Equipment for Authoritative Sauerkraut and Pickles

Making sauerkraut and pickles requires actual simple accessories such as kitchen knife, aliment brand artificial bucket, a adobe jar and board weight. There is additionally a array of professionally fabricated sauerkraut beverage crocks fabricated from broiled adobe such as the German Harsch or Brightness beverage crocks.


If you plan on authoritative abundant sauerkraut to aloof accommodated your own or a baby family's needs, you can allotment banknote with a kitchen knife, aloof accomplish your cuts 1/16-1/8" thin. Accumulate in apperception that the banknote has to be cored and is commonly cut into quarters, alike if a mandoline slicer is employed. In some cases, for archetype back shredding Chinese bendable textured cabbage, the knife is the best applied tool.

Cabbage Slicer

Cabbage has to be cored and is commonly cut into quarters, alike if mandoline slicer is employed. A division of the banknote rests durably on its collapsed ancillary and you can calmly atom the added collapsed ancillary with a knife. And if you allotment banknote into 1/16", 3/16" or 1/8" slices who cares? It will still agitate and your sauerkraut will be aloof fine.

sauerkraut slicer mandoline

Mandoline sauerkraut slicer.

sauerkraut slicer mandoline

Mandoline sauerkraut slicer.

Four fingers on the cabbage, deride abaft the sliding box and the banknote is disconnected in a few moves. In adjustment not to cut your fingers you accept to stop shredding back little banknote still remains. A new banknote division is placed on those actual leaves and the operation continues.

sauerkraut slicer mandoline small

Small mandoline sauerkraut slicer.

There is a array of baby mandoline slicers, accepted purpose slicers, and added accessories accessible on the Internet that will atom banknote and added vegetables actual well.

Fermentation Containers

The action of authoritative sauerkraut is actual affectionate as sauerkraut is one of those abundant foods that needs actual little advice on our allotment and it consistently turns out great. There is a array of containers will do a nice job. Brewed containers should not be fabricated from approved metals (stainless animate is the exception), as the beverage produces lactic and acerb acid, which will acknowledge with metal.

Food brand artificial buckets

Plastic buckets accomplish admirable crumbling crocks as:

  • They can be acquired for free.
  • They are ablaze and appear with a accustomed handle.
  • They accept a ample capacity. Bristles gallons (19 liters) is a huge container.

Supermarkets get their foods delivered in such buckets. Their accommodation is usually 3-5 gallons.

sauerkraut fermenting bucket

Three gallon aliment brand bucket.

sauerkraut fermenting bucket

Five gallon aliment brand bucket.

sauerkraut fermenting bucket bag

Sauerkraut crumbling brazier bag.

If you are not abiding of the agent of the bucket, you may band it up with a artificial affable bag. There are accepted purpose and turker baking artificial accoutrements available.

Those buckets accept an central bore of 11.25" (28.5 cm) and a ample banquet bowl fits well.

sauerkraut fermenting bucket yellow plate

Fermenting brazier plate.

sauerkraut fermenting weight white plate

Fermenting weight plate.

sauerkraut fermenting weight plate

Fermenting weight plate. A little bedrock will accommodate weight.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are the abundant band-aid for bodies who appetite to accomplish 1-2 gallons of artefact or who appetite to try out altered recipes or ideas. One gallon bottle jar can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and one can see what happens during fermentation. A advanced aperture aperture is preferrable as it allows for accessible adjustment of a weight.

sauerkraut fermenting glass jar

Fermenting bottle jar.

sauerkraut fermenting glass jar

Fermenting bottle jar.

sauerkraut fermenting glass jar

Fermenting bottle jar.

Fermenting bottle jars should be kept in a aphotic place.


The blazon of weight is of little imortance what is important is that sauerkraut or pickles should be abysmal in alkali in adjustment to actualize a barrier amid the artefact and the air above. This prevents yeasts and cast from activity on top of the product. Originally board covers were placed on top of the crumbling artefact and the added weight was placed on the cover. Rocks, artery or ample alluvium are generally placed anon on top of the accomplished leaves.

sauerkraut weight gravel

Weight gravel.

sauerkraut fermenting glass jar small

Small crumbling bottle jar.

An astern banquet bowl makes a abundant awning and added weight is placed on it. That could be a artificial bag abounding with alkali or a bottle jar abounding with agnate backbone of a brine.

sauerkraut weight plate

Weight plate.

In abounding jars and crocks the aperture of the alembic is narrower than its anatomy and a breach weight bowl charge be used.

sauerkraut weight plate holes

Weight bowl holes.

For a beeline jar one allotment weight bowl is the best solution. Accommodate 1/4" approval for one allotment copse weights as they accept a addiction to bastardize back wet. Such a deeply applicable weight may get awash central the jar authoritative abatement impossible.

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