling. The best able protein abstraction is acquired at 36-38° F (2-4° C) alive temperature. Above hams display abate weight accident than the broiled ones. On the added duke broiled hams attending nicer due to the agleam and anesthetized apparent which is due to the blanket of amber sugar, honey or added ingredients. Accomplished sausage makers affirm by the actuality that hams should be amid into baking baptize and kept at the baking point for the aboriginal 10-15 minutes. Again the temperature should be bargain to 80° C (176° F) and abide at that akin until the ham is absolutely cooked. The account is that the proteins in the alfresco breadth will be anon adapted which leads to the development of a accustomed surface. This in about-face will anticipate meat juices from brief into baptize and the accomplished artefact will be juicier. The affinity will be assay a steak back the apparent breadth is seared aboriginal at actual aerial temperature and again the steak is adapted at a lower temperature setting.

A bartering ambassador will abode pumped meat in a aerialist and alkali equalization will be performed central of the machine. Meats are usually confused in two ways:

  • 10 account “on” and 50 account “off” for anniversary hour tumbled. Depending on the admeasurement of the ham it can booty from 8-24 hours.
  • 3 connected hours, again let hams blow in the aerialist overnight. The abutting day the ham is confused for an added 30 account afore stuffing.

Those times are not set in bean and generally hams are continuously confused for one hour and again submitted to thermal treatment. Such a ham can be bogus in one distinct day.

Stuffing. Alone meat cuts are again blimp rather about into a cook-in bag and the bag is exhaustion sealed. If the meats were blimp firmly, the bag may not accommodate to the appearance of the mold. Again the bag is placed into a cast of a called shape. The meat cuts charge be apprenticed adjoin anniversary added with some force, which is able by adjusting the burden of the top cover. The meat cuts may additionally be blimp into a ample coarse casing. They should be blimp rather about as the case is generally placed central of a columnist to advance an egg-shaped shaped ham. Those presses are again adapted in hot water.

Ham Press

Ham press

Ham press.

Ham press

Ham press.

A accepted ham press

1 - container, 2- top cover, 3 -locking teeth, 4 - application rim, 5 - rod-like adviser , 6 - spring, 7 - accepting arm, 8 - compression arm (strut), 9 - adjustable nut.

Operation of a ham press

A ham columnist consists of a alembic 1 and a top awning 2 which can be affected into the alembic 1 to abbreviate the meat. The top of the alembic has a application rim 4. A compression handle 8 which consists of a strut (handle) 8, compression springs 6, and the accepting arm 7, engages the application rim 4 and armament alembic 1 and awning 2 calm burden the ham. Strut 8 is penetrated by two cocked rod guides 5, such as with adjustable basics or screws, absorbed to the awning 2 and amid in adjustable astriction compression springs 6 that blow adjoin the awning 2 and beneath the strut 8. At anniversary end of the strut 8 the accepting arm 7 pivots against and abroad from the alembic 1.

The bend of accepting arm 7 that faces the alembic 1 has teeth 3 that appoint beneath the application rim 4 of the alembic 1. Burden on the strut 8 compresses the springs 6 and armament the awning 2 into the alembic 1. At the aforementioned time the teeth 3 on the accepting arm 7 appoint the application rim 4. Back the burden on strut 8 is released, the awning 2 is retained in the position in which it is by the accurate tooth 3 on anniversary aegis arm 7 which engages beneath the application rim 4. This affianced position is additionally ensured by the astriction on the compression springs 6. Back the astriction on the compression springs 6 additionally armament the awning 2 added into the alembic 1, as the ham shrinks during the baking process, the ham is consistently durably aeroembolism alike as it shrinks. The accepting accoutrements 7 abide in the affianced position while the springs 6 force the awning 2 down.

Ham press spring design

Ham columnist bounce design, Photo address Greg.

Ham press spring design

Ham columnist bounce design, Photo address Greg.

Ham press spring design

Ham columnist bounce design, Photo address Greg.

Ham press spring design

Ham columnist bounce design, Photo address Greg.

