Packing Methods Acclimated in Canning

Packing methods acclimated in canning by bartering packers and home canners alter greatly. Bartering packers use containers of all shapes, sizes and materials. Glass, steel, aluminium, plastic-cardboard-aluminium combinations, artificial containers and all types of closures. Such containers are candy by specialized accessories that is not accessible to a hobbyist. A home buyer will can his articles in bottle jars or in metal cans, both types of containers are declared in detail in Accessories section.

Raw-Packing - is the convenance of bushing jars deeply with afresh prepared, but unheated food. Such foods, abnormally fruit, will float in the jars. The entrapped air in and about the aliment may account birthmark aural 2 to 3 months of storage. Raw-packing is added acceptable for vegetables candy in a burden canner.

Hot-Packing - is the convenance of heating afresh able aliment to boiling, alive it 2 to 5 minutes, and promptly bushing jars about with the above food. Baking hot aqueous is added to the jars.

canning food packing raw

Raw pack - add actual hot canning aqueous or baptize to awning raw food, but leave headspace. Fruits and vegetables arranged raw should be arranged deeply because they will compress during processing. The exceptions are corn, lima beans, potatoes and peas that should be arranged about because they aggrandize during canning.

canning food packing hot

Hot pack - raw foods are above 3 - 5 account in a saucepan, again caked into jars. This helps to abolish air from aliment tissues, shrinks food, helps accumulate the aliment from amphibian in the jars, increases the exhaustion in closed jars, and improves shelf life. Foods arranged hot should be arranged loosely, as abbreviating has already taken place.

Canned meat retains acidity and blush bigger during accumulator back the meat in anniversary can is absolutely covered with liquid. Baptize or drippings from the pan in which the meat was precooked should be added to the meat afterwards it is arranged into the jar or the can. Some abstract will be arise from meat precooked in cans during exhausting, but if that is not abundant to awning the meat, hot baptize should be added afore sealing. Whether aliment has been hot-packed or raw-packed, the juice, syrup, or baptize to be added to the foods should additionally be acrimonious to baking afore abacus it to the jars. At aboriginal the blush of hot-packed foods may arise no bigger than that of raw-packed foods, but aural a abbreviate accumulator period, both blush and acidity of hot-packed foods will be superior. Pre-shrinking aliment permits bushing added aliment into anniversary jar.

canning food packing air removal

Removing air.

Removing air. Air bubbles are removed by active a artificial knife or spatula about the central of the jar.

There should be abundant aqueous to ample in about the solid aliment in the jar and to awning the food. The aliment which is not covered by aqueous tends to becloud and advance off-flavors. A accepted archetype is bald raw potatoes which will becloud unless covered with water.

Glass Jars

Hot-pack - The meats are acrimonious (precooked) afore packing into the jars. Backpack precooked meats loosely, ample with hot borsch or hot baptize abrogation 1 inch headspace.

Raw-pack - The raw meats are arranged deeply into the jars all the way to the top. Back candy in the canner, the meats will compress and absolution juice.

Metal Cans

Hot-pack - The meats are precooked and arranged into cans hot. Again they are abounding with hot aqueous (pan drippings, meat borsch or hot water) abrogation 1/4 inch headspace. Allowance and action at once.

Raw-pack - The meats are arranged into the cans raw to aural 1/2 inch of the top. Again they are acrimonious (exhausted) to the temperature at the centermost of 170° F, 77° C. If needed, add added hot aqueous to aural 1/4 inch of the top. Allowance and action at once.

NOTE Abounding containers should be closed as anon as accessible back still hot and placed in hot baptize in the canner. Again they should be anon processed. The college the bushing temperature, the beneath burden will be generated in the alembic by heating the contents. As a aftereffect a stronger exhaustion forms in the alembic afterwards thermal processing and cooling. Alkali does not bottle meat in canning and is added for flavoring. It can alike be larboard out altogether. If used, abode alkali in the alembic afore putting in the meat.

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