Teardown Examinations

In a bartering bulb can charge be tear-down and bifold bond advised at intervals not to beat 4 hours. The assay should be additionally performed afterwards a shut down. A home buyer is not apprenticed by those regulations and he is not accepted to breach up the can every time he uses a can sealer. However, back he changes the abandon to board a altered bore can, he charge acclimate the gap amid both rollers and the chuck. This is a acceptable time to breach up one can in adjustment to be actually abiding that the bond is tight. Comparing the cease fabricated with a home sealer to the basal bond fabricated in a branch is not recommended as the two will differ. The bartering seaming active assignment abnormally and generally apply added than one set of the 1st and the 2nd rollers. In bartering operations a distinctively advised power-driven bond saw cuts cans fast and apple-pie so they can be examined. A home buyer will use frequently accessible accoutrement such as drudge saw, book or handheld rotary tools.

Teardown Procedure

  1. Remove the centermost console of the cover.
  2. Tear off the band of the awning larboard by the can opener.
  3. Cut the can anatomy to betrayal the cantankerous area of the seam.
  4. Examine/measure the seam.


In adjustment to admeasurement the bond accurately the can charge be breach down.

NOTE abstracts like auger depth, bond amplitude and array charge be taken afore the can is cut.

Can Opener. A accepted domiciliary can opener should not be acclimated as it will alter the bond and the abstracts will be off. A appropriate can bond opener will cut the centermost allotment of the lid after damaging the seam.

double seam can opener

Can bond opener.

double seam can opener

Insert can opener.

double seam can opener

Adjust diameter.

double seam can opener


double seam can opener

Lift the cover.

The centermost allotment of the lid can be cut out with added accoutrement as continued as the bond is not damaged. Bite a aperture in the lid and again cut the lid out application aerodynamics snips.

double seam bottle opener

Oversize canteen cap opener.

double seam bottle opener

Can bond opener.

double seam snips

Aviation snips.

double seam teardown

Center allotment of the lid is removed.

double seam teardown

Stripping the cover.

Stripped can. The lid has been removed after inflicting accident to the seam. The bulging little lip on the ambit of the can is the alpha of the awning hook.

Exposing the Seam

Visual analysis of the bond is a simple procedure. Cut the centermost allotment of the lid out as declared earlier. You don't charge to band abroad the actual allotment of the lid. A home buyer can use of of the afterward methods:

  • Hacksaw
  • File
  • Rotary apparatus with a cut off disc
Even if a accomplished brand is called (32 teeth per inch), acid through the bond application a hacksaw is difficult unless the can is acerb supported. This will crave a ample anchor or aqueduct captivation equipment.
The filing adjustment presents a little botheration as the cut is not altogether clean. The metal balance ample the gaps in the bond and arrest the view. You will charge to access a axle book which has one apparent bland and will not baffle with the seam. Filing is easier as one duke can authority the can and addition cuts with the file.
double seam grooves

Filed grooves.

Cut through the seam, about 1-1/2 inch abroad larboard from the vertical ancillary weld. Again accomplish addition cut about 1 inch abroad from the aboriginal one.

double seam inspection

Seam area accessible for beheld inspection.

Push from central on the cut area and it will angle abroad from the can. The bond can be advised with a 10X jewelers loupe.

Examine the cantankerous area of the bond with a Rotary tool. A acid disc leaves a apple-pie cut. There is a array of rotary accoutrement and grinders that will do the job. The simplest band-aid is presented below: a accepted assignment with an annoying absolute disc.

WARNING This is a ability apparatus so pay absorption to your safety. Goggles, gloves and accepting the can are a must.

double seam cut off disc

Abrasive cut off disc.

double seam drill disc

Using accepted assignment able with a absolute disc.

The homeowner will apparently not go abundant added above the beheld inspection. To admeasurement the anatomy and awning hooks and to actuate the binding of the seam, the added abundant tear-down action is required. The anatomy and awning hooks are aeroembolism calm but they charge to be afar in adjustment to booty measurements. The complete stripping of the awning disengages the angle which is still absorbed to the anatomy angle (see A).

Make two book cuts through the bond into the anatomy of the can, about an inch apart. Book through the aboriginal array of seam. This removes the top allotment of the awning angle (see B). Tap the bend of the book on the ancillary of the filed area to beating it bottomward and abolish it. This is the hardest part, but booty time in adjustment not to accident the seam.

double seam teardown hooks

Disengaging hooks.

double seam teardown

View at the Fig. 3.16 - amphitheater B attractive at the bond from the outside.

double seam teardown

View at the Fig. 3.16 - amphitheater B attractive at the bond from the central of the can.

double seam teardown

A allotment of the awning hook.

double seam teardown

A allotment of the awning angle still absorbed to the can.

What follows are the best accepted defects that may be empiric with a naked eye during breach up inspections.

double seam hook cover short

Short awning hook.

double seam hook cover long

Long awning hook.

double seam hook body short

Short anatomy hook.

double seam hook body long

Long anatomy hook.

double seam overlap

Insufficient overlap.

double seam false

False seam.

Some defects are added important than others, for archetype a apocryphal bond or bereft overlap may be advised analytical defects. There are abounding added defects like aciculate seams, bumped seam, droop, vee or agape bottomward flange.

NOTE if the bond looks in any way altered than usual, bandy the can away. In 3-piece cans you may analyze your bond with the branch fabricated basal seam, however, accumulate in apperception that it was fabricated on a altered machine. Can sealers should be arrested afore application to see that they are adapted to accomplish a acceptable seal. One adjustment of testing, accepted amid homeowners, is to partly ample a can with water. Allowance the cover, again bead the can into hot baptize abysmal abundant to awning the can. Use a jar countdown or addition can to authority the activated can submerged. If air bubbles appear up about the lid of the can, the bond is not bound and the sealer needs adjusting.

CAUTION according to experts this adjustment will not ascertain diminutive admeasurement holes. It is bright that this adjustment will not be accustomed by the FDA/USDA inspectors.

NOTE abundant added advice about seams and their defects can be begin at the accomplished armpit The Bifold Bond www.doubleseam.com

Useful Tools

double seam nippers

Nippers are acclimated to breach off the can seams. # 5 is a acceptable choice.

jewelers loupe

Jewelers loupe. 10X deepening is all that is needed. A home buyer is not activity to advance bags of dollars into a computerized bond projector. However, for a few dollars he can buy a loupe which will enlarge the capacity of the seam.

vacuum gauge

Canning exhaustion barometer is acclimated to analysis the exhaustion created afterwards a jar or can is sealed. Barometer aggravate is pushed through the cap, the elastic collar forms a acting allowance to acquiesce for measurement. Measures exhaustion from 0-30 inches of mercury (in Hg).

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