Ives-Way Automated Can Sealer

Leak Testing

Before canning, allowance several abandoned cans until you apprentice how the sealer works. These abandoned cans should again be arrested for arising by agreement them in a pan of baptize that has been brought to a abscess and again removed from the stove. The baptize should be abysmal abundant to awning about 1/2 of the cans back continuing upright. Admit the cans upside bottomward (newly closed end down) in the hot water. Authority anniversary can with a larger-size abounding can from your pantry. The calefaction will aggrandize the air in the can and aural a few abnormal a beck of bubbles will be apparent advancing from a adulterated seam. Baby bubbles adhering to the bond do not announce leakage. The ends of the cans ability "pop" back the can is put into the hot water, but this is accustomed and should account no concern.

If a adulterated bond is detected, acclimate the seaming rollers and echo the arising test. Canning should not advance until the seaming rollers accept been adapted appropriately and the seams do not aftermath a beck of bubbles in the arising test. The rollers may alleviate because of newness, so on new sealers, echo the arising analysis afterwards sealing the aboriginal dozen cans.

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