Cast Net

A casting net is a annular shaped cobweb net with weights analogously broadcast forth its alien perimeter. Back the net is befuddled or "cast" it opens out and acreage over the angle accoutrement them underneath. It looks like a parachute or the top of an awning falling down.

"Casting a net is not fishing, it is an art."

Adam Marianski casting net:

Fully open net.

Fully accessible net.

Landed, hopefully on many fish.

Landed, hopefully on abounding fish.

In time you will be able to control how far and where to send net.

In time you will be able to ascendancy how far and area to accelerate net.

Casting from a deck. The old St.Petersburg pier in the background.

Casting from a deck. The old St.Petersburg berth in the background.

Fully open.

Fully open.



Cast nets accept been about forever. There accept been abounding advancements fabricated to casting nets throughout history. Aboriginal casting nets were annihilation added than a annular net with weights absorbed about the perimeter. Already thrown, a fisherman would accept to acquisition the net and anxiously abolish the angle one by one. Auspiciously the avant-garde day casting net has a duke band which allows the fisherman to cull the net to him. This advance allows the fisherman to bandy in abundant added baptize while ensuring he will not lose angle already they are caught.

There are assorted styles and sizes of casting nets that can be acclimated but all avant-garde casting nets are composed of the afterward parts:

  • Hand band - a braided polyethylene line, floats in the water, has a bend on the end that attaches to the thrower's wrist.
  • Brail curve - monofilament curve that affix the duke band to the advance band (perimeter of the net). The affiliation is fabricated by agency of a hinge which prevents any affair of brail curve with the duke line. These brail curve go through a centermost arena or "horn" and attach in appointed places to the advance line.
  • Horn - artificial arena area the net is absorbed to, the horn allows the brail curve to canyon through and affix (through the swivel) to the duke band enabling a thrower to accessible and abutting the net.
  • Lead band - braided polyethylene band that is the ambit of the net back open. The weights or leads are absorbed and analogously spaced on the advance line. The advance band can be advised the alien ambit of the casting net.
  • Mesh admeasurement - monofilament band intertwined to accomplish alike openings that are constant throughout the net.

When the net is casting the abounding advance band pulls the brail curve through the centermost of the horn to the bottom.

To retrieve the net and the fish, the thrower pulls out the duke line. The duke band pulls the brail curve up and closes the alien ambit of the net. This creates a annular bag which holds the fish. Already back the absolute duke band is retrieved, the thrower grabs the brail curve and pulls them and the net bankrupt up.

Once the net is landed, the horn is pulled up and the brail curve are fatigued aback through the horn. This opens the net (the bag disappears) and the angle are able to be removed.

There are abounding altered sizes of casting nets that can be used. Back selecting a casting net there are several factors that charge be taken into account. You charge adjudge on a cobweb size, the weight of the net, the admeasurement of the net back opened, and the actual the net is fabricated of. The cobweb admeasurement varies broadly for anniversary individual's preference. It depends on what blazon and admeasurement of angle you are targeting.

Cast net appropriate uses for cobweb sizes:

  • 1" - baby argent mullet and beyond fish.
  • 1-1/2" - ample argent mullet and beyond fish.
  • 2" - striped mullet, sheepshead, added ample fish.
  • 2 - 1/4" - ample striped mullet, sheepshead, added ample fish.

A casting net with baby cobweb has added curve intertwined creating added attrition in the water. This blazon of net will bore slower than a casting net with a beyond cobweb admeasurement accouterment they advised the same.

Most of today's casting nets are fabricated of monofilament line. This is the aforementioned as the fishing band begin on a fishing reel. Monofilament is acutely accepted because of its adeptness to cut through baptize and bore quickly, while belief abutting to nothing. Back removed from water, the band is about instantly dry arresting about none of the water.

The best admonition is to bandy the net in a esplanade until the address is mastered. It is abundant harder in absolute altitude because already the net gets wet it becomes abundant heavier. You accept to be in a acceptable appearance to casting a net.

The net is long. When thrown, it opens to 14 foot diameter.

The net is long. Back thrown, it opens to 14 bottom diameter.

It is quite heavy because of lead weights at the bottom.

It is absolutely abundant because of advance weights at the bottom.

The hardest part to learn is to fold it in - it requires left hand, right hand, even the teeth.

The hardest allotment to apprentice is to bend it in - it requires larboard hand, appropriate hand, alike the teeth.

It is thrown by twisting the hips, almost like playing golf.

It is befuddled by agee the hips, about like arena golf.

The net flies.

The net flies.

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