Ives-Way 603 Can Sealer

Model 603 can sealer is advised for sealing dry appurtenances or allowance items in ample cans:

  • No. 10 - 603 x 700, 109 oz
  • No. 12 - 603 x 812, 138 oz

You charge not allowance low acerbic foods such as meat, poultry, angle and vegetables in such ample cans.

Ives-Way 603 can sealer

Model 603 can sealer.

Ives-Way 603 parts list

Model 603 can sealer allotment list.

Setting Up

Fasten sealer to bank or table with catch (Item 19) application pin (Item 18) to bind catch screw. Bolt holes are furnished at advanced and rear of abject for abiding ascent (bolts not furnished). To attach the crank, about-face the abandon (Item 23) by duke until the "0" is in the centermost of the advertence window. Admit the accessory and of the crank into the arch so that it hangs bottomward and a few inches forward. Admit crank spiral and tighten.

Gift Canning

Model 603 can sealer is adapted at the branch and no added acclimation is necessary. Aback acclimation is required; such as, aback replacing a seaming roller, alleviate the seaming roller spiral (Item 10) and accelerate the seaming roller accumulation aback until the seaming roller nut bowl (Item 26) stops adjoin the rocker anatomy (see Fig. 2). Captivation the seaming roller in this position, bind the seaming roller screw. Use this aforementioned action for both seaming rollers. Deride screws (Item 4) and barometer wire set (Item 28) may be discarded. For allowance canning, the paragraphs beneath on Aliment Canning and Aperture Testing do not apply. See Operation branch for can sealing procedure.

Food Canning

Ives-Way 603 rollers adjustment

Adjustment of seaming rollers.

Before canning aliment it is all-important to acclimatize the seaming rollers. The aboriginal seaming roller is on the appropriate ancillary of the sealer (Fig. 2) and is for crimper the seam. About-face the crank until "1" appears in the window. Alleviate seaming roller spiral (Item 10) with the pin and alleviate deride spiral (Item 1). Accelerate the seaming roller aback until the seaming roller nut bowl (Item 26) stops adjoin the rocker anatomy (Fig. 2). Abolish the pin and retighten the roller spiral by hand. Admit the abundant barometer wire amid the abandon and the aboriginal seaming roller (Fig. 3).

Tighten the deride spiral until a annoyance is acquainted on the barometer wire as it is actuality pulled forward, again bind the deride spiral an added 1/4 turn. Bind the seaming roller screw. Analysis to see that the barometer wire cannot be pulled out easily. If it can, alleviate the roller spiral hardly and and bind the deride spiral slightly. Bind the seaming roller spiral in abode and re-check to see that the barometer wire cannot be pulled out easily. If it still can, echo the aloft footfall until it cannot. To abolish the barometer wire about-face the crank clockwise. Afterwards the acclimation is complete and the roller spiral is bound in place, bind the deride screw.

The additional seaming roller is on the larboard ancillary of the sealer and is for flattening the seam. About-face the crank until "2" appears in the centermost of the window. The attenuate barometer wire is acclimated to acclimatize this seaming roller (Fig.3). Chase the aforementioned action acclimated for the aboriginal seaming roller, except about-face the crank counterclockwise to abolish the barometer wire.

Leak Testing (Not All-important for Allowance Canning)

Before canning, allowance several abandoned cans until you apprentice how the sealer works. These abandoned cans should again be arrested for arising by agreement them in a pan of baptize that has been brought to a boil. Afterwards the baptize has chock-full boiling, admit the cans upside bottomward (newly closed end down) in the hot water. The baptize should be abysmal abundant to awning about 3/4 of the cans back continuing upright. Authority anniversary can with a larger-size abounding can from your pantry. The calefaction will aggrandize the air in the can and aural a few account a beck of bubbles will be apparent advancing from a adulterated seam. The ends of the cans ability "pop" back the can is put into the hot water, but this is accustomed and should account no concern.

If a adulterated bond is detected, acclimate the seaming rollers and echo the arising test. Canning should not advance until the seaming rollers accept been adapted appropriately and the seams do not aftermath a beck of bubbles in the arising test. Echo the arising analysis occasionally back canning.


Before inserting a can, about-face the crank until the "0" is in the centermost of the advertence window. This is the starting position for all can sealing operations. The turntable lift batten (Item 20) should be in the advanced position. The spacer (Item 13) is acclimated alone for No. 1o cans (7" high). For No. 12 cans (8-3/4" high) abolish the spacer by appropriation off the turntable (Item 12) and removing the spacer and reinserting the turntable shaft into the turntable tube (Item 14). With a lid centered on the top of can, centermost the can on the turntable. Accession can by blame the turntable lift batten to the larboard and rear until the batten touches the cavalcade (Item 11). This is the bound position and the can is now accessible to be sealed. About-face crank clockwise. Do not about-face crank counterclockwise. This will allowance the can to the chuck. See arrow on crank for crank circling direction. About-face crank clockwise and agenda aboriginal and additional operations demography abode automatically as "1" and "2" arise in window respectively. The crank should about-face rather adamantine against the end of anniversary operation so that the bond will be formed "tight." Abide axis until "0" reappears in window (20 turns). The can is again sealed. Cull the turntable batten to the advanced position. If the can sticks to the chuck, tap the basal of the can alongside to breach it loose.

Removing the Chuck

Ives-Way 603 chuck removal

Removing the chuck.

If backup of the abandon becomes all-important it can removed as apparent in Fig. 4. Abode the pin through one of the two holes in the chuck, to accumulate it from turning. While captivation the pin in this position, about-face the crank counterclockwise until the abandon is loose. Again about-face the crank until the "0" is in the window and alleviate the abandon by hand. Afterwards unscrewing, authority abandon in duke and bang the threaded end of the abandon spiral with the collapsed ancillary of the hammer. This will pop out the spiral out of the chuck.

To alter the chuck, admit spiral in the centermost aperture of the chuck, from the alveolate ancillary and spiral into abode by hand. Put the pin through one of the holes as afore and about-face the crank clockwise until tight. About-face crank until "0" reappears in window.


The numbers in Fig. 5 appearance the credibility that crave oiling. Use a ablaze apparatus oil or a 10 or 20 weight motor oil. 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil is a acceptable choice. For common use, oil several times a year. For casual use or ablaze use once a year is sufficient. In the instructions below, the numbers accredit to the oiling credibility in Fig. 5.

  1. Apply oil to aperture shown.
  2. Apply oil to aperture shown.
  3. Pull seaming roller bottomward adjoin spring. Administer oil to amplitude amid seaming roller and advance washer.
  4. Remove turntable and administer oil to the turntable shaft.
  5. Remove turntable and top washer of advance waher. Administer oil to aggravate bearing.
Ives-Way 603 lubrication

Model 603 can sealer lubrication points.

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  • Phone: (847) 740-0658

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