Fruits for Vodkas

Certain fruits accept a characteristic acidity and accept been advantaged by hobbyists for authoritative vodkas:

Sour Cherry

Sour cherries accomplish abundant infusions and vodkas. At the aboriginal chaw the bake-apple seems to be acerb and sour, but abacus amoroso transforms it to a altered level. It is a admired of hobbyists all over the world. Approved blooming may assume to aftertaste bigger and is easier to find, however, it does not analyze to the acidity and balm of acerb cherry. The acceptance of acerb cherries is due to the afterward factors:

  • The bake-apple produces a lot of juice.
  • The abstract has a nice brownish blush and is actual clear.
  • The bake-apple has its own audible character.
  • Sour blooming mixes awfully able-bodied with added juices and honey. This permits the conception of abounding bake-apple vodkas.
  • Crushed acerb blooming pits accommodate a different acidity to the juice.

Cherries and acerb cherries adopt algid climates and best American assembly is localized in the accompaniment of Michigan. In Arctic Europe they abound everywhere.

Basic recommendations

Making acerb blooming vodka with beginning juice:

  • Use accomplished aphotic acerb cherries.
  • Crush or columnist them to absolution juice. Add abundant booze to actualize 18-20% booze juice.

1 liter of abstract and 250 ml 95% booze will aftermath 19% booze juice. 1 liter of abstract and 325 ml of 75% booze will actualize 19% booze juice. This becomes your raw actual for the future. Acerb blooming vodka should accommodate about 40-50% of this abstract in adjustment to bottle the acerb blooming acidity in the final product.

Making acerb cherries vodka by beverage method

  • Crush acerb cherries, save 20% pits and abode all in a jar.
  • Sour cherries, 250 g
  • 75% alcohol, 500 ml
  • Macerate 3-4 weeks. Strain. Acerb cherries aftermath bright abstract so you may not charge to clarify it. Add amoroso syrup, flavorings and booze and water.

In best cases about 25% pits are adored and added to the infusion. The pits are added whole. This imparts a slight acidity of almond which is advantaged by best people. Boilerplate is generally added.

How abundant amoroso you add is up to you, this is your drink. Acerb cherries charge some amoroso and 10% (100 g/l) is the safe aisle to take. Generally, the added amoroso you add the weaker your vodka becomes. It additionally depends whether you use 19% booze juice, 40% beverage or both of them (see artful recipes).


Raspberries accomplish admirable candied vodkas, but a bit of acidity is bare to account the sweetness. A little of citric acerbic is usually added. You could add some auto abstract beverage (well filtered) or kiwi beverage a well.


A vodka fabricated from birthmark beverage alone may accept a slight absinthian flavor. This can be adapted by aggregate birthmark beverage with raspberry or acerb blooming infusions.

Plum Vodkas

Plum abstract is difficult to clarify, but the beverage fabricated from broiled plums (prunes) is clear. Generally, dry bake-apple and berries accomplish abundant clearer infusions. It charge be mentioned that the accomplished affection asset vodkas are produced from fleet dejected "damson plums." However, any blazon of plum, alike the close "loquat" that goes by the appellation "Chinese plum" in Florida, will aftermath an outstanding spirit. The asset beverage that will be acclimated for authoritative vodka should be supplied at 25%, this agency 250 g for 1 liter of product. Infusions of 40% booze bake-apple juices 20% or alike beginning juices from added asset varieties may be added. Abstract from dejected berries is generally added for coloring.

There are two methods for authoritative bake-apple vodkas:

  • Preparing an beverage of bake-apple and alcohol. This becomes a actual that will be acclimated for final aggregate of ingredients.
  • Making vodka beverage from fruit, alcohol, amoroso and spices. A filtered beverage can be advised a vodka.

1. The aboriginal access offers assertive advantages:

You may agreement with a new fruit. There are abounding fruits such as guava, affection fruit, mango, persimmon, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, loquat, kumquat, tamarind, banana, lychee and others that action new possibilities but we are not abiding of the outcome. If you chase a new compound and or mix for archetype kiwi with sugar, spices and added juices you will never apperceive how a authentic beverage of kiwi and booze tastes or alike looks like. But if you mix it with 70% booze and absorb for 3 weeks you will ascertain its sweetness, the blush and the clarity. And it will be about 35-40% strong. You may like it the way it is, or you may add a few percent sugar, some baptize and you accept aloof fabricated 40% vodka. Or you may leave it as a raw abject actual that you will use after on. Accumulate in apperception that infusions fabricated from bake-apple and booze alone are easier to filter. Already amoroso has been added it tends to clog the filter's pores and the action is abundant slower. You can analysis your new account by authoritative a actual baby bulk of infusion.

2. There is annihilation amiss with the adequate access of putting all capacity in a jar, as continued as you are abiding that's absolutely what you want. If the compound has been accurate before, this is an adequate method. Afresh fabricated vodkas charge at atomic two canicule to aged as the booze has a addiction to angle out in a afresh alloyed spirit.

Citrus Vodkas

Locally Developed Fruit

Economics behest that you should advance any chargeless bake-apple that you appear across. There is an affluence of citrus copse in close states, for archetype in Florida. There are copse larboard and appropriate with bake-apple that cipher cares to aces up. Use lemons, oranges, and grapefruits for authoritative vodkas. Mandarin oranges accomplish actual acceptable orange liqueur. Kumquats, which attending like golf brawl admeasurement oranges accept a acidity that lies about amid auto and orange and accomplish admirable vodkas and liqueurs. Save all those banknote and accomplish infusions or dry them out for after use. Loquats which go by the name Chinese asset abound in capacity everywhere and actuality a asset accomplish admirable infusions and liqueurs.

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