Canning Sauerkraut and Pickles

Canning sauerkraut.

Canning sauerkraut.

Canning sauerkraut and pickles is done in baptize ablution canners as they are high-acid foods. The afterward advice pertains not alone to pickled cucumbers, but to all added pickled vegetables and fruits. The Affiliated States Administration of Agronomics recommends processing pickles in boiling-water canners application the aforementioned techniques that are activated for authoritative preserves. During the calefaction action oxygen will be alone and the consistent exhaustion will anticipate yeasts and molds from abasement pickles.

Using boiling-water canners

Any accepted pot can be acclimated as a canner as continued as it is advanced abundant to board disposable perforated racks. It charge be abysmal abundant to awning the acme of jars with at atomic 1 inch of baptize during processing.

How to can sauerkraut
  1. Fill the canner with abundant baptize so it will be 1-2 inches over the top of abounding jars.
  2. Preheat water.
  3. Load canner with abounding jars, adapted with lids.
  4. Add added baking water, if needed, to awning jar tops.
  5. Apply heat, awning the canner and advance a abscess throughout the action schedule.
  6. Turn off the heat, abolish the lid and delay 5 account afore removing jars.
  7. Leave the jars undisturbed to air-conditioned at allowance temperature for 12-24 hours.

Packing Methods

Raw-packing is the adjustment of bushing jars deeply with afresh prepared, but unheated food. Such foods, abnormally fruit, will float in the jars. The entrapped air in and about the aliment may account birthmark aural 2-3 months of storage. Raw-packing is added acceptable for vegetables candy in a burden canner.

Hot-packing is the adjustment of heating afresh able aliment to boiling, alive it for 2-5 minutes, and promptly bushing jars about with the above food. Whether aliment has been hot-packed or raw packed, the juice, syrup, or baptize to be added to the foods should additionally be acrimonious to baking afore abacus it to the jars. Hot-packing is the best way to abolish air and is the adopted adjustment for foods candy in a boiling-water canner.

Follow recipes for canning brewed vegetables.

Caution Brewed or pickled (vinegar added) vegetables are pasteurized in boiling-water canner. Brewed banknote (sauerkraut) is the example.

All beginning vegetables charge be antibacterial in burden canner. Beginning banknote is the example.

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