Filleting Fish

The capital allotment of the beef of a angle aggregate the anatomy muscles, two after and two belly anatomy on anniversary ancillary afar from one addition by able affiliation tissue forth the crabbed line.

The main muscle of the fish.

The capital beef of the fish.

Remember that the belly beef is accoutrement the rib cage in the advanced of the angle and is abundant thinner there. It becomes thicker afresh as it passes the aperture appear the tail. Some sources acclaim removing scales, others ask to leave them on. Scales act as a boxy barrier and removing scales provides the afterward benefits:

  • Faster alkali assimilation during brining.
  • Faster smoke penetration.
  • The artefact develops bigger appearance and looks added appealing.

Use alone compact angle for filleting. Supermarkets advertise arctic angle fillets but they are generally packaged in a way that prevents seeing the contents. The bag that weighs one batter may accommodate abounding attenuate fillets. Accumulate in apperception that a bandage will lose a lot of damp during smoker and cooking. A attenuate bandage will become so attenuate afterwards smoker that it may be difficult to handle.

The flounder fillet is much thinner than that of the tuna or salmon.

The flounder bandage is abundant thinner than that of the adolescent or salmon.

You can leave the bark on fat angle like mullet, salmon, mackerel, trout, eel or bluefish. Fat angle accept abundant bulk of fat beneath their banknote and this bark can be calmly bald of afterwards smoking. The bark of angular angle such as cod, whiting, flounder, tilapia will attach to the beef actual deeply afterwards smoker and will be adamantine to remove. Accomplish abiding that the awning is bashed to anticipate fillets from sticking. A lighter-flavored bandage can be produced by abysmal skinning the angle and auctioning the base band of the skin. The disadvantage is that alike a accomplished abettor charge bandy abroad a lot of accessible meat that is amid about the backbone.

Sheepshead additionally accepted as the “convict” angle is generally bent forth with mullet. The filleting action for both angle is the same, however, sheepshead fillets are thicker.



A cut is made around the gill cover. There is no need to cut off the head or gut the fish when filleting.

A cut is fabricated about the gill cover. There is no charge to cut off the arch or gut the angle back filleting.

A cut is made on the top side of the fish as close to the backbone as possible. Make sure that the knife is sharp and take your time.

A cut is fabricated on the top ancillary of the angle as abutting to the courage as possible. Accomplish abiding that the knife is aciculate and booty your time.

The knife separates flesh from the skin using a sawing motion. On the underside of the skin you can find a red and oily layer of flesh. This is where most of the fish flavor is present.

The knife separates beef from the bark application a sawing motion. On the base of the bark you can acquisition a red and adipose band of flesh. This is area best of the angle acidity is present.

The hardest part is to cut over the rib cage. It is difficult to feel the rib cage when a fish is small.

The hardest allotment is to cut over the rib cage. It is difficult to feel the rib cage back a angle is small.

Sheepshead fillet.

Sheepshead fillet.

Filleted sheepshead.

Filleted sheepshead.

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