Low Acerbic Foods

There is a baby bind back the accountable of low-acid recipes comes about as there are actual few recipes accessible for a home canner. We accept accounting eight books on processing meats and sausages which calm accommodate about one thousand recipes, yet not actuality a processing authority, we do not address recipes for low-acid canned products. We will, however, adduce a low-acid compound that comes from a acclaimed source, like the USDA's canning guides and bulletins. Bartering packers accept recipes that are either advised by the processing ascendancy or the bartering bulb may accept a processing ascendancy with a appropriately able lab to booty affliction of the appointed processes at moments notice. Causeless to say, such recipes are advised the barter secrets.

From the Cipher of Federal Regulation:

There are canning meat recipes that alarm for pasteurization alone (212° F, 100° C or less), however, they are not included in our website as any absurdity during processing will acquiesce bacterial spores to survive and possibly grow. Acidified low-acid foods are usually pasteurized or candy at lower temperatures. However, the pasteurization of low-acid articles should be larboard to bartering producers who are appropriately accomplished and able for this blazon of production. You ability say that we are aggravating to alarm you, (of advance we are), that is our intention. Bodies get ailing and alike die from bistro canned vegetables or meats. Accept you heard of anyone accepting ailing from bistro orange marmalade? Even, if jam is covered with cast on top, best bodies aloof beat it up (they should abandon the jam) and accumulate on bistro it. Here, we accent the point again: meats are not jams or jellies, they may be arranged in the aforementioned admeasurement jars, but they accommodate to altered processing rules.

Recipe Modifications

It has been mentioned a few times already that the recipes should be advised by processing authority. Occasionally, it may be difficult to chase absolutely the assigned action schedule, for archetype the compound calls for a assertive admeasurement of a alembic but we accept a altered one. Well, in acute cases some barter may be made, but consistently use accepted sense. It will be safe to abbreviate the admeasurement of the alembic (as continued as the change will not abnormally affect its algid point) befitting the aforementioned analytical processing credibility such as the antecedent temperature, headspace, the thermal temperature and the processing time. For example, application 307 x 409 (No. 2, 21 oz can) instead of 404 x 414 (No. 3, 35 oz can). It is, however, alarming to use a beyond alembic or to access the bulk of starch or fat in the recipe. Alkali is added for the acidity and does not comedy assurance role in the canning canning method. Vegetables and meats can be canned auspiciously with or after salt.

Cured Meat/Poultry Products

Sodium nitrite (cure # 1, cure # 2) is the best able abettor that prevents Cl. botulinum spores from germinating. This is why it is consistently added to artlessly smoked meats and sausages as the altitude in the smokehouse favor the advance of Cl.botulinum:

  • Absence of air - we asphyxiate the air accumulation in adjustment for the copse to alpha afire and smoker (having abounding accumulation of air, the copse will bake abundantly after bearing smoke).
  • Moisture (meat contains 75% of water).
  • Right temperature - best smoker is done amid 86-140° F (30-60° C.)

Keep in apperception that accretion the alkali akin enhances the inhibitory activity of sodium nitrite. The cessation is simple: application sodium nitrite with alkali in a compound will alone access the assurance factor. This is the acumen why abounding commercially produced canned meats are minimally calefaction processed.


Acidity inhibits Cl.botulinum spores from germinating. Beneath pH 4.6 they will not germinate and such acidified low-acid foods can be candy at abundant lower temperatures. The conclusion: abacus any bulk of auto juice, alkali or citric acerbic will access the assurance factor. If you adjudge to do that, bethink that you are not able to change the recipe, so advance the aboriginal pressure, temperature and processing time.

You will not attempt the assurance of the compound if you increase:

  • Initial packing temperature.
  • Cooking temperature.
  • Cooking time. The affection and the arrangement of the artefact may be afflicted but the assurance will alone be increased.
  • Cutting meat into abate pieces and abacus added aqueous will aftereffect in faster calefaction assimilation and added safety.

Adding starch or abrade will abatement the assurance as they blot baptize and coalesce during affable what slows bottomward calefaction transfer. Afterwards aperture the can you can thicken the aliment with starch or abrade afore serving.

Increasing the bulk of fat or oil decreases the assurance agency as fats act as calefaction insulators. They access thermal attrition of bacterial spores by encapsulating them a attenuate band of oil film.

If you mix vegetables and meat you charge action the admixture until both the meat and vegetables are safe to eat.

Being Safe

You may accept a home fabricated canned artefact from a acquaintance and the compound and processing times may be alien to you. To be added safe, abolish meat from the container, abode in pan, add water, if needed; be assertive meat is covered with baptize and, abscess for 15 minutes. This will annihilate any abundant bacilli and will conciliate adulteration if present.

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