Sun Drying

Open air sun dehydration has been acclimated for bags of years. Balmy temperatures, low clamminess and prevailing apprehension are ideal altitude for sun drying. Sun dehydration is aloof to areas with low to abstinent humidity. Such altitude are present in theUSA in California and in Europe in Spain and Italy. The Abysm of Mexico states in the South of the USA are too boiling for sun dehydration aliment on a bartering scale. Acknowledgment night air is not able to authority so abundant clamminess as the hot air during the day and the damp condenses. The aliment will access aback the damp and will not dry out. The band-aid will be to awning aliment or accompany it inside, unfortunately, in both cases the dehydration action will be too big-ticket to attempt with added areas. In the San Joaquin Basin in California, raisins are broiled day and night after actuality moved.

In boiling altitude the dehydration will be apathetic and cast may appear. Accessible air sun dehydration is at the benevolence of elements which we cannot control. In wet acclimate the artefact can either be covered or taken inside, however, such simple methods are usually aloof for countries with poor electrical infrastructure. Sun dehydration is activity accelerated and requires affluence of space.

Sun dehydration can be accumulated with added methods as approved below:

Drying tomatoes

Tomatoes are broken and brindled with alkali to draw the damp out.

Drying tomatoes

Tomatoes are sun dried during the day.

Drying tomatoes

At night time dehydration continues in a smokehouse, which acts as the dehydrator.

Screens placed on blocks acquiesce for bigger air breeze about the food. The blocks may be placed over a area of aluminum to reflect the sun application and access the dehydration temperature. The best screens are stainless animate or aliment brand plastic.

Drying aliment may allure insets and birds, so accede abacus a careful awning overthe food. This may be addition awning or a area of cheesecloth.

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