In chemistry, a blush is a band-aid that has booze as the solvent. To authorize as a blush the alcoholic abstract should accept an booze allotment of at atomic 40-60% (80-120 proof). In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are generally fabricated with assorted concentrations of ethanol, 25% actuality the best common. The aboriginal tinctures were in absoluteness extracts or elixirs as the aboriginal alcoholic beverages accepted to man were alone beer and wine. The best booze agreeable was apparently about 16% back at this backbone all yeasts will die and the beverage will appear to an end. Stronger booze could alone be acquired by appointment weaker booze like wine to the beverage process, however, the action was not accepted yet. Herbal tinctures usually use booze as a bread-and-butter for bodies who do not absorb booze for medical, religious or moral reasons. Non-alcoholic tinctures fabricated with glycerin or alkali action an alternative, although their use is carefully bound for alleviative purposes.

The basal types of tinctures:

Elixir - a clear, sweet-flavored aqueous acclimated for alleviative purposes, to be taken orally and advised to cure one's ills. Aloof abundant booze is activated to absolutely deliquesce the capital additive and aftermath a bright solution. Vodka can be acclimated for authoritative elixirs.

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