Vodka Types

The acceptance of vodka can be attributed to two factors:

  • It has a aloof aftertaste and blush so it becomes a abject for abounding added alloyed drinks.
  • It is actual accessible to accomplish - it is fabricated by diluting authentic alcohol.

There are three types of vodkas:

  1. Plain vodkas
  2. Flavored vodkas
  3. Fruit vodkas

Plain vodkas are fabricated from 95% alcohol. Above affection types like "Wyborowa" are fabricated from 96.5% alcohol. Apparent vodka is the simplest, the best artless alcoholic cooler of them all, consisting of about annihilation abroad than a admixture of 40% booze (C2H5OH) and 60% baptize (H2O). Of course, there may be baby amounts of algae in the brew, but they are absolutely minute. Because it has no taste, the account that addition brand the aftertaste of it makes little sense. What we absolutely like is that it bliss our head. Back we say this vodka tastes acceptable we absolutely beggarly that the vodka has a clean, smooth, aloof taste. And accepting a aloof aftertaste agency no aftertaste at all.

It is almost accessible to admit a acceptable affection spirit. If you booze apparent vodka and your anatomy demands a attorney you accept a approved vodka type. This is why such vodkas charge to be alloyed with sodas or orange juice, because they leave an abhorrent taste. This is of advance due to the affection of booze that was acclimated to accomplish it. You can booze top affection apparent vodka after afraid and you do not charge a chaser. There is no abhorrent activity in the mouth. Application 95% booze for authoritative vodka is not a agreement of a top affection product. If not abundant arch (first 3-4% of distillate) was removed, or beverage connected too continued and too abundant appendage (last 3-5% of distillate) remained in the distillate, the affection of affection (main, authentic alcohol) will be poor alike if its backbone charcoal at 95-96% level.


Distiller on the right, clarify on the left. Photo address VSOP

Flavored Vodkas

What has become actual accepted in contempo years is flavored vodka. Flavored vodkas are not new, about 100 altered types were already produced in Poland. Bake-apple vodkas and booze based bake-apple drinks were consistently accepted in Poland, Russia or Germany. However, Russians deserve the acclaim for acquainted the befalling and bringing flavored Stolichnayas to the American market. The trend was anon affected by added manufacturers and flavored vodkas became a hit. Today the afterward brands aftermath the majority of flavored vodkas: Stolichnaya - Russian, Finlandia - Finland, Absolut - Sweden. In the USA vodka outsells added booze like brandy, cognac, gin or whisky. For abounding years vodka was aloof authentic booze 95-96% that has been watered bottomward to 40% (80 proof) strength.

This resulted in a bright spirit of a aloof taste, accouterment the booze was of a acceptable quality. This analogue has afresh been broadcast as there are dozens of lemon, orange, erect and raspberry flavored vodkas which entered the market. They allotment the accepted denominator - they are all 40% (80-proof) strong. They alpha to resemble Brightness and Lithuanian infusions which accept been consistently produced in Brightness and Lithuanian households.

As the name implies flavored vodkas are actual different. They are declared to be altered from apparent vodkas. This blazon of vodka can calmly be fabricated at home. Authoritative any affectionate of vodka requires alcohol, so it is acute that we accept its properties. Booze is alloyed with baptize to aftermath apparent dry vodkas and is added to bake-apple juices or infusions to accomplish bake-apple vodkas. You can additionally accomplish a bake-apple flavored vodka from a bake-apple distillate. Booze distillates can be produced from fruits, grains, potatoes, molasses or flavored booze infusions.

Depending on the bulk of amoroso alcoholic beverages may be classified as:

  • Dry - up to 50 g (5%) of amoroso per 1 liter of vodka. There are actual few types of vodka after any added amoroso at all. Abacus as little as one teaspoon/liter (0.04%) of amoroso smoothens the aftertaste of approved vodka.
  • Semi-dry - 51-120 g/l (5-12%).
  • Semi-sweet - 121-220 g/l (12-22%).
  • Sweet - 221-330 g/l (22-33%).
  • Liqueurs - 331 g/l and added (> 33%).
  • Crèmes - 400 g/l or added (> 40%).

We do not necessarily accept to chase those standards, but they at atomic accommodate a advertence point. There is a actual accomplished band that separates candied flavored vodka from a liqueur. You can accomplish both from the aforementioned fruit, for archetype from acerb cherries, although the liqueur will usually absorb added sugar. What one being calls candied vodka addition ability alarm a liqueur. The capital advantage of creating alcoholic alcohol at home is that one is in absolute ascendancy of the process. One does not accept to accommodate to the government's standards and he can accept the backbone of his drink, the bulk of amoroso or the appearance of the bottle. One can agreement a lot, or change the agreement of his compound on a whim, article that the branch cannot do. Factories use automatic curve to ample the bottles and accretion the bulk of amoroso or alteration the appearance of a canteen will agitate the assembly routine.

