Ives-Way Can Sealer - Adjusting for Assorted Can Sizes

To allowance can appropriately we accept to accommodate the appropriate bulk of burden in two dimensions:

  • Horizontal burden amid the abandon and seaming rollers.
  • Vertical burden amid the abandon and the turntable.

Each can bore requires a agnate abandon as the abandon charge authority and circuit the lid of the can. The abandon charge additionally board actual burden adjoin seaming rollers. The burden is controlled by adjusting the seaming rollers assembly. The 3-hole nut of the burden accumulation has 3 holes and anniversary of them can board the seaming roller's screw.

  • No. 1 aperture is abutting the abandon so it will be acclimated for abate bore cans.
  • No. 2 aperture in the average so it will be acclimated for average bore cans.
Ives-Way square nut

Seaming roller busted into No. 2 hole.

The majority of home canning will crave this set up. Both rollers, the 1st and the 2nd charge be busted on in the aperture address the aforementioned number.

No.2-1/2 and No. 3 aperture is extreme abroad from the abandon so it will be acclimated for the beyond cans.

Ives-Way 1st roller assembly

1st seaming roller assembly.

Ives-Way 2nd roller assembly

2nd seaming roller assembly.

Inserting the seaming roller's spiral into the appropriate aperture adjusts almost adjusts burden amid the can and seaming rollers in accumbent plane. The accomplished acclimation is accomplished by adjusting seaming rollers with wire gauge.

Turntable - Spacers - Table Extension

Ives-Way spacers


Ives-Way spacers


Ives-Way table extension

Table extension.

Ives-Way turntable spring

Turntable and spring.

Ives-Way turntable bottom spacer

The spacer can be beneath the spring.

Ives-Way turntable top spacer

The spacer can be aloft the spring.

Ives-Way table extension

The table addendum charge be beneath the spring.

Ives-Way table extension

Table extension.

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