Curing Fish

Prior to smoking, angle are either dry absolute or brined. They may be agilely or heavily brined depending aloft the blazon of artefact to be prepared. Agilely absolute angle should be smoked anon back the brining alone imparts a adorable acidity and firms the flesh. The alkali agreeable of the beef of hot smoked angle should be about 1.8-2%, which corresponds to alkali agreeable in best smoked sausages. Abundant brining is acclimated in the balmy abating of apricot and for attention angle until smoker can be applied. Such a angle charge be blood-soaked above-mentioned to smoker to abolish best of the salt.

Origins of Angle Curing

Fish salting was accomplished for bags of years. England and Norway acquired a ample allocation of assets by affairs convalescent herring, cod and apricot to Southern European countries. Angle was traded for olive oil, wine and dry fruit; articles which would not abound in algid climate. Analysis of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus has accustomed a way to trade. Spain was active acquisition islands and countries in South America, but England followed the beeline avenue and started to authorize new settlements on Arctic Atlantic coast, aboriginal in Newfoundland, again in New England.

The aboriginal colonists would not accept been able to survive after protein affluent aliment like absolute cod or smoked herring as the altitude was acrid and the clay was poor. But the angle was abounding and convalescent angle became their capital antecedent of income. Alkali cod and salmon, smoked herring and halibut, and pickled sturgeon were anon exported to Europe. The algid altitude was absolute for alteration alkali angle to Europe, according to records, in 1580 added than 300 ships from Europe were affianced in salting cod in this area. This barter in alkali angle angry added barter and advance in added industries. There was affluence of balk and bounded accomplishment starting to flourish. This led to added barter and added aircraft lines.

Curing angle was the capital canning adjustment until Nicholas Appert invented the canning action in 1810. This was followed by analysis of electricity and from 1900 and on, canning and algidity became accepted canning methods. These methods were added economical and produced aliment of college affection and beneath spoilage. Alteration aliment habits accept additionally contributed to abatement in abating methods. European immigrants brought meat abating and smoker technology to America, but their accouchement developed altered aliment habits. Best foods today are able by either canning, dehydration or are kept beneath refrigeration. Accumulate in apperception that every affection ham, sausage or smoked angle is consistently balmy cured, behindhand of whether it is produced in a branch or at home. Bartering producers may use specialized machines to accomplish action faster, but a hobbyist can aftermath alike bigger artefact at home. The abating process, however, charcoal the aforementioned as it has been accomplished for centuries.

England was consistently accepted and admired for the affection of their smoked fish. Torry Analysis Station, a analysis of the Administration of Accurate and Automated Research, advised the Torry Anhydrate (a automated angle smoker kiln) in 1939, which has been broadly adopted by the angle smoker industry. They accept additionally printed “Fish Smoking”-A Torry Anhydrate Operator’s Handbook, an accomplished chiral about smoker fish. Abundant instructions were accustomed for the alertness of the archetypal smoke-cured products. In all the examples 80 amount alkali was acclimated and this alkali backbone has become actual popular.

Curing by Salting Alone

Man was able to bolt ample cardinal of fish, behindhand of their size, the botheration was how to bottle the catch. Salting angle was one of the aboriginal canning methods, however, the angle had to be desalted for a few canicule afore affable started. Salting and dehydration angle is accomplished today alone in alien areas after admission to electricity. Ablaze salting and brines are acclimated for angle that would be anon smoked. Afterwards brining, the angle is briefly rinsed and submitted to drying. The alkali absorption is usually beneath 2%. Majority of hot smoked angle avalanche in this category. Abundant salting and brines are acclimated to adapt angle for algid smoker or to bottle the angle until the smoker action can be applied. The alkali absorption alcove 8-10%. Preserved angle is kept in bankrupt barrels until processing time. Such heavily convalescent angle is blood-soaked in algid baptize to accompany the alkali agreeable down. Algid active baptize will be best effective, continuing baptize will charge a few changes. Again the angle can be adapted or algid smoked.

Brining (Wet Curing)

All angle for hot smoker are brined to accord them flavour. The recommended alkali backbone for best articles is 80°; a stronger alkali reduces the brining time but has the disadvantage that, afterwards the angle are dried, alkali crystallizes on the apparent of the bark in airedale white patches. Alkali is captivated added analogously by angle in alkali weaker than 80°, but abode time is longer; an 80° alkali is a applied compromise. Afterwards brining, accomplished angle are hung, for archetype on tenters or speats depending on the product, and abiding in a anhydrate so that either the backs or the bellies, not the sides, of the angle face the smoke flow. Fillets and baby articles like mollusk meats are laid on wire cobweb trays.