Fruit and Herbal Vodkas

These vodkas are fabricated from bake-apple or assemble infusions. They booty added time to aftermath but their flavor, balm and blush is bigger than annihilation that is fabricated commercially.

fruit and herbal vodkas

Fruit and herbal vodkas.

Natural Distilled Vodkas

Natural distilled vodkas are fabricated from bake-apple or herbs. Abundant liqueurs are fabricated in the aforementioned manner. This adjustment requires distilling accessories and distilling any blazon of booze is banned in the USA and best added countries.

natural vodkas

Natural vodkas.

Grape Brandies

Brandy (from brandywine, acquired from Dutch brandewijn - "burntwine") is a spirit produced by distilling wine. The wine is acrimonious ("burnt"), vaporized and again cooled acceptable brandy. Grape vodkas were originally fabricated in France and were c alled "eau-de-vie" (vodka from wine). The backbone of the alcohol is 60-75%, annihilation strongerwill abolish too abounding substances that accord to the appropriate acidity of brandy or cognac. Again it is age-old for 3-5 years and adulterated to about 40%. Brandies may be advised a blazon of flavored bake-apple vodka as the technology charcoal basically the aforementioned for authoritative added distilled spirits.

Armagnac is a characteristic affectionate of brandy produced in the Armagnac arena in Gascony, southwest France. It is distilled from wine usually fabricated from a alloy of Armagnac grapes, application cavalcade stills rather than the pot stills appropriate in the assembly of Cognac. The consistent spirit is again age-old in oak barrels afore release. Armagnac was one of the aboriginal areas in France to activate distilling spirits, but the brandies produced accept a lower contour than those from Cognac and the all-embracing aggregate of assembly is far smaller. In accession they are for the best allotment fabricated and awash by baby producers, admitting Cognac assembly is bedeviled by big-name brands.

Armagnac is commonly distilled once, which after-effects in a stronger, added arresting acidity than that of cognac, area bifold beverage usually takes place. The booze is about 52-60% strong. However, continued crumbling in oak barrels softens the aftertaste and causes the development of added circuitous flavors and a amber color. Back the booze alcove 40%, the Armagnac is transferred to ample bottle bottles for storage. From again on the Armagnac does not age or advance added and can be bottled from the abutting year on.

Cognac, called afterwards the boondocks of Cognac in France, is a assertive blazon of brandy. It is produced in the wine-growing arena surrounding the boondocks from which it takes its name. For a distilled brandy to buck the name Cognac, its assembly methods charge accommodated assertive acknowledged requirements. It charge be fabricated from defined grapes and the wine charge be alert distilled in acceptable chestnut pot stills to about 70% alcohol. Again it is age-old at atomic two years in French oak barrels from Limousin or Tronçais oak trees.

Fruit Brandies

Calvados is an angel brandy from the French arena of Basse- Normandie or Lower Normandy. The bake-apple is apprenticed into a abstract that is brewed and distilled. The best calvados are fabricated in the Pays d'Auge region. Bifold beverage is agitated out in a acceptable alembic pot still; the aboriginal beverage to 30% booze strength, the additional beverage to 65-70%. Again it is adulterated to about 50% and age-old for 2 years in oak casks. Then, if needed, it is adulterated to about 42% and bottled.

Damson plum

Damson plum.

Slivovitz is a asset brandy, fabricated from damson plums, and produced in Slavic regions of Axial and Eastern Europe, both commercially as able-bodied as by abounding households. Primary producers are in Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Agnate asset brandies are additionally produced in Germany, Switzerland, France, the Affiliated States, and Canada.

The process: plums are accomplished but 15-20% kernels are adored as they accommodate amygdalin, the appropriate basic of absinthian almonds. This appropriate acidity is adapted in a asset or acerb blooming brandy.

The bake-apple brew is fermented, again distilled:

  • 1st beverage - 25-30%
  • 2nd beverage - 70-75%

Then the slivovitz is age-old for 1- 2 years in oak casks. Afterwards crumbling slivovitz is adulterated to the appropriate strength, generally larboard at 70% alcohol, which makes it a actual able drink. Amoroso is not added to slivovitz.

Kirsch or Kirschwasser is a clear, achromatic bake-apple brandy commonly fabricated from bifold beverage of morello cherries, a dark-colored cultivar of the acerb cherry. The technology follows the action for authoritative slivovitz with one difference: added ashamed kernels are added (20-35%), sometimes alike all of them. This accounts for the able cherry-almond acidity of the spirit. The alcohol is age-old in adobe or bottle containers in adjustment to bottle its bright color. You may acquisition abounding Kirsch liqueurs, which are black and abundant weaker than brandy.

Grain Vodkas

The best Brightness vodkas are fabricated from rye:

  • Superior affection dry vodkas - fabricated from 96.5% authentic rye booze and water, for archetype Wyborowa Vodka.
  • Dry vodkas fabricated from aerial affection rye alcohol, baptize and no added than 1.5 g/liter of bake-apple distillates or infusions.

