Fish Recipes
Name Protein % Fat % Water %
Salmon, Pink 20.50 4.40 75.52
Salmon, Chum 20.14 3.77 75.38
Salmon, Chinook 19.93 10.43 71.64
Salmon, Sockeye 21.31 5.61 73.15
Salmon, Coho 21.62 5.93 72.66
Salmon, Coho, farmed 21.27 7.67 70.47
Salmon, Atlantic 19.84 6.34 68.50
Salmon, Atlantic, farmed 20.42 13.42 64.89
King salmon,  Gulkana River, Sourdough, Alaska.

King salmon, Gulkana River, Sourdough, Alaska. Image donated by Doug Alcorn.U.S. Angle and Wildlife Service

Salmon is the accepted name for several breed of angle in the ancestors Salmonidae. Added angle in the aforementioned ancestors are alleged trout. All types of apricot accommodate a ample allotment of fat, and that is why smoked apricot is so delicious.

There is Atlantic salmon, Accordant salmon, Australian salmon, Hawaiian salmon, Indian salmon, Danube European salmon, the angle can be begin everywhere. The admeasurement varies with breed and can ambit from 50 cm, 6.8 kg for blush and Sockeye apricot to 120 cm, 46.8 kg for Atlantic salmon.

General Guidelines

All apricot breed are acceptable for smoking. The accomplished angle should be anxiously gutted and the abdomen atrium bankrupt out. The capacity of the abdomen atrium can aggregate up to 25 per cent of the weight of the angle as caught. Caked claret in and about the capital attitude forth the courage should be removed; a ample beanery is generally acceptable for this purpose. The abdomen atrium should again be able-bodied washed.

After gutting, the arch is removed by acid annular central the gills, again breaking or acid through the backbone. Two distinct fillets, are cut, anniversary complete with nape or accept bone, and abdomen flap. The nape cartilage gives backbone to the bandage during handling, and provides abutment if the bandage is to be afraid for smoking, although best fillets nowadays are smoked on trays. The abdomen basic and accoutrement film can be anxiously removed from anniversary bandage to enhance appearance, although some smokers adopt to leave them on. As abundant claret as accessible is removed from veins by acute them acclaim inwards, and any claret on the apparent of the bandage is wiped abroad with algid water; claret larboard on the bandage becomes atramentous and airedale in actualization back the bandage is smoked.

Cold Smoked Salmon

The accomplished apricot are gutted; the angle are beheaded and filleted. The lug basic are larboard on fillets to accommodate able abutment for the blind loop, although best fillets nowadays are smoked on trays. Cord is threaded through the accept of anniversary bandage beneath the lug basic to anatomy a loop. The lug basic are not bare back the fillets are aria bottomward on a screen. Alkali can be added to apricot fillets either by brining or by dry salting. Brining may accord a bigger gloss, but about all producers adopt dry salting because consecutive drying/smoking time in the smokehouse is shorter. Brined fillets, which lose no weight during brining, charge about alert as continued in the smokehouse to accord the aforementioned absolute weight loss.

To acquiesce the alkali to access the bandage added evenly, the bark can be broiled at the thickest allotment of the bandage with a razor brand after acid the meat. Three cuts are fabricated that aloof access the bark on the fillet, anniversary about 2” continued beyond the amplitude of the bandage at the thickest allotment to acquiesce compatible alkali penetration, the slits actuality arranged with salt. The fillets are placed on a band of alkali 1 inch thick. The cut ancillary of the bandage is covered with addition band of alkali about 1/2 inch abysmal at the blubbery end cone-shaped bottomward to the tail. At the thinnest allotment of the appendage the alkali is alone agilely brindled over. Added alternating layers of fillets and alkali can be laid on top of the aboriginal band until the assemblage is complete. Archetypal times in convenance are about 12 hours for fillets from a 4 kg salmon, and 24 hours for fillets from an 8 kg salmon, but the time will alter to some admeasurement depending on antecedent affection and fat content. The accumulating bind should be drained away.

Note: There are cures that accommodate baby amounts of amber sugar, molasses and rum to acquaint a characteristic flavor, but the majority of producers use alone salt.

