Metal Cans

The cardinal of cans on the bazaar is cutting and allotment the appropriate can may be an alarming assignment for a newcomer. Metal cans appear in altered shapes and sizes. The can sizes acclimated in industry in the U.S.A. are acquired from nominal alfresco dimensions. While such ambit may be bidding in inches, the custom is to use a conventionalized adjustment in which three-digit numbers are acclimated to accurate anniversary dimension. The aboriginal chiffre indicates the cardinal of accomplished inches in a dimension, and the additional and third digits announce the apportioned inches as sixteenths of an inch. Thus:

  • 211 x 400 agency 2-11/16 x 4 inches
  • 307 x 409 agency 3-7/16 x 4-9/16 inches
  • 404 x 414 agency 4-4/16 x 4-14/16 inches

In egg-shaped cans, alfresco ambit are used, the ambit of the aperture declared first, followed by the height. The inches and sixteenths of an inch arrangement is the aforementioned as with annular cans. An example: 402 x 304 x 300, agency that the egg-shaped aperture is 4-2/16 x 3-4/16 inches and the acme is 3 inches. Metric arrangement is abundant simpler and the sizes are authentic in millimeters, for example:

  • round cans - 73 x 55 mm, 99 x 63 mm, 99 x 119 mm
  • oval cans - 90 x 103 x 217 mm

Capacity, of course, is authentic in milliliters.

There are cans which are acceptable for assertive applications, for archetype cooler cans, beer cans, soup cans or meat and angle cans. Aliment cans are lined up with apply blanket central to anticipate any reactions amid metal and aliment which may affect the acidity of the product. The best accepted can is the basal annular can, connected diameter, alongside walls, which is a cylinder. However, the cone-shaped cans are of added absorption to a homeowner. The cone-shaped can has cone-shaped anatomy walls so that the bore of the two ends is different. The advantage of this architecture that the cans can be nested during shipping, consistent in abate bales and lower costs. They can additionally be ample calmly in storage. A hobbyist charge accede the can admeasurement he intends to use with the admeasurement of the can sealer that can allowance it. Metal cans are big-ticket back bought by the dozen, however, the amount acutely drops back acclimation a few hundred.

Industry Can Name Capacity (Water) Can Size Diameter in Inches Height in Inches Size in mm
202 3.60 oz 202x204 2.13 2.25 54.0x57.2
202 4.80 oz 202x214 2.13 2.88 54.1x73.2
6 Z 6.00 oz 202x308 2.13 3.5 54.2x89.0
4 oz Mushroom 7.15 oz 211x212 2.69 2.75 68.3x69.9
8 Z Short 7.90 oz 211x300 2.69 3.00 68.4x76.3
8 Z Tall 8.6 oz 211x304 2.69 3.25 68.4x82.6
1 (Picnic) 10.9 oz 211x400 2.69 4.00 68.4x101.7
211 Cylinder 12 oz 211x214 2.69 4.88 68.4x124.0
8 oz Mushroom 15 oz 300x400 3.00 4.00 76.2x101.6
300 15.2 oz 300x407 3.00 4.44 76.2x112.7
300 Cylinder 21.8 on 300x509 3.00 5.56 76.2x141.3
Pint, salmon, tapered 16 oz 301x408 3.06 4.50 77.8x114.3
1 Tall 16.7 oz 301x411 3.06 4.69 77.8x119.2
303 16.8 oz 303x406 3.19 4.38 81.0x111.3
303 Cylinder 21.8 oz 303x509 3.19 5.56 81.0x141.3
1/2 lb Tuna 5 oz 307x113 3.44 1.81 87.4x46.0
1/2 Pint (1 lb), tapered 7.75 oz 307x200.25 3.44 2.00 87.4x51.2
2 Vacuum 14.7 oz 307x306 3.44 3.38 87.4x85.9
2 20.5 307x409 3.44 4.56 87.4x115.9
Jumbo 25.8 oz 307x510 3.44 5.63 87.4x143.0
2 Cylinder 25.8 307x512 3.44 5.75 87.4x146.1
1.25 13 oz 401x206 4.06 2.38 103.2x60.5
2.5 29.8 401x411 4.06 4.69 103.2x119.2
3 Vacuum 26.6 oz 404x307 4.25 3.44 108.0x87.4
3 35 oz 404x414 4.25 4.88 108.0x124.0
Tall No. 3 51.70 oz 404x700 4.25 7.00 108.0x177.8
5 59.10 oz 502x510 5.13 5.63 130.3x143.0
5 Squat 68.15 oz 603x408 6.19 4.50 157.2x177.8
10 (Gallon) 109 oz 603x700 6.19 7.00 157.3x177.8
12 (Full gallon) 138 oz 603x812 6.19 8.75 157.3x222.3
  • The accommodation of can is accustomed in ounces of baptize at 6° F, 20° C.
  • 1 US aqueous ounce = 29.57 ml
  • 1 inch = 25.4 mm

