Fish Recipes

Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus))
Protein-16.32%, Fat-0.45%, Water-83.38%

The name haddock is acclimated in Britain to call alone one species, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, and there are no added English accepted names for it. The all-inclusive majority of haddocks landed in Britain are amid 30 and 70 cm. The haddock feeds mainly on shellfish, sea urchins, worms, and baby angle like beach eels and capelin. The haddock is begin on both abandon of the arctic Atlantic but is added abounding on the European side. The actinic agreement of haddock beef is agnate to that of cod and added associates of the cod family. Distinct fillets are taken from ample haddocks, but best baby haddocks are block filleted, for auction beginning or frozen, or for authoritative aureate cutlets. A block bandage is the beef cut from both abandon of the fish, the two pieces actual abutting forth the back. The fillets may be marketed with or after skin, but the bark with its characteristic ‘thumbprint’ is generally larboard on the bandage to accredit the client to analyze the haddock from beneath admired species. Accretion amounts of baby haddock fillets are acclimated for the accomplish of laminated blocks, that is arctic blocks of skinless, boneless fillets which can be cut into pieces of compatible admeasurement and weight for auction as angle fingers or portions. The haddock is acclimated to accomplish a cardinal of smoked white angle products, conspicuously the finnan haddock and agnate convalescent products, the aureate cutlet and smoked distinct fillet, all of which are algid smoked, and the smokie, which is hot smoked.

English anchorage of Grimsby has been acclaimed for smoked haddock. The UK’s Administration for Environment, Aliment and Rural Diplomacy (DEFRA), defines Acceptable Grimsby smoked angle “as fillets of cod and haddock, belief amid 200 and 700 grams, which accept been algid smoked in accordance with the acceptable adjustment and aural a authentic bounded breadth about Grimsby. In 2009, Acceptable Grimsby smoked angle was awarded Adequate Bounded Adumbration (PGI) cachet by the European Commission.

Finnan Haddock

The finnan haddock, or finnan, is fabricated by beheading a average sized gutted haddock, charwoman the gut atrium by removing the atramentous bark and any traces of claret and branch lying below the backbone, and again agreeable the angle accessible by acid forth the base from close to tail; in the alleged London cut the courage lies on the larboard ancillary of the breach fish, admitting in the Aberdeen cut the courage is on the right. The breach angle are brined for 7-15 account in an 80° brine, depending on size; for archetype a haddock 16” (40 cm) continued and belief about 18 oz (½ kg) requires about 10 minutes. No dye is added to the brine. (Add 2.2 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 80 degrees brine). The brined angle are either tentered or speated, and larboard to cesspool for a time so that a acceptable apparent appearance develops. The angle are smoked at 80° F (27° C); a ½ kg angle takes about 3½ hours in a automated kiln, but abate angle may booty alone 3 hours, admitting ample haddock may booty 4 hours or added to attain the adapted anemic harbinger color.

Golden Cutlets (block fillets)

The aureate cutlet is fabricated from a block bandage of haddock or whiting. The bandage is brined for about 3 account in 80° brine, laid over banjoes or tentered by the tail, larboard to cesspool and to advance a appearance on the cut apparent for about 2 hours and again smoked at 80° F (27° C); cutlets booty 2-2½ hours in a automated kiln. A baby bulk of dye is usually added to the alkali bath.

Glasgow Pales

The pales are fabricated mainly from baby haddock, beneath than 0.75 lb, and they are smoked so agilely that they accept alone the barest apparent begrimed flavour and about no chicken color. The angle are beheaded, bankrupt and breach forth the abdomen so that the courage charcoal on the larboard ancillary of the fish. Angle are brined in 80º alkali for 4-5 minutes, drained and smoked at 80° F (27° C) for 2.5 hours.

Smoked Fillet

Single fillets with the bark on, taken from average and ample haddocks, are brined for 4-10 account depending on admeasurement in 80° alkali to which dye may be added, laid over screens and drained for at atomic 2 hours, and again smoked at 80° F (27° C) for 5 hours. The bark is larboard on not alone to analyze smoked haddock from smoked cod, but additionally to anticipate the softer beef of the haddock from broad and disturbing too much.


Smokies are hot smoked baby haddocks. The angle are beheaded and the gut atrium bankrupt out. Gutted haddocks belief 0.5 - 0.75 lb are selected. The aboriginal smokies were fabricated in Arbroath, south of Aberdeen in Scotland. The smoked haddocks were alleged smokies due to their aphotic abide actualization which was the aftereffect of smoker in a butt over a fire. The angle are angry calm by the appendage in pairs and brined for 30-45 account in 80º brine. (Add 2.2 lbs of alkali to 1 gallon of water. This makes 80 degrees brine).

The brined haddocks are afraid over smokesticks and:

smoked at 176 - 194° F (80-90° C) for 1 hour. This dries out the bark and will advice to access aureate amber color.
smoked at 110 - 120° F (43 - 49° C) for 1 hour.
cooked with smoke at 160 - 170° F (72 - 77° C) for 1 hour.
The accomplished artefact can be eaten after added cooking.

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