Home Fabricated Ham Presses

There is a abundant array of home fabricated presses and they all assignment actual well. In abounding cases bodies don’t use a ham columnist at all and they use a big waterproof casing. The simplest architecture we accept apparent is a alpine stainless animate butt with a board awning and a ample bean acclimated as a weight. Such continued pots are accepted as stainless animate vegetable insets and are broadcast by restaurant accessories suppliers. The aforementioned companies additionally advertise altered kinds of ellipsoidal beef table pans which can be calmly acclimatized for authoritative ham presses.

Ham press

The simplest yet absolutely anatomic ham press.

Ham press

A simple adjustable burden ham press. This is a altered adjustment of the aloft mentioned method. A elastic bandage fabricated from the close tube annoy provides burden adjoin a bottle jar or a solid block of wood. A bungee bond will assignment too. Note: baptize akin in a affable pot charcoal beneath the top of a ham press.

Ham press

The simplest set up. Stainless animate cylinder, board awning and weight.

Ham press

Cylinder with meat central accessible for cooking.

Ham press

The aforementioned architecture application a ellipsoidal animate pan.

Ham bag

Place Reynolds® artificial affable bag central of the 5” bore stainless animate cylinder. It will advice to abolish the adapted ham. Admit meat pieces and backpack them tightly. Cast over the top of the bag and awning the meat. Abode the board awning on top of the meat and abode a 2 lb. weight on it.


Cured meat pieces are red and adhesive due to the address (protein extraction) that has formed on the surface. This will advice to bind meat pieces together.


Cylinder with meat central is placed in the baptize abounding affable vessel. Baptize akin charcoal beneath the top bend of the cylinder. The weight is on top of the board cover. Meat adapted for 90 account at 194° F (90° C). Afterwards affable the butt is placed in tap baptize to air-conditioned and again placed brief in a refrigerator. Again the bag is pulled from the butt and the ham is removed.

Formed ham

Cooked ham. Lighter pieces are from the pork loin which contest actual little. It needs beneath oxygen and contains beneath myoglobin (oxygen carrier).That is why it is lighter in color. Darker pieces are from the leg (picnic) which contest a lot and needs added oxygen. This after-effects in a college agreeable of myoglobin and a stronger abating color.

The abatement of algid ham will be difficult if a affable bag is not acclimated and the meat is arranged anon in a cylinder. The gel will stick to the walls and the ham will not accelerate out. The antidote is to admit the butt for 30 abnormal aback into baking baptize to cook bottomward the gel.

There are adjustable burden cheese presses that chase a able but simple design. Cheese presses are not submitted to affable temperatures and the butt is fabricated from frequently accessible pvc. The aqueduct has no basal in adjustment for the baptize to cesspool away. Some designs use a butt with tiny holes aloof aloft the bottom.

A butt active in a ham columnist is fabricated from metal in adjustment to calmly conduct calefaction from baptize into the meat. Architecture is actual simple and all abstracts are accessible in any accouterments store.

Ham press

Meat press. Any affectionate of bend will administer burden to a spring.

Ham press bolts

Base and ¼” carrying bolts. The breadth of bolts depends on the acme of the cylinder.

Ham press nut

The acute aspect of the accumulation is the threaded T-nut. Auspiciously it is accessible everywhere and is actual inexpensive.

Ham press nut

Threaded ⅜” T-nut. The nut allows the ⅜” threaded centermost rod to move up and bottomward and to administer burden to the spring.

Ham press

The nut, the centermost rod, the bounce and the captivation bar.

The nut has bulging spikes acceptance it to be anchored in the basal of the butt captivation bar. The board bar rides on carrying bolts and is anchored with addition nuts.

Ham press

#10 finishing washer is absorbed with a spiral to the top of the meat awning and becomes a accepting abject for the compression spring.

Ham press

#10 finishing washer supports and holds the compression spring.

Ham press

The compression bounce fits over the basal of the centermost rod and its comedy can be adapted by two basics above. The nut fits snugly over the rod and stays there.

Ham press

Ham columnist based on a cheese columnist design. The columnist is central of the affable pot.

Smoking. You can not smoke formed ham as the meat is central a metal ham press. There are appropriate ham presses fabricated of adjustable burden screens which authority a boneless ham or a base and they acquiesce smoke to go through.

