Solar Drying

Solar dehydration uses sun activity but is performed in a solar dryer advised and congenital for this purpose.

Solar aliment dryer is congenital to dry aliment application solar energy. Sunlight enters an amid alcove (sun collector) area it strikes a aphotic apparent converting its activity to heat. The calefaction dries the food. Airflow is able by a accustomed abstract (warm air rises) which can be controlled by adjusting vents. The aforementioned assumption is acclimated for authoritative abstract in a acceptable smokehouse.

The sun beneficiary and the dehydration alcove can be accumulated in one assemblage or separated. Back the beneficiary is chargeless standing, the calefaction it generates is directed intothe dehydration chamber. Solar dehydrators may accept advancement electric heating to provideheat back the sun is not around.

Solar dehydration is an bigger “open air sun drying” adjustment which offers cogent benefits:

  • Fast drying.
  • Higher dehydration temperatures.
  • Offers airflow and temperature control.
  • Food is adequate from elements.

The afterward cartoon depicts one tray solar dryer.

Solar dryer

Solar dryer.

The central of the dryer is lined up with a atramentous arresting actual or corrective black. Algid air flows in at the basal but the sun application will calefaction up the dehydration alcove andthe air in it. Balmy air rises up and leaves the chamber. This accustomed air breeze depends on the aberration in acme (pressure) amid beginning air assimilation and hot air exhaust. The bigger the aberration the faster the air flow.

The afterward cartoon is a footfall up architecture of the antecedent arrangement.

Solar dryer

Solar dryer.

During the day the solar dryer works on sun energy. The abating alcove supplieswarm air to the dehydration alcove which is loaded with three disposable trays. At night time there is no cogent drying, besides, there is a crisis of abstract body up as algid night air cannot authority moisture. This will appear in hot and boiling areas like Louisiana or Florida. The alternative heating aspect can be switched on and the dehydration will abide through the night. The heating aspect can be placed in the abating alcove instead.

There is a aqueduct assemblage through which escapes balmy and clammy air. The college the pipe, the bigger the aberration in burden amid beginning air basin and balmy air exhaust. This after-effects in a stronger air flow. By authoritative air assimilation and aqueduct aperture adjustable, the air breeze and clamminess can be controlled during drying. Thermometerand clamminess sensor can be installed for added absolute control.

Both devices, solar dryer and meat smokehouse apply agnate architecture features:

  • Fresh air intake
  • Smoke (hot air) exhaust
  • Air flow
  • Insulated frame
  • Heating element
Drying tomatoes in a smokehouse.

Drying tomatoes in a smokehouse.

Using meat smokehouse to dry tomatoes. Back dehydration tomatoes heating aspect food balmy air. During smoker meat, afire copse abandoned or with advice of the heating aspect provides balmy temperature and smoke. In both cases the temperature of the air is about 140° F (60° C.

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