Mackerel - Atlantic

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Mackerel-Atlantic (Scomber scombrus), Protein-18.60%, Fat-13.89%, Water-63.55%

Scomber scombrus is sometimes alleged Atlantic, arctic or Boston mackerel to analyze it from Scomber japonicus, which is abnormally alleged chub, Pacific, or Spanish mackerel. The aback of the Atlantic mackerel is a ablaze greenish blue, and the arch is a barbarous blue-black with a baby chicken application abaft the eye. There are 23-33 aphotic bouncing bands beyond the aback of the angle bottomward to the midline. The abandon accept a ablaze or coppery sheen, the abdomen is ablaze white and there is a burst atramentous band aloof beneath the crabbed line. The scales are baby and the bark feels velvety. An developed mackerel 30-35 cm continued weighs 300-500 g afore gutting. The mackerel is a blubbery fish, and the fat and baptize agreeable alter with season. The fat agreeable of mackerel bent off south west England is everyman in May afterwards spawning, and alcove its aiguille amid October and December afterwards the angle accept fed during the summer and autumn. A archetypal ambit of fat agreeable throughout the year is 6-23 per cent. As fat agreeable increases, baptize agreeable decreases; the archetypal ambit of baptize agreeable is 56-74 percent. The protein agreeable is 18-20 percent.

Atlantic mackerel.

Atlantic mackerel.

Atlantic mackerel before smoking.

Atlantic mackerel afore smoking.

Smoked Atlantic mackerel.

Smoked Atlantic mackerel.

Gutted mackerel may be breach bottomward the aback in the aforementioned way as herring are able for kippering. A breach mackerel of boilerplate admeasurement and fat agreeable requires 7 account in 80° brine. The angle may additionally be cut as distinct or block fillets; brining time is 3 account in 80° brine. (Add 2.2 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 80 degrees brine).

Hot Smoked Atlantic Mackerel

1. Ablution the fish, cut the arch off, breach the abdomen and abolish the entrails. Use a besom to scrape off kidneys. Bathe and drain.
2. Alkali the angle for 10 account in 80º brine. Bathe and drain. Admit on rods (Photo 4.9).
3. Dry angle for 60 account in a preheated to 100° F (38° C) smokehouse. Ablaze smoke is allowed.
4. Administer a close smoke for 60 account at 185° F (85° C). About-face off the calefaction and smoke for 15 added minutes.

Mackerel - Spanish

(Scomber japonicus, Scomberomorus maculatus), Protein-19.29%, Fat-6.30%, Water-71.67%

The Spanish mackerel prefers balmy amnion and is a accepted angle in Florida. It looks agnate to the Atlantic mackerel, but is bigger and instead of bouncing bands, there are ample dots on its sides.

Spanish mackerel has dotted body.

Spanish mackerel has dotted body.

Hot Smoked Spanish Mackerel

Fillet the fish. Leave the skin on.

1. Bandage the fish. Leave the bark on.

Brine fillets for 5 minutes in 80º brine. Wash and drain.

2. Alkali fillets for 5 account in 80º brine. Ablution and drain.

Air dry fillets for 60 minutes.

3. Air dry fillets for 60 minutes.

4. Admit into a preheated to 100° F (38° C) smokehouse and administer ablaze smoke for 60 minutes.
5. Administer a close smoke for 60-90 account at 185° F (85° C).


(Scomberomorus cavalla)

Protein-20.28%, Fat-2%, Water-78.55%

The baron mackerel is a afoot breed of mackerel of the western Atlantic Ocean and Abysm of Mexico. The baron mackerel is a medium-sized fish, about encountered from bristles to 30 pounds, but is accepted to beat 90 pounds. Angle beneath 10 pounds (5 kg) appearance yellowish-brown spots on the flanks, somewhat abate than the spots of the Atlantic Spanish mackerel. They may be awash as fillets, steaks,or in the annular (whole). Their raw beef is grayish, due to its aerial fat content. They are best able by broiling, frying, baking or, abnormally for ample “smoker” king, by smoking.

Spanish mackerel left, King mackerel right.

Spanish mackerel left, Baron mackerel right.

Smoked Baron Mackerel

Fillet the fish. Rinse.
Immerse in 80º alkali for 10 minutes. Bathe and drain.
Air dry for 1 hour.
Apply a ablaze smoke at 100° F (38° C) for 60 minutes.
Apply a close smoke for 90 account at 185° F (85° C).

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