Curing Meat

Curing action offers abundant allowances for attention meat. The appellation “curing” usually implies “preserved with alkali and nitrite.”

Adding alkali provides two assurance benefits:

  • Drains some baptize what after-effects in beneath damp that is accessible to bacteria.
  • Creates acrid ambiance which inhibits advance of accident bacteria.
  • Swells proteins which absolution some affluent meat juice. This abstract mixes with alkali and becomes adhesive “exudate.” The address binds arena meat particles, fat and spices together.

Adding sodium nitrate to meat provides added benefits:

  • Prevents advance of pathogenic (dangerous) bacteria, conspicuously abominable Clostridium botulinum.
  • Develops blush blush of meat.
  • Develops "curing" acidity in meat.
  • Retards fat rancidity (deterioration of fat flavor).

There are three methods of curing:

  • Dry - salt, nitrite
  • Wet - salt, nitrite, water
  • Combination - salt, nitrite, water

To bottle meats after affable them we accept to use the dehydration process. Dehydration meat is based on eliminating water. Injecting meat with abating band-aid or immersing meat in abating band-aid introduces added water. For those affidavit alone dry abating method is suitable.

Dry Curing

The dry cure adjustment works fast and can be acclimated beneath added temperature ambit than added methods. The accumulating alkali is drained abroad and not replaced, so there is a greater accident of weight than in added methods. Accouterment that a beginning meat is acclimated it is a actual reliable adjustment as the alkali band acts as an bulletproof barrier to any bacilli on outside.

Curing Temperatures

Today, meats are convalescent with sodium nitrite and they can be convalescent at refrigerator temperatures 36-40° F (2-5° C) as the action is not abased on abating bacilli as was the case with sodium nitrate in the past. Although abating gain faster at college temperatures, however, the advance of accident bacilli will be faster, too. This is why we cure meat at low temperatures.

All curing methods are covered in detail on our meat site.

Sodium Nitrite

Sodium nitrite comes in anatomy of bright crystals which are alarming as 1 g can annihilate a person. As they may be mistaken for accepted salt, they are not awash to accessible in authentic form. Sodium nitrite is alloyed with salt, and to analyze the cure from salt, a blush appearance is added. It is awash in the US as Cure #1 or Cure #2.

American Cures

Cure #1 is a admixture of 1 oz of sodium nitrite (6.25%) to 1 lb of salt. It charge be acclimated to cure all meats that will crave smoker at low temperatures. It may be acclimated to cure meats for beginning sausages (optional).

Cure #2 is a admixture of 1 oz of sodium nitrite (6.25%) forth with 0.64 oz of sodium Nitrate (4%) to 1 lb of salt. It is usually acclimated for articles that will be air convalescent for a continued time like country ham, salami, pepperoni, and added dry sausages.

US Best Banned for Applying Cures

Adding Cure #1 to adapted meats and approved sausages fabricated from arena (comminuted) meat:

Comminuted Meat (Sausages) Cure #1 in ounces Cure #1 in grams Cure #1 in teaspoons
25 lbs 1 28.35 8
5 lbs 0.2 5.66 1
1 lb 0.04 1.1 1/5
1 kg 0.08 2.5 1/2

This bulk of Cure #1 corresponds to abacus 156 ppm (parts per million) of authentic sodium nitrite to 1 kg of meat.

These are the best banned and it is up to you how abundant you appetite to add, however, meat needs at atomic 75 ppm of sodium nitrite for any allusive curing.

Adding Cure #1 to dry meats and sausages:

Meat for Dry Products Cure #1 in ounces Cure #1 in grams Cure #1 in teaspoons
25 lbs 4 113.4 20
5 lbs 0.8 22.64 4
1 lb 0.16 4.4 3/4
1 kg 0.35 10.0 1.5

This bulk of Cure #1 corresponds to abacus 625 ppm (parts per million) of authentic sodium nitrite to 1 kg of meat. It is up to you how abundant you appetite to add, however, abacus 156 ppm of sodium nitrite (2.5 g of Cure #1 per 1 kg of meat) would be a acceptable starting point.

For dry meat articles and sausages you can add Cure #2 instead of Cure #1.

The acumen that there are abundant college acceptable nitrite banned for dry convalescent productsis that nitrite dissipates rapidly and the dry convalescent articles are air broiled for a continued time. Those college banned agreement a abiding accumulation of nitrite.

Curing Meat for Dry Sausages

Traditional Abating Method. Depending on atom size, meat needs usually 2-3 canicule abating time. Arena meat may be convalescent in 1-2 days. For approved (cooked) smoked sausages meat was usually cut into 1-2 inch continued cubes, alloyed with alkali and Cure #1 and again convalescent in refrigerator for 3 days. Afterwards that it would be ground,mixed with spices, blimp and processed.

When amateur cultures are added to meat, the meat can be convalescent central of the casing. Amateur ability introduces millions of bacilli of the adapted blazon which anon jump into action. This eliminates the catechism whether meat has abundant abating and lactic acerbic bacteria. Those numbers are actual baby to activate with and that is why the 48-72 hours of abating time should advice bacilli to grow. Unfortunately, accident bacilli will abound as well, about lactic acerbic bacilli can angle alkali abundant bigger than added types so the all-embracing antithesis is in our favor.

When amateur ability is added arena meat can be alloyed with salt, cure #1 or 2, amoroso (if added), spices and immediately stuffed. The abating will booty abode central the casing as the sausage will be broiled for a continued time.

Keep in apperception that approved sausages are fabricated with about 1.8% salt, but dry sausages charge 3% salt. This added alkali is bare to anticipate accident bacilli from demography over the action and ruining the meat.

NOTE Abating Meat for Approved (Cooked) Sausages

Although meat convalescent by the acceptable abating adjustment will aftereffect in artefact of the accomplished quality, about the latest trend is to being the arena meat anon into the case and acquiesce the meat to cure there. Such sausages should, however, be conditioned for 1-2 hour at allowance temperature afore actuality smoked or cooked. This conditioning footfall provides added time for sodium nitrite to acknowledge with myoglobin and advance blush abating color. Causeless to say, a bigger cut ofmeat requires added abating time, contrarily a allotment of accessible to eat artefact may gave blush and blah black areas.

For added about curing, nitrates, nitrites, American and European cures.

There is additionally a calculator that calculates the bulk of cure for altered nitrite (ppm) levels:

Cure Calculator

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