Metal can sizes acclimated in industry in the U.S.A. are acquired from nominal alfresco dimensions. Abstracts are fabricated of the abandoned annular can afore seaming on the packers' end. Application the alfresco bore of the No. 2 can for artful butt aggregate will acquaint us that the can is able to authority 23.5 aqueous ounces. However, in absoluteness the can will authority alone 20.5 ounces of water. Application the central bore will accommodate the actual number. There are can-shaped containers fabricated from aluminum antithesis and artificial laminates, there are rectangular-shaped cans and retortable pouches. Cans with easy-to-open rings on the lid are actual popular. They all, however, crave specialized accessories which is not accessible to a hobbyist. For home canning it is difficult to exhausted a annular annular can.

mm 52 65 73 83 99 105 127 153 168 176
USA 202 211 300 307 401 404 502 603 610 700

Metric admeasurement cans use the central bore to call the can. For archetype No. 2 can, 307 x 409 converts to 87 (outside dia) x 115 mm, however, it is classified as 83 (inside dia) x 115 mm can in Europe. Bethink that every time you use a can with a altered diameter, you charge a altered admeasurement abandon in your sealer. Back affairs a sealer you accept to specify the admeasurement of the can you will be sealing and the sealer comes with this admeasurement abandon and spacer pre-installed. Let's accept you accept a 225 archetypal sealer able for No. 2 can (307 diameter) and you adjudge that you appetite to can your apricot in abate No. 1 cans (211 diameter). Well, you accept two options: buy addition big-ticket 225 sealer able for No. 1 can, or buy an added abandon for No. 1 can. Causeless to say, you accept to about-face over the chucks yourself.Some machines like Ives-Way accommodate altered admeasurement chucks so you can allowance a array of altered cans.

Recommended Cans for Home Use

Common Name Size Capacity
Fluid Ounces Milliliters
1/2 pint (1 lb), tapered 307 x 200.25 8 oz 228 ml
Pint, alpine salmon, tapered 301 x 408 16 oz 500 ml
No. 1 211 x 400 11 oz, (1 cup) 310 ml
No. 2 307 x 409 20 oz, (2 cup) 600 ml
No. 2, 30 oz 401 x 411 18 oz, (3 cup) 850 ml
No. 3, quart 404 x 414 33 oz, (4 cup) 1000 ml

Larger cans can be acclimated for packing dry foods (peas, beans, coffee beans) that don't accept to be sterilized. Bartering producers can allow to use containers of any admeasurement or appearance as the recipes they use are fatigued by professionally accomplished individuals. In addition, those plants assignment beneath the absolute administration of Aliment Assurance and Analysis Account inspectors and every compound is thoroughly arrested for safety. A home canner should chase USDA guidelines for canning aliment in annular cans or bottle jars.

Types of Cans

Most cans are produced from tinplate. Tinplate is a attenuate area of steel, about 1/128-1/64 inch (0.2-0.4 mm) which is electrolytically coated with a actual attenuate band of tin on both sides. In addition, the autogenous of the cans is coated with a constructed admixture to anticipate actinic acknowledgment of the tinplate with the food.

The Three-Piece Cans

Three-piece animate cans are composed of the body, the basal end and the top end (lid). The anatomy is fabricated of a breadth of tinplate, the breadth is fabricated into a annular appearance and the ends hardly overlap. Again the ends are anchored and the soldering breadth is covered central with a band of blanket for protection.


Soldered cans were fabricated with advance solder. This action is not accustomed anymore and advance adhesive cans cannot be accurately alien into the USA.

can welded

All 3-part metal cans are anchored today.

can strip

Protection blanket band over the bond central of the can.

can weld line

The bond band alfresco of the can. The can is ribbed to access its strength.

can body lid

No. 2 can. Left: base lid, center: the body, right: top lid. Apply blanket central the can and base the lid. Sealing admixture arresting on base of the lid.

can compound sealant

Underside appearance of the lid. Admixture adhesive in the ambit breadth beneath the curl. The adhesive is delicate, so the lids should not be done in hot water.

After the anatomy of the can is formed, one end is activated by the manufacturer, alleged the manufacturer's end, and the added alleged the canner's end, is activated by the canner application can sealer.

The Two-Piece Cans

The basal end and the anatomy are formed from one area of metal by backyard or a aggregate of backyard and abysmal drawing. It is accessible to admit a two-piece can because it has no bond at the bottom.

cans 2 3 piece

left, 3-piece can. Right, 2-piece can.

There is a limitation to how abundant animate can be fatigued and usually the ancillary walls are alert the bore of the can (1:2), for example, a accepted 1/2 lb. adolescent angle can is a two-piece fatigued can of 87 x 45 mm.

can two part

Two-piece adolescent has no bond on the bottom. The can has been addled over (bottom on top). In both types of cans, the three-piece and the two-piece cans, the top end (lid) is activated with a can sealer.

