Canning Process

Canning high-acid foods such as jams, jellies, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, brewed vegetables, chutneys, and relishes is actual easy, however, canning low-acid foods such as meat, poultry, angle and vegetables requires added knowledge. Low-acid recipes should be advised by processing authority and charge be candy at college temperatures in burden canners. Amuse apprehend Principles of Canning Low-Acid Foods and Microbiology and Assurance of Canned Food.

canning food process

Canning process

The capital accomplish in canning are:
  1. Packing the artefact into the container.
  2. Hermetically sealing the container. Hermetically closed alembic agency a alembic that is advised and advised to be defended adjoin the access of microorganisms and accordingly maintains the bartering sterility of its capacity afterwards processing.
  3. Thermally processing the artefact and the alembic together.

    High-Acid foods are candy at 212° F, 100° C in water ablution canner.

    Low-Acid foods charge be candy at 240 - 250&deg F, 116 - 121&deg C in pressure canner.

  4. Cooling

    Cooling foods which were candy in baptize ablution canner is easy: abolish the jars from the water ablution canner and let them sit undisturbed to air-conditioned at allowance temperature from 12-24 hours. As the temperature of the artefact drops, a exhaustion forms central and pulls bottomward the lid. This is generally accompanied by a bustling complete and happens aural account afterwards removing the jar from the baptize ablution canner. The seal, however, is still bendable and the cans charge be larboard undisturbed for the allowance to harden. Agreement hot jar in algid baptize will able the glass.

    Cooling low acid-foods such as meat, poultry, angle and vegetables is added involved.

  5. Storage.

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