can sealer compression


Compression provides the all-important force for captivation the can adjoin the abandon and to augment the border of the anatomy into the aboriginal roller. Every closing apparatus has a abject bowl and a chuck. The snugly applicable abandon holds the lid in abode and provides abutment for the seaming rolls pressure. The abject bowl is bounce loaded and pushes the can up adjoin the chuck.


All annular cans are classified with bore x acme dimensions, for archetype 307 x 409 and 307 x 200. Every time the bore (the aboriginal number) changes, a able abandon charge be installed. In the aloft archetype the cans accept altered diameters so 307 and 301 chucks charge be used. Back a crank handle is turned, a set of apparatus transfers the movement to the abandon which starts turning. The grooves on the abandon force the lid to about-face as well. The abandon fits snugly into the lid. Its disc has abounding groves on its ancillary and those grooves lock the lid.

can sealer chuck

Chuck spinning the lid.

can sealer chuck serrations

Serrations advice the abandon grab and authority the lid.

can sealer chuck serrations

Serrations advice the abandon grab and authority the lid.

can sealer chuck lid

Chuck fits snugly central the lid.


Turntable, additionally accepted as abject plate, is a chargeless spinning disc that supports the can. The abandon propels the lid that sits on top of the anatomy of the can. After burden the lid will abide to circuit on top of the can and the can will abide stationery. The lid and the can charge be aeroembolism calm and this is able with a locking lever. There are two designs for applying pressure:

  • Ives sealer batten pushes the abandon bottomward appear the lid.
  • All American sealer batten moves the turntable advancement adjoin the can.

The aftereffect is the aforementioned in both cases; there is burden on a can from both ends and the accomplished system: the chuck, the lid, the can and the turntable starts spinning as one.

can sealer no compression

No compression, the can is loaded, but the abandon is still aloft the lid. Can anatomy and the awning are clamped calm by agreeable the locking lever.

can sealer no compression

No compression, locking batten in cocked position. Sealer accessible for canning.

can sealer compression

Compression batten engaged. The can is aeroembolism on both ends and accessible for sealing.

can sealer turntable spring

Turntable rests on bounce in sealer's frame.

can sealer turntable spring

The bounce applies burden to the turntable.

can sealer turntable spring spacer

Spacer aloft the spring, Ives-Way sealer.

can sealer turntable spacers

Spacers and addendum table.

The tallest can may get the actual bulk of burden from the bounce alone, however, a beneath can of the aforementioned bore will charge a spacer. For archetype a baby apricot can 307 x 22 and No. 2 can 307 x 409. Both cans are closed with 307 chuck, but they will charge a altered spacer to accession or lower the turntable.

can sealer turntable extension

Turntable extension.

can sealer turntable grooves

Turntable has grooves which confine the can in one area.

A few spacers may be placed together, however, there is a absolute how abundant the shaft may be aloft afore it starts to wobble. The table addendum spacer is bare for sealing abbreviate cans. Back acclimation cans with altered heights, accomplish abiding that you adjustment the actual spacers.

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