Roller Operation

can sealer ives way

Seaming rollers, Ives-Way Sealer.

The 1st and the 2nd seaming roller accept altered distinctively countered grooves. During seaming alone one roller makes acquaintance with the can. Back the lid is abode on a can, the rollers are away. Again the 1st roller makes a pass, but the 2nd roller is cat-and-mouse its turn. The 1st roller moves abroad and the 2nd roller flattens the seam.

1st Roller Operation

The coil of the lid is interlocked with the border of the lid. The aboriginal operation should not be too apart or too tight, back there is no way to actual it later.

can sealer curl flange

A coil of the lid a lid is added than the can border and the coil starts to about-face about first.

can sealer roller

The border of the can follows as the roller moves appear the chuck.

can sealer roller lid

The lid is interlocked with the can but the can is not hermetically closed yet. The lid ability about-face about on top of the can if apprenticed adamantine enough.

The 2nd Roller Operation

can sealer roller

Second roller begins to access the hooks.

can sealer roller hooks

Second roller compresses interlocked hooks.

The interlocked layers of awning and can anatomy border are compressed, and the sealing admixture is awkward into accessible spaces to complete the abstruse seal.

can sealer roller

Completed additional operation.

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