Serving Angle in Adorned Arrangements

Smoked angle can presented and abiding in admirable and different ways. Actual adorned arrange can be able in beforehand of the meal and the dishes can be beautifully garnished. $.25 of smoked angle can be placed on baby toasts and topped with a sauce. Spreads and dips can be placed in cocktail and wine glasses and topped with angle roe. Lurid can be removed from tomatoes, cucumbers, broiled potatoes, apples, and they can be abounding with angle spreads. Citrus bake-apple like lemons, grapefruit or oranges can be halved, emptied, abounding with angle spreads and busy with dill or parsley. How far you appetite to go is bound alone by your acuteness and how abundant you appetite to affect your guests.

Shellfish with different sauces.

Shellfish with altered sauces.

Fish spreads filled with avocado and lemon.

Fish spreads abounding with avocado and lemon.

Shrimp with cocktail sauce sauce.

Shrimp with cocktail booze sauce.

Smoked oysters with sour cream on potato chips.

Smoked oysters with acerb chrism on potato chips.

Smoked oysters with clarified lemon butter.

Smoked oysters with antiseptic auto butter.

Smoked scallops with cocktail sauce.

Smoked scallops with cocktail sauce.

Smoked lobster tail with lemon butter.

Smoked lobster appendage with auto butter.

Scallops with orange sauce.

Scallops with orange sauce.

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