Those vodkas are accepted as Zytnia Vodkas, zyto agency rye in Polish. In accession there are abounding types of vodka that are actual hardly flavored with pepper, bison grass, citrus banknote and added ambrosial substances.


Whiskey is fabricated from brewed atom mash. Altered grains are acclimated for altered varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn. Whiskies are usually distilled alert to about 63% and age-old for at atomic 2 years in board casks, fabricated about of broiled white oak. Best whiskies are awash at or abreast an alcoholic backbone of 40% (80 proof). There are abounding types of whiskey and they accept altered processing procedures. The afterward are the whiskies with the longest tradition: Scotch Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey and Canadian Whiskey. American Bourbon Whiskey is fabricated from grains, but blah charge annual for at atomic 51% of the total.


From Wikipedia: Arrack, additionally spelled arak, is a distilled alcoholic booze about produced in South Asia and Southeast Asia, fabricated from either the brewed sap of attic flowers, sugarcane, atom (e.g. red rice) or fruit, depending aloft the country of origin. Java and Sri-Lanka are islands with a continued attitude of authoritative this spirit. The bright booze may be blended, age-old in board barrels, or again distilled and filtered depending aloft the aftertaste and blush objectives of the manufacturer. The basal abstracts are either rice and amoroso molasses or rice and approach wine. The rice is malted, the brew is fermented, distilled and aged. The booze is bright or ablaze yellow, about 60% booze strength. Arrack is not to be abashed with arak, an anise-flavored alcoholic cooler commonly captivated in Eastern Mediterranean and Arctic African countries. In the Average East and Abreast East, the appellation arak is usually acclimated for liquor distilled from grapes and flavored with anise.


Rum is a distilled alcoholic cooler fabricated from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses, or anon from sugarcane juice, by a action of beverage and distillation. The distillate, a bright liquid, is again usually age-old in oak barrels. There are two types of rum:

  • Dark - able acidity and aroma, darker color, basic in Jamaica.
  • Light - Cuba, Puerto Rico. Bright rums display a lighter aftertaste and aroma.

One of the best accepted producers is Bacardi from Puerto Rico. The branch makes ablaze and average rums, from 40 to 75%. Again there are abounding rums which are fabricated in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Barbados, Belize, Nicaragua and added islands or countries amid in the Caribbean basin area. This is area best amoroso pikestaff plantations accept been established. However, rum is additionally produced in the Bare Islands of Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Hawaii, the Philippines, India, Mauritius, South Africa, and Canada.

The archetypal action consists of distilling the brewed sugarcane brew to about 70-75%. Beverage is performed alert and the booze is usually 70-75% strong. Again it is age-old for at atomic one year. The blush of rum is afflicted by the blazon of the crumbling container; the oak casks will accomplish the rum amber but stainless containers will bottle the bright blush of the distillate. Best rums are 40% brand but there are additionally 55% and 75% stronger ones, for archetype 75% Bacardi. Abounding rums are flavored by the accession of spices and sometimes caramel. Accepted spices are cinnamon, rosemary, aniseed, or pepper. Flavored rums are alloyed with flavors of fruits, such as banana, mango, orange, citrus, coconut, brilliant bake-apple or lime. Distilled alcoholic booze are fabricated with a accepted method: bake-apple preparation, fermentation, beverage to the appropriate booze backbone which sometimes involves diluting booze with baptize and aging. Although those booze backpack their own accustomed names, they may be advised flavored vodkas as flavored vodkas can be a alloy of altered abstracts and flavorings.

You charge apprehend by now that beverage is a adequately able action that requires big-ticket accessories and a lot of amplitude and time. What is alike added important, distilling booze is actionable in the USA and best countries, so there is no charge to go added into assembly details. However, one can buy able booze and actualize his new combinations or imitate able-bodied accepted products, for archetype accumulation rum, brandy, alcohol, amoroso and eggs to accomplish a home adaptation of Advocaat.


Gin is a spirit which derives its absolute acidity from juniper berries (Juniperus communis). The name gin is acquired from either the French genicvre or the Dutch jenever, which both beggarly "juniper". From its ancient ancestry in the Average Ages, gin has acquired over the advance of a millennium from an herbal anesthetic to a accepted spirit of today. There are a few accepted methods for authoritative gin:

dry juniper berries

Dry juniper berries.

  • Juniper berries are added into 75-85% alcohol, diminished for 12 hours and distilled.
  • Juniper berries are covered with 50-60% booze and diminished for 14 days. This is a archetypal beverage process. Again the beverage is distilled.
  • Juniper berries are blood-soaked in baptize until they absolution juice.

This may be again a few times application the abstract from the antecedent maceration to absorb new berries. It is accessible to access 1.2-1.5 liter of abstract from 1 kg of berries. Again the juniper abstract is brewed for about 2 weeks. Dry juniper berries accommodate affluence of amoroso (20-25%) and will agitate like wine. Again the juniper "wine" is distilled, filtered and age-old in adobe or bottle containers.

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