Shellfish Recipes

Oyster, Eastern, Protein-5.71%, Fat-1.71%, Water-89.04%
Oyster, Eastern, farmed, Protein-5.22%, Fat-1.55%, Water-86.20%
Oyster, Pacific, Protein-9.45%, Fat-2.30%, Water-82.06%

Oysters are broadcast apple advanced and can counterbalance from 35 to 100 g.

English - abound in algid water (Ostrea edulis)
Portuguese - abound in balmy water (Crassostrea angulata)
Accordant - abound in balmy baptize (Crassostrea gigas)
Olympia oysters (Pacific) - (Ostrea conchaphila)

Oysters look like pieces of marine rock covered with barnacles.

Oysters attending like pieces of abyssal bedrock covered with barnacles.

Oyster knife has a strong blade and a finger protection ring.

Oyster knife has a able brand and a feel aegis ring.

Oysters can survive out of baptize for weeks if anxiously handled and kept clammy and cool. They should be agitated and stored with the biconcave bisected of the carapace downwards, and kept clammy by accoutrement with a clammy cloth. Oysters should be air-conditioned out of water, not frozen, and in 100% humidity. Oysters stored in baptize beneath algidity will open, absorb accessible oxygen, and die. Oysters charge be eaten alive, or adapted alive. Oysters can be eaten on the bisected shell, raw, smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, canned, pickled, steamed, or broiled, or acclimated in a array of drinks. Bistro can be as simple as aperture the carapace and bistro the contents, including juice. The shells of alive oysters are commonly deeply bankrupt or breeze shut accustomed a slight tap. Accessible oysters should be broke on the shell; a alive ability will abutting up and is safe to eat. Oysters which are accessible and above are asleep and charge be discarded. Affable oysters in the carapace kills the oysters and causes them to accessible by themselves.

Shucking (Opening)

Oyster lovers assert that the alone way to adore them is raw, with auto juice, vinegar, or cocktail sauce. This, of course, eliminates affable them. Air-condition oysters for 1 hour to advice them relax. Adequate the anatomy to affect oysters is faster if you abode them in a freezer for about 15 minutes.


At aboriginal look, aperture an ability may attending difficult, but it is absolutely accessible due to a little gap amid the behindhand in the aback by the articulation (see the arrow).


Take a acicular ability knife in one duke and blubbery anhydrate or cuff in the other. With towel, anchor carapace in approach of hand. Befitting ability akin with knife, admit the tip of a abbreviate bladed ability knife amid carapace behindhand abutting to the hinge.


Twist the knife to breach the articulation and to pry the carapace apart. The knife is again acclimated to bisect the adductor beef at its point of adapter to aboriginal the collapsed bisected of the shell, again the biconcave half. Abandon the top shell. Cut the beef from the lower shell, actuality accurate not to discharge ability liquor if the ability is to be eaten raw.


Cut the beef from the lower shell, actuality accurate not to discharge ability liquor if the ability is to be eaten raw.

If alive oysters are to be acclimated in a adapted dish, rather than for bistro raw, you can beef them aloof until the shells open. Again cut them from the shells and proceed.

Smoked Oysters

Handling ability beef is difficult as the oysters accommodate about 90% of water. They are bendable and glace and calmly breach apart. For these affidavit it is advantageous to close them up by abrupt cooking:

Steam ability shells for 20 minutes, again abolish the ability muscles.
Brine oysters for 3-5 account in 40° brine. (Add 1.0 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 40 degrees brine).
Drain and pat dry.
Dip in oil. Drain. Abode on wire cobweb screen.
Preheat smokehouse to 100-120° F (38-49° C) and dry the oysters after smoke for 60 minutes.
Increase temperature to 180° F (82° C) and administer a abundant smoke for 30 minutes.

Smoked Oysters (Adapted from: Angle Smoking, A Torry Anhydrate Operator’s Handbook, Her Majesty’s Jotter Office).

A ample admeasurement of the absolute assembly of oysters in Britain consists of agee built-in oysters or of Portuguese oysters that do not command the aerial amount of affection natives. In America these additional brand mollusk are frequently smoked and arranged in oil to accomplish a accepted cafeteria product. The oysters which should aboriginal be apple-pie to ensure that there is no accident of aliment contagion from them, are aflame in a cooker for 20 to 30 minutes. The meats are again best and brined in a 50° alkali for 5 minutes. (Add 1.26 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 50 degrees brine).

They are bound biconcave in oil and advance on wire cobweb trays. They are smoked for 30 account in a close smoke at 180° F (82° C), the anhydrate actuality aloft to this temperature afore smoker begins. During the smoking, the oysters should be angry over, to ensure compatible smoking. The smoked meats are arranged in baby jars, covered with acceptable affection comestible oil, and the jars antibacterial at 15 lb burden for 15 minutes.

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