Brining provides the afterward advantages:

  • Improves the acidity and looks of the fish.
  • Improves arrangement by authoritative beef abundant stronger which is important if the angle is hung.
  • Prevents advance of bacteria.
  • Develops bark appearance (best with 70-80º brine).
Gutted Atlantic mackerel

Gutted Atlantic mackerel

Brining Atlantic mackerel

Brining Atlantic mackerel

Brine Strength

There is no one accepted alkali that may be activated to all fish. The agreement of the alkali depends on the angle type, array of the bandage or the admeasurement of the angle and the fattiness of the fish. If the beef is not actual blubbery best of the alkali enters aural the aboriginal 3 or 4 minutes. Alkali is captivated added analogously by weaker brines, but the brining time is longer. The advantage of a stronger alkali is that it is added able at inhibiting bacilli growth.

Typical brines:

Product Brine backbone in º Salinometer
Poultry 21
Pork Loin 30
Pork butts, hams 40-50
Hot Smoked Fish 70-80
Cold Smoked Fish 80-90
The backbone of seawater is 14º.

Making one gallon alkali application cups of salt:

Salt (cups) Water (1 gallon) Brine backbone in º Salinometer
1 1 27
2 1 45
3 1 72
3.5 1 80
4 1 90

The recommended alkali for best angle is 70-80 degrees, a alkali stronger than 90° may leave alkali bright deposits on the bark of the fish, what will leave airedale abiding white patches. Abundant alkali can be acclimated to bottle the angle until the smoker action can be applied. Afterwards a acknowledged bolt you may not accept acceptable time to smoke all angle the aforementioned day. Apple-pie and gut the fish, abode them in a abundant alkali - this will buy you time. Again a few canicule later, back you accept time on the weekend, the angle can be desalted (soaked) and smoked. Angle can be heavily or agilely brined depending on the appropriate product. A ample angle and fat angle blot alkali slowly. Stronger brines crave a beneath time of brining. Agilely absolute angle can be smoked anon back the brining was acclimated alone to close the flesh. Alkali becomes weaker with use, however, this is of bottom accent in home production. Baptize on the apparent of the angle dilutes the alkali and the angle absorbs some salt. Bartering bulb maintains the backbone of the alkali by abacus added salt. As miniscule pieces of fish, gut, scales, claret alpha to alloy the brine, the alkali should be afflicted daily. Let’s accomplish article actually bright - smoked angle needs salt. This can be able by admixture angle with alkali or immersing angle in acrid brine. All added capacity may access the acidity of smoked fish, but alone a little. Those capacity may as able-bodied be added to the angle during a meal. In accession you can serve angle with one of abounding archetypal sauces, which will access the acidity of the angle abundant added than abacus pepper, amoroso or adhesive to brine. Those capacity will absolution their acidity bigger back brining times are longer, but you accept to abatement the backbone of the brine, or the angle will end up too salty.

One gallon of alkali is acceptable for 4-5 pounds of fish. Added capacity like amoroso and spices should be added to the band-aid afterwards the actual alkali backbone has been established. Angle pieces should be absolutely absorbed in alkali and covered with a weight plate. The temperature of the able alkali alkali should not beat 60° F (15.5° C). If the brining time exceeds 4 hours, the band-aid charge be placed in a refrigerator (38° F) or ice should be added to the brine. Abacus ice will change the backbone of the alkali so a bigger band-aid is to add re-usable ice packs. Accumulate in apperception that alkali loses its backbone in time as alkali penetrates the meat abrogation abaft a weaker solution. Back brining times are continued the solution’s backbone should be periodically arrested with a alkali tester and readjusted accordingly.

Most able abstract and practices of bartering plants, Torry Anhydrate analysis affidavit included, accept 80º alkali as the over all choice. A 70-80° alkali can be active for all the accepted types of fish. By agreement angle in a able alkali we are perfoming an all out advance on the bacilli preventing them from growing. Alkali penetrates the beef of angle actual rapidly and the brining times are almost short. Angle brined in 90-100° alkali will lose about 3% of its weight. We will access added compatible alkali assimilation if the brining times are longer, but that will crave a 30-40 amount solution. In such a alkali angle may be larboard overnight, but will aces up about 2-3% of baptize which needs to be evaporated during smoker authoritative the action longer.

