Assembling Ives-Way Can Sealer

Setting Up and Operation

The sealer comes with a few seaming chucks and the alone crank and lever. Accumulating instructions:

  1. Locking lever
  2. Crank
  3. Chuck
  4. Adjust seaming rollers
  5. Turntable and spacers
  6. Lubrication
  7. Inspecting bankrupt cans and testing for leaks
Ives-Way Package

Ives-Way 800 sealer.

This is how Ives-Way 800 is packed; 301 and 307 chucks, spacers, set up gauges and the manual.

Ives-Way clamp

Clamp the sealer to a table or any acceptable apparent application the pin to bind the catch screw. The catch is the lower allotment of the frame. Do not overtighten this spiral or use an addendum on the end of the pin to accretion added leverage. A abstinent bulk of force on the pin furnished is acceptable to defended the sealer to the table.

Ives-Way pin

This disposable pin is acclimated for abounding adjustments.

The sealer comes with the arch and rollers absorbed to the anatomy post. The arch can be calmly slid off the post, what some bodies do for curiosity. Bethink to bead the arch aback on the column of the frame, afore installing the locking lever, contrarily the the sealer will not accomplish properly.

Ives-Way head removed

Bottom appearance of the arch that was removed from the post.

Ives-Way post exposed

The column after the head.

Ives-Way head attached

Head absorbed to anatomy post. The locking batten will fit into the slot. Apprehension that there is a aperture both in the arch and in the column of the frame.

The duke batten is acclimated for adopting and blurred the arch and should be amid into the slot.

Ives-Way lever

Locking lever.

Lever amid into the aperture of the post. The batten should activity through the arch and access the aperture in the anatomy post.

Check the alignment of the holes in the batten and the arch and admit the batten axis from the back, with the bent ancillary of the axis out. Tap the axis in all the way with a hammer, affective the batten slightly, if necessary, to adjust the holes.

Ives-Way lever pivot

Lever pivot.

Ives-Way lever pivot

Tapping the axis in.

Ives-Way lever pivot

Tapping the axis in.

Ives-Way lever pivot

Tapping the axis in.

The batten projects through the arch into the anatomy post.


Ives-Way crank

Manual crank.

Ives-Way crank screw


Ives-Way indicator

Indicator window.

To attach the crank, about-face the abandon by duke until the "0" appears in the centermost of the window.

Ives-Way crank screw

Tighten the screw.

Insert the accessory end of the crank into the apartment so that it hangs bottomward and a few inches forward. While captivation the crank in this position, admit the crank spiral and feel tighten. About-face the crank handle until the "0" appears in the centermost of the advertence window. Alleviate the crank spiral and acclimate the crank handle so it hangs down. Bind the crank spiral with a division coin.

Chuck Installation

Ives-Way 3-hole nut

3-hole nut.

The abandon is anchored to the arch with a screw. Circle the crank until the "0" appears in the advertence window. Admit spiral in the centermost aperture of the chuck, from the alveolate ancillary and spiral into abode by hand. Accomplish abiding the thumbscrew and 3-hole aboveboard nut are backed off, contrarily the abandon ability adhere up on rollers.

The 3-hole aboveboard nut will be adapted in the footfall that follows. Put the 3-inch pin through one of the holes and appetite the crank clockwise until tight. About-face the crank clockwise until the 3-inch pin is apprenticed adjoin the frame.

Ives-Way chuck 301

Chuck for sealing 301 cans.

Ives-Way chuck screw

Chuck screw.

Ives-Way chuck installation

Installing chuck.

Ives-Way chuck installed

Installed chuck.

Chuck Removal

Each admeasurement can requires a agnate admeasurement chuck. Use the aforementioned instructions for removing the abandon except about-face the crank counterclockwise. Abode the pin through one of the two holes in the chuck, to accumulate it from turning, and appetite the crank counterclockwise until abandon is loose. Again about-face the crank until the "0" is in the window and alleviate the abandon by hand. Afterwards unscrewing, authority abandon in duke and bang the threaded end of the abandon spiral with the collapsed ancillary of the hammer. This will pop out the spiral out of the chuck.

Adjusting Seaming Rollers

Before application the sealer, oil all points.

Adjusting for Assorted Can Sizes

Turntable Spacer Selection

Instructions for Angle Cans


Before sealing, about-face crank, if necessary, so that the "0" is in the centermost of the window.

Ives-Way indicator

Indicator window, accessible for sealing.

When the can is accessible for sealing. authority it in your appropriate duke and centermost a awning on top of the can. Accession the batten with the larboard duke and centermost the can on the turntable. Lower batten boring and move can sideways, if necessary, to centermost abandon on the cover. Columnist batten bottomward to bound position, be able to administer some force. About-face crank clockwise and agenda aboriginal and additional operations demography abode automatically as "1" and "2" arise in the window respectively.

Ives-Way indicator - 1st roller operation

Indicator window, 1st roller operation.

Ives-Way indicator - 2nd roller operation

Indicator window, 2nd roller operation.

The crank should about-face rather adamantine against the end of anniversary operation so that the bond will be formed "tight." Abide axis until "0" reappears in window. The can is again deeply sealed. Lift batten to abolish closed can. The rollers may alleviate on annual of newness. On new sealers be abiding to analysis both rollers and adjust, if necessary, during sealing of aboriginal two dozen cans.

  • Ives-Way Products, Inc.
  • PO Box 70
  • Round Basin Beach, Illinois 60073
  • Phone: (847) 740-0658

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