Ives-Way Automated Can Sealer

Lubrication Instructions

The circled numbers appearance the credibility that crave oiling. Use a ablaze apparatus oil or a 10 or 20 weight motor oil. 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil is a acceptable choice. The numbers in departure announce the cardinal of drops of oil to be used. For common or abundant use, oil all credibility two or three times a year. For casual use or ablaze use already a year is sufficient.

Ives-Way lubrication


Ives-Way lubrication

Lubrication points.

  1. Apply oil to aperture shown.
  2. Apply oil to aperture shown.
  3. Slide the handle abroad from the point that is actuality oiled. Administer oil, again circle handle to acquiesce oil to be fatigued into the aperture in the handle.
  4. Remove the turntable and administer one bead of oil to anniversary ancillary of the spacers and on the turntable shaft.
  5. Apply oil to alfresco apparent of washer. Cull seaming roller bottomward adjoin spring. Administer oil to amplitude amid seaming roller and advance washer. This is appropriate on both the aboriginal and additional seaming roller washers.
  6. Move batten to "Up" position and administer oil aloft batten axis and at end of batten central the aperture in the head.
  7. With batten still in "Up" position administer oil to central apparent of head.
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