Salting times:
1.5 - 2 lb bandage (0.75 inch) - 12 hours
3 - 4 lb bandage (1 inch) - 16 hours
5 lb bandage (1.5 inch) - 24 hours

By this date the fillets should feel close and springy, rather like bacon, back apprenticed with the fingers, accepting absent the acerbity they had back taken out of dry salt. The apricot fillets, are either afraid on (enters by agency of cord loops through the amateur or are laid on trays fabricated of plastics coated or stainless animate wire mesh. Blind has the disadvantage that it tends to amplitude a abundant bandage and account its beef to beam (separate). Absolute fillets are done in algid baptize to abolish surplus alkali from the apparent and again absorbed in 30° alkali for 1/2 hour depending on admeasurement to alike out the alkali distribution. (Add 0.71 lb of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 30 degrees brine).

The fillets are afraid up to drip.
The fillets are broiled at 80° F (27° C) in a smokehouse (no smoke needed) for 4 hours.
The fillets are smoked with attenuate smoke at 80° F (27° C) for 12 hours.

In the aftermost 20 account of smoker the temperature may be aloft for 20 account to 92° F (33° C) to accompany oil to the apparent which gives fillets an adorable appearance. If fillets on abatement from the smokehouse are begin to be too bendable and flabby, they should be alternate to the smokehouse and broiled more. The accomplished artefact should accept a bendability rather like that of above ham, not too dry and fibrous, and be calmly sliced. The shelf activity of air-conditioned smoked apricot is 5-6 days. Average convalescent apricot should apart 7-9% of weight during dry salting and added 7-9% during smoking; a accumulated weight accident of 16-18%.

Salmon - Nova Lox - Algid Smoked

Mix one allotment amber amoroso with one allotment of salt.
The fillets are placed bark bottomward on a band of salt/sugar about 1 inch thick.
Thoroughly awning fillets with the admixture on top.
Add added layers in the aforementioned manner, abode the aftermost fillets bark up and awning with added mix.
Salting times:
0.75 inch - 9 hours
1 inch - 12 hours
1.5 inch - 18 hours
2 inch - 24 hours
Rinse fillets to abolish surplus alkali from the apparent and drain.
Now, asperse fillets in 80° brine.
Place fillets in algid water: attenuate fillets - 60 minutes, blubbery fillets - 120 minutes. Change baptize 1-2 times. Drain.
Dry at < 80° F (26° C) for 60 minutes.
Smoke with a attenuate smoke at < 80° F (26° C) for 12 - 16 hours.

Cold Smoked Salmon

This compound uses 2:1 alkali to amber sugar.

Make 80º alkali first, again add amber sugar. For example, to 1 gallon of baptize you will add 2.2 pounds of alkali and 1.1 batter of amber sugar. The band-aid is denser now, and will appearance as 95º alkali on salinometer. If you like spices, for archetype dill or bay leaf, add them now. Abode fillets in the brine.

Brining times:

0.75 inch - 9 hours
1 inch - 12 hours
1.5 inch - 18 hours
2 inch - 24 hours

Smoked salmon fillets

Smoked apricot fillets.

Place fillets in algid water: attenuate fillets - 60 minutes, blubbery fillets - 120 minutes. Change baptize 1-2 times. Drain.
Place in refrigerator for 12 hours. Alkali will adjust central fillets and their surfaces will dry.

Smoke at 70° F (22° C) for 12 - 16 hours, depending on size.

Hot Smoked Salmon

Place apricot fillets for 1 - 2 hours in 80 degrees brine: (Add 2.2 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 80 degrees brine).
0.75 inch - 30 min
1 inch - 60 minutes
1.5 inch - 90 minutes
2 inch - 120 minutes
Remove the angle from the alkali and bathe it bound beneath algid active water. Drain.
Rub screens with a bolt blood-soaked with vegetable oil.
Place the screens in smokehouse preheated to 100° F (38° C) for 1 hour.
Start smoker at 100° F (38° C) for 60 minutes. Access the temperature to 176° F (80° C).
Smoke at 176° F (80° C) for 60 minutes. Blubbery fillets may charge added time.
Cool to allowance temperature.
* You can use amoroso alkali (see Algid Smoked Apricot above).

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