Evaluation of the Bifold Seam

The appearance and anatomy of the accomplished bond are bent by the architecture of the seaming rolls and the abate of the chuck. Cycle shapes may be afflicted to board altered thicknesses of the can material. The cycle shapes, the burden adjustments of the rolls and the abject bowl will actuate the shape, the ambit and the candor of the bifold seam. At aboriginal sight, the appearance of the bifold bond may arise to be satisfactory, however, one or added of the centralized structures may be out of limits. As a result, a abstruse allowance will not be produced. The bartering sealing apparatus may abutting 1000 cans anniversary minute, so a defect, if not accustomed soon, may aftereffect in bags of abnormal closures. To anticipate this from happening, a accomplished artisan is continuously analytical the production.

A Beheld Analysis of closures shall be performed at acceptable intervals which may ascertain added accessible defects. The breach amid beheld inspections cannot beat 30 account of connected sealing apparatus operation.

In addition, USDA/FSIS regulations crave Bifold Bond Teardown examinations which shall be performed at intervals of acceptable frequency, not to beat 4 operating hours.

A sealer advised for home canning operates at bottom capacity, however, an compassionate of the bifold bond analysis procedures will accomplish a hobbyist added knowledgeable. The afterward cartoon depicts acute ambit of a completed bifold seam. They shall be abstinent with a affection micrometer able of demography abstracts with an accurateness of 1/1000 of inch.

The appropriate bond measurements: awning angle length, anatomy angle length, amplitude (length, height), binding (observation for wrinkle), thickness.

The alternative bond measurements: overlap (by calculation), countersink.

The abundant requirements are listed in 21 CFR, Allotment 113.60

The catechism may appear as area to admission the abstruse ambit of a appropriately formed bifold seam. The can architect has all abstruse abstracts and his distributors accept admission to this information.

double seam parameters

Seam measurements.

Government regulations acquiesce for two altered types of the bifold bond examinations:

1. The micrometer method. The apparatus of the micrometer is attributed to Jean Laurent Palmer of Paris in 1848 and the micrometer caliper was alien to the accumulation bazaar by Amber & Sharpe in 1867, bringing the apparatus into the boilerplate apparatus shop.

double seam micrometer

Seam micrometer.

The bond abstracts are taken in thousandths of an inch so attention accoutrement are necessary. A accepted micrometer with a annular anvil may be used, however, the bond micrometer has a axis that has been accurately advised for demography bond measurements.

Closing machines aftermath able bifold seams back appropriately set up and adjusted. Because there are altered manufacturers of sealing machines and metal cans, it is absurd to accept one set of blueprint that would administer to all machines and all sizes of cans. For that reason, bartering plants access blueprint and abstruse abutment from the assembly of the companies that accomplish the closing machines and the cans. The afterward bond abstracts is offered in acceptable acceptance as archetypal advertence and not as blueprint or requirements: awning and anatomy hooks anniversary are about the aforementioned length, and they abatement into the ambit of from 0.076 to 0.084 inches in length. These altruism ranges are for the cans from 301 to 404 diameters. Auger abyss is about 0.125.

double seam projector

SEAMetal HD bifold seam
computerized bond projector
system. Photo courtesy:
Quality By Eyes www.qbyv.com

2. The optical method. The bond projector is a computerized authentic apparatus that not alone displays an ex-ray-type angel on the monitor, but is additionally able of absolutely artful the bond measurements. Because of its cost, it is absurd that the bond projector will be acclimated in home canning. Bartering plants use computerized bond projectors. Affection By Eyes is a all-around baton in the development and accomplishment of Affection and Action Ascendancy systems for the canning industry and its suppliers. Their SEAMetal HD bifold bond eyes arrangement provides an aberrant attending at the bifold seam. A aciculate and bright angel is accurate by actual absolute measurements.

The arrangement runs beneath Windows operating systems (including Vista) and connects to the computer application USB. The software measures: anatomy thickness, awning thickness, bond thickness, bond breadth (seam height), anatomy hook, awning hook, contraction (tightness), bond gap, countersink, anatomy angle butting, awning angle butting, overlap, overlap %, (countersink - length), vee, and abounding more.

Quoted from the Canadian Aliment Analysis Agency, Metal Can Defects Chiral - Identification and Classification:

For those who appetite to abstraction the accountable added a account of sources with added advice about can bond defects is provided in the Links of Absorption section.

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