Making Brine

Brine tester

Brine tester.

There isn’t a accepted alkali and every book and compound provides customized instructions. Abounding recipes alarm for bond alkali with baptize until the egg or potato alpha to float. We accept approved that and the after-effects were misleading. Does anybody anticipate that a angle processing bulb will analysis the alkali with an egg or potato? First, it makes no faculty at all to allocution about abating time if we don’t specify the backbone of a brine. We can mix ½ cup alkali with one quart of baptize or we can add 5 cups alkali into one gallon of baptize and it is accessible that abating times will be altered admitting both brines will do the job. To adapt your own alkali in a able way you charge two things:

1. Buy a alkali tester. They are so bargain that there is no alibi for not accepting one. The salinometer consists of a float with a axis attached, apparent in degrees. The apparatus will float at its accomplished akin in a saturated brine, and will apprehend 100 degrees (26.4 % alkali solution). This is accepted as a absolutely saturated alkali at 60° F (15.8° C). Above this point no added alkali can be attenuated in water, the alkali will achieve bottomward on the basal of the container. In weaker brines the axis will float at lower levels and the account will be lower. With no alkali present the account will be 0. To accomplish alkali put some baptize one into a acceptable container, add some salt, admit a alkali tester and apprehend the scale. Appetite a stronger solution: add added salt. Charge a weaker brine: add added water, it is that simple.

Note Accumulate in apperception that a salinometer’s calibration measures the body of a band-aid absolute alkali and water. Already you add added capacity they will adapt the body of a band-aid ability the salinometer reading, while the salinity of the alkali will absolutely be the same.

Salt is added to water until the correct brine strength is obtained.

Salt is added to baptize until the actual alkali backbone is obtained.

Brine tester floating in brine.

Brine tester amphibian in brine.

Four gallons of brine that was prepared a day earlier. It is still partially frozen.

Four gallons of alkali that was able a day earlier. It is still partially frozen.

When mixing ice with water, it is advisable to re-check brine strength with a tester.

When bond ice with water, it is appropriate to re-check alkali backbone with a tester.

The alkali tables are activated at 60° F (15.8° C). For added alkali temperatures, the empiric salinometer readings charge be adapted afore application them. Add one salinometer amount for anniversary 10 degrees aloft 60° F and decrease one amount for anniversary 10 degrees beneath 60° F.

2. Making Alkali Application Tables - the fastest way for authoritative brine.

  1. Choose the backbone of the brine.
  2. Prepare one gallon of water.
  3. Weigh the bulk of bare alkali as listed in the table.
  4. Add alkali to water, mix and delay to clarify.
Weighing salt and measuring one gallon of water.

Weighing alkali and barometer one gallon of water.

Mixing salt with one gallon of water.

Mixing alkali with one gallon of water.

Brine at 60° F (15.8° C) Alkali (in pounds) to 1 US gal of water % alkali by weight
10 0.22 2.64
20 0.46 5.28
30 0.71 7.91
40 0.98 10.55
50 1.26 13.19
60 1.56 15.83
70 1.88 18.47
80 2.23 21.11
90 2.59 23.75
100 2.98 26.39

Complete Alkali Tables

To accomplish 80° alkali we charge to add 2.23 pounds of alkali to 1 gallon of water. If you charge a abate abundance of 80° brine, add 1.1 lb alkali to half-gallon of water. The action is simple, fast and accurate. The tables awning alkali from 0 - 100° in one amount intervals. There are abstracted tables for UK gallons (4.54 liter) which can be acquired on the internet.

It does not amount whether US or UK tables are used, as the alkali to baptize ratios abide the same, for example:

  US gallon (3.8 liter) UK Administrative gallon (4.54 liter)
Salt per gallon 2.22 lb 2.67 lb
% alkali by weight 21% 21%
Brine Strength 80° 80°

Because UK gallon is bigger, added alkali is added, but the percent of alkali by weight is the aforementioned in UK or US alkali of agnate strength.

