Mullet (Mugil cephalus), Protein-19.35%, Fat-3.79%, Water-77.01%

As mullet is best abounding in the Abysm of Mexico and the Caribbean sea, we may accept that this is area the best angle will be smoked. The altitude is hot there so the hot smoker adjustment will be applied, although one can algid smoke angle at night hours in December, January and February.



Jumping mullet. <em>Photo courtesy Benjamin Cox, North Carolina.</em>

Jumping mullet. Photo address Benjamin Cox, Arctic Carolina.

Bucket full of mullet

Bucket abounding of mullet.

Mullet caught on a pier

Mullet bent on a pier.

Mullet are a littoral breed that accept an affection for close and balmy abstemious waters. Abounding accede the Abysm of Mexico to be mullet country, and of advance they are everywhere in West Florida. They can be apparent jumping out of the water.

However, they can be begin throughout the absolute east bank of the Affiliated States extensive Nova Scotia, Canada, and on the west bank of the Affiliated States from Southern California bottomward to Chile, the bank of Brazil, the Mediterranean Sea, the Atramentous Sea, the bank of France, about the absolute bank of Africa, Taiwan, and in Australia. As the baptize temperature rises in the summer months, mullet aberrate into and are added abounding in abhorrent and freshwater. Mullet are able to abide advanced salinity and temperature levels of baptize and those characteristics acquiesce the angle to advance in abounding areas of the world. There are two accepted types of mullet begin throughout the Abysm of Mexico. The argent mullet and the striped mullet. The striped mullet is a beyond angle alignment from about 1 to 2 anxiety and the argent mullet measures up to one foot. Mullet are vegetarians that eat detritus, which is burst actual begin at the bottom. It is about abortive to bolt mullet with a fishing rod. To bolt mullet you charge a casting net.

Cast applique is not aloof a skill, it is an art.

Adam Marianski casting net in St.Petersburg, Florida.

Throwing net requires some practice. You can acquisition all about the address in the book: "The Amazing Mullet.” Casting applique is acknowledged in Florida.

A catch of mullet. On a lucky full moon throw you can get 50 or more mullet. There is a bonus: you get other fish, including crabs.

A bolt of mullet. On a advantageous abounding moon bandy you can get 50 or added mullet. There is a bonus: you get added fish, including crabs.

Smoking Mullet

Mullet is semi-fat angle which is abundant back smoked. The angle is actual accessible to apple-pie and is usually smoked “butterfly” style.

Smoked mullet

Smoked mullet.

Cold Smoked Mullet

Split mullet . Ablution able-bodied and drain.
Dredge in salt, and backpack in a container, awning with salt. Alkali for 2 hours. Bathe and abode on wire screens. Air dry for 2 hours.
Cold smoke at <80° F (27° C) for 12 hours with ablaze smoke. Administer average close smoke and smoke for 12 hours added (total smoker time 24 hours).

Hot Smoked Mullet

Split mullet.
Immerse for 10 account in 80° brine. (Add 2.2 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 80 degrees brine).
Rinse able-bodied and drain. Air dry for 1 hour.
Smoke with a ablaze smoke at 100° F (38° C) for 60 minutes.
Smoke with a close smoke at 176° F (80° C) for 90 minutes.

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