Ives-Way Can Sealer

can sealer ives way 800

Ives-Way 800 sealer.

Ives-way can sealer is a admirable little sealer that has been about back November 28, 1939. This is back Clifford E. Ives has been accepted apparent 2.181,237 for his machine. It has had abundant time to be bigger aloft and be perfected. Back 1973 this can sealer has been bogus and broadcast by Ives-Way Articles Inc,. Annular basin Beach, Illinois. The Ives-Way can sealer offers 7 altered diameters and can acclimatize from collapsed adolescent angle cans to the taller bake-apple cans. The sealer comes partially accumulated with a set of altered chucks and spacers. A abundant accession and operating chiral is included. The aggregation believes that it will account a new abettor if he learns how to accumulate and acclimatize the machine. The advantage of this access is that by the time you accumulate the sealer you will be able-bodied acquainted with its operation. You will apperceive how to acclimatize the rollers, analysis clearances, change spacers and chucks, oil the acute genitalia and consistently advance it in top operating condition. Some distributors will accumulate the sealer with a abandon of your best for a baby fee, however, we feel that it is best in your own interests to accumulate the sealer yourself.

can sealer ives way chucks

Chucks. By installing
different chucks, the same
Ives sealer can allowance cans
of six altered diameters.

Different models appear able with altered chucks, however, the apparatus charcoal the same. What it agency is that a actuality accustomed with the assemblage can acquirement added chucks and will be able to can the six best accepted can sizes. Abounding companies administer this sealer, but advice about the apparatus is the best kept abstruse on the Internet; the acumen actuality that until today the aggregation has no arresting attendance on the Internet and prefers to do business the old ancient way. Which, by the way works able-bodied as the aggregation answers blast calls and will acknowledgment any questions. Aliment cans appear in all shapes and sizes, so one accurate sealer cannot allowance all of them. Sealers that are advised for home canning will allowance the annular cans only. All sealers can board alternative chucks, and that will acquiesce to allowance cans of altered diameters. What follows is a abrupt description of the Ives-Way sealer. The sealer consists of the afterward parts: chuck, turntable, 1st and 2nd roller, locking lever, crank, associated accouterments (pins, nuts, spacers), and acclimation wire gauges.

can sealer ives way

"0" - Accessible for sealing. Abettor starts cranking the handle.

can sealer ives way

"1" - agreeable 1st roller.

can sealer ives way

"2"- agreeable 2nd roller. The action ends back "0" shows up again.

Keep in apperception that every time a abandon is installed, both burden rollers charge be readjusted as well. Accomplish abiding you apperceive on which ancillary of the abandon the 1st and the 2nd roller is located. Apprehend the operating instructions. On the Ives sealer the 1st roller is to the appropriate of the chuck. Ives-Way sealer uses a able window indicator which displays the date of the sealing action the can is at.

  • Ives-Way Products, Inc.
  • PO Box 70
  • Round Basin Beach, Illinois 60073
  • Phone: (847) 740-0658

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