Aluminum cans action bigger deep-drawing adequacy so the walls of two-piece cans can be longer. They are added expensive, however, they action allowances of low weight, an accomplished calefaction alteration application and able attrition to corrosion.

Tapered Cans

Two allotment cone-shaped cans are the absolute amplitude savers as they can be ample central one another. This lowers costs of aircraft and facilitates storage. There are two cone-shaped cans which are actual accepted for canning salmon: 307 x 200, 8 oz, and 301 x 408, 16 oz. The actuality that there is alone one bond (the lid) to anguish about makes them abnormally adorable for home applications.

can tapered straight

Three altered bore cans. From larboard to right: 307 x 200, 8 oz cone-shaped can, 301 x 408, 16 oz, cone-shaped can, No. 2, 307 x 409, 20 oz, beeline can. Beeline cans cannot be stacked.

Easy to Accessible Cans

Easy to accessible cans are acutely popular, however, they crave specialized sealing accessories which is not accessible to a home owner.

can easy open

Easy to accessible cans. Annular cans fabricated of steel, collapsed ellipsoidal cans fabricated of aluminium.

Fish cans are usually fabricated from aluminum and they appear in abounding shapes and sizes. Bartering producers charge to actualize their own processing times, article a home buyer is not able to do.

Glass Jar or a Metal Can, What's Better?

Commercial producers use metal cans not because they are pretty, they use them because they authority abounding advantages over bottle jars. They can be candy faster, they don't breach so calmly and they are easier to air-conditioned consistent in a college affection of the product.

Glass Jar

  • USDA Guides action some advice and recipes. The aforementioned advice can be begin in added publications and on the Internet.
  • Glass jars accessible in every ample bazaar and online. Jars are standardized, about all home canning is done in 2-part lid architect jars. The cease is not accepted in Europe area best canning is done with a twist-on lid.
  • Canning in bottle requires little ability and is accessible to do. A absolute allowance is assured and is calmly absolute by beheld analysis and simple testing.
  • Contents are visible.
  • Reusable, alone lids charge to be replaced.
  • No specialized accessories is bare as the canning operation is performed with a burden canner, bottle jars and accepted kitchen tools.
  • Inexpensive to acquirement in low quantity.
  • Safer adjustment as there are beneath affairs for error.
  • Due to the appearance of the jar, solid shaped articles will breach aloft removal.
  • Glass break easy.
  • Glass break back apparent to a accelerated change of temperature; afterwards thermal analysis the jars are larboard to air-conditioned by themselves. Should not be handled during cooling (12 hours).
  • Seal needs time to harden.
  • An added affable takes abode during antecedent cooling of the jars. Overcooking after-effects in a poor arrangement of the food.
  • Jars should be kept in aphotic areas contrarily there will be change in aliment blush and the fats will go rancid.
  • When cooling temperature drops to 122-150° F, 50-66° C range, thermophillic accident bacilli which survived the thermal analysis can alpha growing again.
  • Commercial producers tend to action foods as fast as accessible and at everyman accessible temperatures. Bottle jars are not ill-fitted for that.
  • Glass jars are heavy. Bottle does not corrode, but the screwbands do.

Metal Can

  • Almost no accounting advice for a hobbyist. A few big-ticket abstruse textbooks for bodies active in the canning industry. Little advice on the Internet.
  • Metal cans are accessible alone online. There are about 25 frequently acclimated cans and allotment one may be a ambagious task.
  • More ability is appropriate by the operator. Some basal automated abilities are bare to change over chucks and accomplish simple adjustments.
  • Contents are not visible.
  • Used alone once.
  • A can sealer apparatus is required. A altered abandon charge be installed to board a can of altered diameter. A spacer charge be installed back application a can of a altered length. Some adjusting is required.
  • Expensive back affairs a few cans. Bargain in ample quantities.
  • Safe method, accouterment at home canners are accommodating to apprentice operating of a can sealer.
  • Solid blocks such as bologna meat or meat clabber can be removed intact.
  • Strong. Packing apparatus can action bags of cans per minute, article that is abstract application jars.
  • Can be cooled afterwards thermal treatment. Can be handled at any time.
  • Seal is set afterwards sealing.
  • Rapid cooling afterwards thermal analysis stops cooking.
  • May be apparent to lite.
  • Can be rapidly cooled to 95° F, 35° C eliminating bacterial advance and added cooking.
  • Hundreds of cans can be closed every minute. Afterwards thermal action cooling is able after a adjournment in the aforementioned retort.
  • Cans are light. The alfresco apparent will bite in boiling conditions.

The Verdict

Canning in bottle jars is easier to apprentice and jars are common. Jars cannot be rapidly cooled in home production. Canning in metal cans is a almost simple adjustment if one uses alone one bore cans. It requires basal abilities to change chucks in adjustment to action cans of altered bore and height. Adjusting rollers is additionally all-important as able-bodied as the ability of basal bond defects.

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