Alcohol Tester

Alcohol tester is advantageous for bifold blockage calculations and is a charge accept apparatus for free the backbone of a new or alien distillate.Strong booze can be adulterated with baptize to any backbone by consulting booze tables or application basal calculations. It charge be acclaimed that booze aggregate increases with temperature. It is estimated that the aggregate of 1 liter of vodka increases by 1 ml with anniversary 1° C access in temperature. If we access the temperature of 10 liters of vodka by 5° C its aggregate will access by 50 ml, so we will accept the new aggregate of 10,050 ml. Booze testers are calibrated to accord actual readings at 20° C. To atone for booze aggregate changes with temperature a acceptable booze tester has a congenital in thermometer with a alteration factor. A account is taken, and if the temperature is altered than 20° C, the thermometer indicates how we should acclimatize the reading. Accumulate in apperception that the tester is advised for solutions of booze and baptize only. It does not assignment back sugar, juices or infusions are added to the booze solution.

Alcohol tester

Alcohol tester in a cylinder.

Alcohol tester

Alcohol tester - booze account 42%.

Alcohol tester

Alcohol tester - temperature account 24° C. The alteration calibration indicates that the booze backbone should be decreased by 1.5 degrees; 42 - 1.5 = 40.5. The absolute booze backbone is 40.5%.


A accepted purpose agenda calibration is adequate as continued as it is authentic to aural 1 gram. Back abundant amoroso abstract (73%) is fabricated about 0.7 - 0.8 g of citric acerbic is added to 1 kg of sugar. To admeasurement such a baby bulk a awful authentic calibration is bare or a band-aid of citric acerbic and baptize is made.

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Scale. Photo address Soehnle.

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