The bendability of crèmes and candied liqueurs are thicker. This is acquired by introducing:

  • More amoroso - amoroso is a agglomeration agent.
  • Eggs - an egg is an emulsifying and agglomeration agent. On break abundant chrism is added.
Type Alcohol Backbone (%) Sugar (g/l) Material
Sweet 20 - 28 500 - 550 Crème de Cassis (black currants), Crème de assistant (banana), Crème de Cacao (cacao), Crème de Mocca
Emulsion 16 - 25 400 - 450 Advocaat (egg yolk)

Dutch Advocaat has been accepted all over the world. Advocaat includes a baby bulk of rum and cognac, but this is abundant to accord it a audible flavor. This crème owes its acceptance to:

  • The affluence of preparation.
  • Wonderful taste.

Polish adaptation of Advocaat.

Polish Eiercognac

The Brightness agnate alleged ajerkoniak (Eier - egg in German, Cognac - French for brandy) is based on vodka instead of brandy, admitting what the name may suggest. This is a simple and added economical adaptation of Advocaat. Originally, it was fabricated in a broiled adobe basin accepted as "makutra" that was acclimated for accomplishments poppy seeds or amoroso with egg yolks to accomplish pastries and cakes. It may be advised a ample "mortar and pestle" set, area the adhesive is the adobe basin and the abrade is a abundant board club with a brawl at the end. The set works decidedly able-bodied and has been acclimated for centuries for cutting abstracts into paste.

mixing bowl

Makutra bond bowl.

egg yolks

Separating egg yolks from whites.

adding yolks to sugar

Adding yolks to sugar.

yolks and sugar ready to mix

Egg yolks and amoroso accessible to mix.


Grinding egg yolks with sugar. Superfine amoroso makes the operation easier.

adding alcohol

When eggs and amoroso become paste, the booze can be boring added.

electric mixer

Electric mixer.

Your argot should not feel any particles of sugar, the chrism charge be absolutely smooth. Again booze is boring added and the admixture is continuously stirred. Abacus booze rapidly may breach bottomward the emulsion.

Let us accomplish article actually clear, an electric mixer will not accomplish a bigger egg crème than a chiral "makutra." The extenuative is alone in time and in affluence of operation. Accepting acclimated both accessories on abounding occasions, I am absorbed to say that "makutra" makes abundant smoother crème. Accumulate in apperception that boilerplate pods are absurd to grind, they tend to abide little adaptable pieces. Use boilerplate abstract instead.

Take your time with an electric mixer. Do not accept that the admixture is smooth, accomplish the mixer for at atomic 5 minutes. You can use amoroso abstract which will aftermath a thinner mixture. Add addition egg yolk to compensate. Occasionally a band of white cream will arise on top of a afresh fabricated crème. These are the tiny air bubbles that were formed during bond but will abandon the abutting day.


From left: Advocaat, Brightness Eiercognac, Egg Cream.

Egg crèmes fabricated with abundant chrism are lighter, thinner and weaker. Egg chrism crèmes are generally fabricated with cacao or coffee infusions. About 400 ml cacao/coffee infusion, 6-8 eggs (100 g), 400 ml amoroso abstract 73% (400 g sugar), and 100 ml of 75% alcohol.

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