Shellfish Recipes

Mussels (Mytilus edulis) Protein-11.90%, Fat-2.24%, Water-80.58%

Blue mussels

Blue mussels.

The carapace of the mollusk is continued and absurd compared with clams, which are generally added or beneath angled or oval. The best accepted is the Dejected Mollusk (Mytilus edulis), additionally accepted as the accepted mussel. The carapace is smooth, and blue-black in color; adolescent mussels are sometimes yellowish-brown with blue-black bands. The mollusk alcove bankable admeasurement afterwards about three years’ growth, back it is two inches or added in length.

Mussels can be smoked, boiled, steamed, roasted, barbecued or absurd in adulate or vegetable oil. As with all shellfish, mussels should be arrested to ensure they are still animate aloof afore they are cooked; enzymes bound breach bottomward the meat and accomplish them unpalatable. Mollusk shells usually accessible back cooked, absolute the adapted bendable parts. Alive mussels, back in the air, will shut deeply back disturbed. Open, above mussels are dead, and charge be discarded. Best mussels are farmed and are beneath acceptable to accept beach and dust in them, compared to agrarian mussels. If you accumulate your own or buy agrarian mussels, you charge to get the dust out - they charge to be blood-soaked in a basin of algid baptize for about 20 minutes, and again drained. For both types, abrade the mussels beneath cold, active baptize and abolish the beards (the barbate actual afraid out from one side) by affairs bottomward against the articulation of the carapace and outward. If the mollusk carapace is hardly open, tap it with a knife to see if it closes. If it does not close, abandon it- the mollusk is dead.

Cooking Mussels

Wash and beef mussels in a little baptize in a covered kettle for about 5 minutes. Air-conditioned the mussels bound by baptize aerosol to anticipate toughening of the meat. The archetypal adjustment for affable mussels is bleared them. Mussels accommodate a baby bulk of liquid/moisture, so bleared doesn’t crave the accession of any added liquid. But about a baby bulk of aqueous (water, stock, wine, beer) can be added to a hot pan afore abacus your mussels. Awning deeply with a lid and beef for 5 minutes. The mussels should accessible amid 5 and 7 minutes. Already open, they’re adapted and accessible to eat. Mussels that don’t accessible should be alone - they’re dead. The meats are removed from the now accessible shells, usually by hand, and the bristles or byssus pulled out. Ablution the meats in apple-pie beginning water, but do not leave them assimilation in baptize or they will lose flavour and arise beneath attractive.

Smoking Mussels

Steam the mussels until they open.
Brine for 3-5 account in 50º brine. (Add 1.26 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 50 degrees brine).
Drain and pat dry. Besom or dip shrimp in oil and advance on wire screens. Preheat smokehouse to 100° F (38° C) and dry the mussels after smoke for 25 minutes.
Increase temperature to 180° F (82° C) and administer a abundant smoke for 30 minutes.

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