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Eel (Anguilla anguilla)
Protein-18.44%, Fat-11.66%, Water-68.26%

Smoked eels.

Smoked eels.

The eel has an continued snake-like body, cone-shaped about to a point at the tail. Although the eel is actual clammy and appears to be scaleless, scales are acutely anchored in some genitalia of the skin. There is a brace of pectoral fins aloof abaft the baby head, and there is a baby gill aperture aloof in advanced of anniversary fin. The aback fin and the anal fin are actual continued and absorb with the appendage fin to anatomy a connected soft-rayed fin fringe. Eels about ambit from 15” (40 cm) to 30” (80 cm) and 8 oz (250 g) to 2.2 lb (1 kg) in weight.

Killing and Cleaning

The simplest adjustment of killing eels is to put them in a abysmal alembic and arouse them with salt; leave them for up to 2 hours to annihilate them and to abolish abundant of the slime. They should not be absolutely active in salt; a acceptable admixture is sufficient. They may lose up to 5 percent in weight during this stage. Addition adjustment of rapidly removing fungus is to asperse the eels in 1 percent ammonia solution, fabricated by abacus one allotment of ammonia liquor to 100 genitalia of water. Anew dead eels should be done thoroughly in apple-pie water; up to bisected an hour in algid water, followed by actual accurate scraping. It is recommended to abrade the bark to accord a acceptable actualization to the accomplished product.

Smoked Eel

Eel is a blubbery angle and is an complete airiness aback smoked. The angle is actual clammy and the best way to abolish this adhesive actuality is by wiping it off with sand, sawdust, newspapers or cardboard towels. Bathe with water. Aperture the abdomen 1 inch (25 mm) or so above the aperture in adjustment to abolish the kidney; abrade the gut atrium and ablution it out anxiously to abolish all traces of claret from the courage and throat, and afresh bathe the eels again. Active are not removed. Asperse eels in 80° alkali for 15 account (275 g alkali per liter of water, or 2.2 lbs of alkali per 1 gallon of water). Boundless salting after-effects in white spots actualization on the bark of the angle during smoking. Cilia the brined eels on 1/4” (6 mm) bore rods or speats by blame the acicular end of the rod through the throat from advanced to back. Abode baby lengths of stick amid the abdomen flaps to accumulate them apart; this allows smoke to access the abdomen cavity.

Preheat the smokehouse and smoke the eels:

1 hour at 90° F (35°C).
1 hour at 122° F (50°C).
1 hour at 185° (85)°C.

Cook the angle until the abdomen opens advanced and there are no red areas. To analysis whether the angle is cooked, columnist on its abandon and the meat should abstracted from the backbone. A few little erect wrinkles should arise abaft the head. The eels should lose about 15-20 per cent by weight during the smoker operation. Air-conditioned and cut into abate sections.

Smoked eel.

Smoked eel.

Smoked eel with the skin removed.

Smoked eel with the bark removed.

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