Making Baby Amounts of Brine

Brine Strength Salt (in grams) added to 1 quart of water Salt (in grams) added to 1 liter of water % alkali by weight
10 11 1.0
10° 24 26 2.6
20° 50 55 5.2
30° 79 (1/4 cup) 86 8.0
40° 105 118 10.5
50° 145 (1/2 cup) 151 13.2
60° 178 188 15.8
70° 214 (3/4 cup) 226 18.4
80° 248 267 21.0
90° 294 (1 cup) 311 23.7
100° 339 358 26.3
1 liter of baptize = 1000 g, 1 qt of baptize = 946 g, 1 cup alkali = 292 g
1 Tablespoon alkali = 18 g, 1 teaspoon alkali = 6 g, 1 oz = 28.35 g
1 Tbsp = 3 tsp. 1 US gallon = 3.8 liters = 3.8 kilograms = 8.33 lbs.
Seawater contains about 3.695 % alkali which corresponds to 14 degrees salometer (°SAL).

Keep in apperception that the aggregate of the alkali that was fabricated by accumulation one gallon of baptize with 2.2 lbs alkali (80º brine) will be beyond than one gallon, so use the adapted container. The capital advantage of authoritative your own alkali is that you accept the absolute ascendancy and there is no academic involved.

Baumé Scale

You may appear beyond a accepted European Baumé degrees alkali calibration that is based on the specific force of the alkali abstinent with a hydrometer. One can measure?the force of the alkali with a distinctively advised float (like a alkali tester) and one can accredit to the table and attending up the % NaCl (salt) by weight. One Baumé amount corresponds to 10 g of alkali in 1 liter of water. The table beneath compares SAL alkali backbone degrees with Baumé scale.

Specific Gravity % Alkali by Weight Baumé Degrees US Salometer Degrees (º SAL)
1.007 1 1.0 4
1.014 2 2.0 8
1.022 3 3.1 12
1.029 4 4.1 15
1.037 5 5.2 19
1.044 6 6.1 25
1.051 7 7.0 27
1.058 8 7.9 30
1.066 9 8.9 34
1.073 10 9.8 37
1.081 11 10.9 41
1.089 12 11.9 46
1.096 13 12.7 50
1.104 14 13.7 54
1.112 15 14.6 57
1.119 16 15.4 61
1.127 17 16.3 65
1.135 18 17.2 69
1.143 19 18.1 72
1.151 20 19.0 76
1.159 21 19.9 80
1.168 22 20.9 84
1.176 23 21.7 88
1.184 24 22.5 92
1.192 25 23.4 95
1.201 26 24.3 99
Eighty degrees brine.

Eighty degrees brine.

  • Left - Baume hygrometer (20º Be)
  • Right - Salinometer (80º SAL).
  • The readings affirm abstracts in the table.

Speed of Curing

The acceleration of abating depends whether we action accomplished fish, accomplished gutted fish, angle steaks or fillets. Fillets with the bark on will cure slower because the bark acts as a barrier that inhibits any breeze of solution, damp or alike smoke. The bark with scales will cure alike slower. At college temperatures the abating develops faster. Angle will cure faster back it receives added salt, whether by dry salting or by actuality absorbed in a abundant brine. Fat angle cures slower than the angular ones, acumen actuality that fat inhibits circulation of salt. Alkali dissolves calmly in baptize but not in fat. Angular beef contains about 80% of water, but fat contains alone 10-15% of water. About speaking, the brining time depends on the admeasurement of the angle and the alkali absorption of the brine.

Salt penetrates angle easier in places that are accessible or cut than through the skin. It is adamantine to acquire time for angle fillets, angle with the bark on, and little angle or pieces of fish. The angle bandage will be oversalted if absorbed for the aforementioned time in the aforementioned alkali as a ample fish. Back brining angle of altered sizes it is appropriate to use abstracted containers and allocate angle according to its breed and size. Back application a distinct container, abode baby pieces on top so they can be removed earlier. Alkali penetrates the beef of the angle aural account and brining times are abundant beneath than those for red meats.

"Rule of thumb" brining times for accomplished fish
Brine backbone Brining time
30º 10-12 hours
50º 3-4 hours
80º 1-2 hours
Brining times (80º brine) for algid smoking:
½” fillets - ½ hr
1” fillets - 1 hr
1½” fillets - 2 hrs
Brining times (80º brine) for hot smoking:
½” fillets - 15 min
1” fillets - 30 min
1½” fillets - 1 hr
Small accomplished angle - 1-3 hours

A average admeasurement herring (fat fish) should abide in 80 degrees alkali for about 4 hours. Herring fillets charge to be abysmal in the aforementioned alkali for alone 20-30 minutes. For abbreviate times the abundant alkali can be kept beneath 60 F (15.8 C). For best times, the alkali should be kept in a cooler. Fat angle such as salmon, mackerel or herring, should not be apparent to the air back cured, contrarily they may advance brownish spots on the apparent areas and rancidity develops. This is accepted as “rusting.” Accumulate the angle absolutely covered with alkali or abysmal in brine. Bartering producers analysis alkali for microbiological accident and can reclaim it again, however, in home applications the alkali should be afflicted daily. Brining and smoker angle is a lot of balloon and absurdity and almanac keeping. Addendum should be fabricated for approaching reference.

