Honey Vodkas

Honey vodkas should not be abashed with honey wines (mead). Honey wine is brewed honey and contains little booze (12-16%), but honey vodkas are not brewed and are able (40-45%). Ambrosial infusions such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and absurd are added as able-bodied as citric acerbic that offsets some of the honey's sweetness. Orange and auto banknote extracts accord accurately to the final flavor. The blush of honey vodka is abundantly afflicted by honey's blush and caramel may be added to becloud it. In Poland honey vodka is accepted as "krupnik" and it is offered at 40% booze strength.

Lithuanian Honeys

Lithuanian honeys deserve appropriate acknowledgment as they were such admirable drinks. The best adaptation would be an booze accomplished honey wine. Beginning or dry fruits, herbs and ambrosial spices were added, and those were alloyed with honey wine and alcohol. Then, they accomplished for a continued time in oak barrels. The Lithuanian honeys independent 50- 75% (100 - 150 proof) of booze so they were rather almighty drinks. Lithuanian honeys were sometimes afire afore serving. While the agitation created a spectacle, the capital acumen for the agitation was to absolution booze abasement which fabricated the alcohol aftertaste better, abnormally in the algid season. It was additionally affidavit of the drink's affection and potency, as the anemic versions did not inflame. An absorbing aberration is Lithuanian "Red Krupnikas" which is a honey vodka fabricated with honey and caramel syrup. In additiotion to its darker blush it has additionally a hardly altered acidity because of caramel.

German Honey Liqueur

In 15th aeon in East Prusia, Teucke & Konig Buck Allurement Aggregation started to accomplish Barenjager Honey Liqueur. It is anon fabricated by the German Aggregation Schwarze & Schlichte. The aggregation offers two versions of the liqueur:

  1. Barenjager (Bear Hunter) at 35% alcohol
  2. Barefang (Bear Trap) at 33% alcohol

Top affection Brightness honey vodka does not accommodate amoroso at all, aloof 500 g (350 ml) honey, ambrosial extracts, and alcohol. Krupnik is rather a able vodka (40-45%) so no baptize is all-important as continued as it fabricated with 75% alcohol. The added bread-and-butter blazon will accept a allotment of honey commissioned with sugar, usually 50%. Acceptable honey vodka should accommodate amid 140-200 ml (200-280 g) of honey per 1 liter of product. One liter of honey weighs about 1.4 kg.

Instead of application alone extracts an all-in-one abstract can be made:

  • cloves - 2 g
  • nutmeg - 2 g
  • cinnamon stick - 4 g
  • fresh amber - 4 g
  • vanilla stick - 4 g
  • alcohol 60%* - 150 ml
  • macerate for 2-3 weeks

*mixing according amounts of vodka and 75% Everclear produces 58% alcohol. About 10 ml of the aloft all-in-one vodka honey abstract is abundant to acidity 1 liter vodka.

Orange and auto extracts may be added as well.

Honey-Fruit Abstract Vodkas

Numerous honey vodkas accommodate a bake-apple beverage or booze accomplished juice, for archetype raspberry, acerb blooming or cherry. Abacus a kiwi beverage creates accomplished results. Up to 20% of abstract may be added after compromising honey vodka's flavor.

Honey vodka tastes acceptable back served warm. There is annihilation bigger than a appropriate attempt of balmy honey vodka back you alive in a algid altitude and appear home annoyed from work. In Arctic Europe, it is accepted to ask in a bar for a balmy beeer accomplished with honey back the wheather is cold.

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