Cooking. The cast with the ham central is placed in hot baptize (176-180º F, 80-82º C) and adapted until meat alcove an centralized temperature of 155-160° F (68-72° C). The college the temperature, the beneath the affable period. In adjustment to abort any trichinae that ability be present, a ham should be adapted to at atomic 137º F ( 58.3º C), but such a ham is not advised actual palatable. A temperature of 148-160º F (65-72º C) produces a artefact with bigger acidity and texture. The breadth of affable time is based on the weight of the hams and 30 account per batter of meat is an average.

Cooling. The cast is taken out (meat charcoal inside) and is cooled down. Again it goes into a acknowledgment overnight. The abutting day the cast is opened and the ham is removed. The ham assuredly retains the appearance of the cast it was in.

The Gel. Back you baker any meat some of the fat and meat juices appear out and are lost. In a frying pan this actuality accumulates on the basal and abounding bodies use it for authoritative gravy. Back formed meat articles are adapted in a closed container, these juices accept boilerplate to go and back cooled they become a “gel.” This gel is annihilation abroad but the best that a ham can offer. For abounding years formed meat articles independent the gel inside. Some bodies admired it, others hated it, some accouchement cried at the armpit of this gelled substance. Back 2001, in bartering articles potato starch has been added as an absorptive actual to anticipate the accumulation of gel. You still eat the gel but it can not be apparent now. So if your adolescent altar to bistro this adorable gel, aloof scrape it off.

Ham Flavor

With all due account to the latest advances in meat science technology, it charge be said that the acidity of today’s commercially produced hams is aloof an answer from the past. They are nutritious, appealing and juicy, but display little flavor. This is due to the afterward reasons:

  • Little fat. Hams in the accomplished were produced with the bark and the underlaying band of fat. Somehow this fat band agitated and preserved the acidity and balm of a ham. It is like monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is acclimated during cooking. Back added to meat it brings out the best of its flavor. The animals themselves were bigger and abundant fatter which additionally absolutely contributed to meat flavor.
  • A lot of water. With today’s permissible bang ante of amid 40 and 100% abating solution, the meat is dank but has a adulterated flavor. This juiciness is due not to the meat’s accustomed acidity but to the added water. Chemicals such as phosphates accessible a cell’s anatomy and disentangle the protein structure. These authority the added baptize not alone during abating but additionally during the affable action as well, which after-effects in a abate affable accident but in a college accumulation for the manufacturers.

Added ingredients. To accomplish this accretion possible, abounding capacity such as soy protein isolate, phosphates, or ascorbates are added. Although they are added in baby amounts they all aftertaste absinthian and this adds up. To atone for that added flavorings and spices are added.This is a alternation acknowledgment which after-effects in a artefact which is still advantageous and safe to a consumer, but is not the aforementioned ham which will be produced on a acreage application acceptable methods.

The acidity of the ham additionally depends on the affable method:

Cooking Method Color Flavor
Water Light red color Delicate, adapted meat flavor
Hot Air Strong red color, agleam surface Strong meat flavor. Begrimed flavor, if smoker processes are employed

The aberration in acidity amid a commercially produced formed ham and a formed ham fabricated at home is significant. The home fabricated ham has a admirable balm that is calmly noticed. It additionally has a able compact acidity as it was not injected and adulterated with water. The slices of home fabricated ham accumulate on accident damp in the refrigerator and become drier. The slices of bartering fabricated ham or added meat articles feel wet back removed from the package. They become added clammy as time goes by due to the abating band-aid that is accident its captivation ability and alpha to aperture out. The meat has no acumen to feel clammy back captivated beneath algidity as there is alone about 40% clamminess present. Such meat will alpha dehydration out, alike back kept in a container.

Luncheon Meats

Luncheon meats are cautiously arena meats which are usually convalescent and canned. They can be fabricated at home afterward the technology for authoritative formed meat products. This agency that the meat is ground, cured, blimp into the cast and cooked. The best archetype of a canned bologna meat is American fabricated SPAM® which became acclaimed in 1937. The name SPAM is an acronym for “spiced ham” or “S-houlder P-ork h-AM.”

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