A archetypal 80 degrees brine:

  • 1 gallon water
  • 2.25 lbs alkali (4 cups)
  • 1 lb amber sugar
  • 2 Tbs Cure #1
  • 1/3 cup auto juice
  • 1 Tbs garlic powder
  • 1 Tbs onion powder
  • 1 Tbs allspice powder
  • 1 Tbs white pepper
Add ice to brine when weather gets hot.

Add ice to alkali back acclimate gets hot.

Perch, small farm raised trout and 3/8” bluefish fillets were brined for 5 minutes only and turned out perfect after smoking.

Perch, baby acreage aloft trout and 3/8” bluefish fillets were brined for 5 account alone and angry out absolute afterwards smoking.

What’s Bigger Dry Alkali or Brine?

It is harder to get constant after-effects with dry salting as the angle appear in altered size, weight and shape. The brine, however, will acquisition a way to access every little opening. Brined angle will access alkali and flavorings in all areas. If you bolt one or two fish, admixture with alkali may be added practical. It is faster to baptize angle with a dry mix and alpha smoking. It is a catechism of economics as beneath amplitude and accessories is required. The processing time is beneath as angle does not charge to be broiled afore the smoke is applied. In accession abundant alkali will be ashen back alkali is discarded. There is beneath alkali ashen back admixture angle with dry mix. However, if you action 50 fish, again it becomes a little bartering adventure and brining is a bigger solution. A actual backbone alkali can be fabricated a day beforehand and may be kept in the refrigerator until needed. The advantage of application alkali is that already the backbone of the alkali has been chosen, the artefact will consistently be constant as continued as the action time takes into annual the admeasurement of the fish. Fat angle should be absolutely abysmal as air contributes to the rancidity.

Smaller establishments such as a angle restaurants or booty out food are actual active and don’t accept abundant accumulator amplitude to accumulate angle in tanks. An added agent ability be bare to cope with those added chores. Brining requires time, the brined angle is wet; it needs to cesspool and dry out afore the smoke can be applied. To save amplitude and time they cure angle with dry mix.

Dry Mixes

Fat angle is generally convalescent with a admixture of salt, amoroso and spices. First, the alkali is alloyed with herbs, spices and flavorings of choice, again the admixture is rubbed acclaim into the fish. Into the belly, and added on the bark which should be bare of scales.

General blueprint for creating your own mix:

Salt, 10-14 g
Sugar, 3-6 g
1.5 g aroma mix (pepper, hot pepper, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace, bay leaf, mint, hops, etc).
The spices should be cautiously ground. Drove hops and bay leaves.

Some dry mix combinations:

Ingredients in grams
Dry Mix Mix 1 Mix 2 Mix 3
Salt 70 50 75
Sugar 15 10 20
Allspice 2.5 5 2.5
Black pepper 1.0 5 2.5
Red pepper 1.5 0.8 0.5
Cloves 0.8 0.8 1.5
Ginger 0.8 - 1.0
Coriander 0.5 - -
Nutmeg 0.5 0.8 -
Mace 0.2 - -
Cinnamon - - 0.5
Hops, crushed - - 1.0
Bay leaf, crushed - - 1.0

The angle is laid bottomward in a container:

  • Small fish, beneath than a batter - 4 hours
  • Large angle - 8 hours or overnight

There are abounding accessible to administer dry mixes that can be acclimated for accepted affable or smoker fish. Creole Condiment is an accomplished dry mix for smoker mullet fabricated by Zatarain’s, New Orleans, LA.

Applying Dry Mix

Mix alkali with spices of your choice. Rub the admixture all around, central of the abdomen included; administer added force and admixture into the bark as the bark slows bottomward alkali penetration. The amount of alkali assimilation is 20% faster in dry-salted angle than in brine. The bark creates obstacles to alkali penetration, so this is why the angle bark (not the flesh) is generally broiled with a knife. Fillets are actual aerial so aloof baptize dry mix on top. Lay the angle collapsed in a alembic and abode in refrigerator. Bathe the angle briefly with tap baptize and advance to smoking.

Note: dry salting fillets will aftereffect in cartoon out the admixture of water, claret and proteins to the surface. If the breach angle or a fillets are lying collapsed on screens, little aqueous paddles will anatomy which will become white acerbate during smoker and cooking. This is a abate botheration in angle that are anchored by blind as this protein band-aid will dribble down.

Small fish
3/4-1 lb, 3 hours salting time
1/2" fillets - 10 min
1" fillets - 25 min
1-1/2" fillets - 45 min

More About Salt

For brining purposes both table alkali and adequate alkali will assignment appropriately able-bodied in agreement of accouterment the adapted effects, admitting adequate salt, decidedly Diamond® Clear adequate alkali dissolves added readily. What is important to bethink is that adequate salts are beneath close than accustomed table salts and admeasurement absolutely abnormally from a aggregate standpoint. Adequate alkali has beyond crystals and is bulkier. For archetype a accustomed weight of Diamond® Clear takes up about alert the aggregate as the aforementioned weight of table salt. Non-iodized alkali should be used, canning bedrock alkali is a acceptable choice.

Table Salt 1 cup 292 g (10.3 oz)
Morton® Adequate Salt 1-1/3 to 1-1/2 cup 218 g (7.7 oz)
Diamond® Clear Adequate Salt 2 cups 142 g (5 oz)

As you can see it is consistently appropriate to counterbalance out your salt.

Adding Spices to Brine

For an added flavor, spices can be added, about add them to anemic brines only. Able brines, 70-90º, do not leave abundant time for the spices to accompany any cogent effect. About 1 tablespoon of herbs (spices) spices can be added to one gallon of brine. Use capacity that you like most, afterwards all you will eat the fish. Some of the accepted seasonings: pepper, parsley, dill, capers, alacrity seeds, rosemary, juniper, onion, cilantro, bay leaf, celery leaves, sugar, vinegar, auto juice. You can try commercially produced seasonings which are awash in stores. Afterwards brining, briefly ablution angle to annihilate balance alkali and any traces of blood. Cesspool the fish, abode them on screens or adhere them and let dry. Again advance to smoking.

Brine Marinades

Sugar, herbs and spices may be added to alkali to aftermath aboriginal flavor. To bathe angle with customized flavors, the angle has to abide in alkali for best aeon of time, finer overnight. Abundant alkali such as 80º is not acceptable as the angle will be over salted. A actual agilely absolute alkali is bare which may as able-bodied be alleged the alkali marinade. Accumulate in apperception that such a anemic band-aid cannot be acclimated in angle that will be algid smoked.

Four degrees alkali is a acceptable all about alkali band-aid that needs alone herbs and flavorings to become the marinade.
4° brine- add 10 g (1-1/2 tsp) alkali to 1 quart of water.
About one tablespoon of acidity inducing capacity are added to two gallons of 4º brine.
Popular capacity are: dill, parsley, sage, thyme, capers, basil, rosemary, juniper berries, alacrity seeds, garlic, ginger, onion, peppers, sugar, auto juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire booze and vinegar.

The alkali should accept the ascendant flavor; this would be the assemble or aroma that you like most. Such an assemble can be amid into the angle the moment the angle has been gutted and done in adjustment to imparts its acidity to the fish. Then, the angle should be absolutely absorbed in alkali overnight. The angle will not be over absolute back beneath 50° F (10° C) the amount of alkali uptake is reduced.

Brining/Marinating Fish

If you adjudge to use a able brine, the able action of smoker angle can be able in 3-4 hours. You can, however, abode angle in a anemic brine, leave them brief (10-12 hours) in refrigerator and alpha smoker the abutting day. Craven is marinated the aforementioned way although angle alkali is weaker. It is recommended to alpha with with a anemic alkali and accumulate addendum for reference. There is not abundant we can do to over absolute fish.

Curing/marinating times for baby angle and fillets

Fish Brine Time
Small fish 10-12 hrs
Small fish 10º 2 hours
Fillets, 1/2 - 1" 10º 30-45 min

Brine temperature should be kept about 10° C; beneath this temperature the amount of alkali uptake is reduced. You can acceleration up the action alike added by application 80-90º bartering backbone brine.

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