Fruit and Berries

Fully developed beginning bake-apple contains the best sugar, abstract and the arch aroma. Any damaged, partly brewed or apprehensive bake-apple charge be alone as it will abnormally affect the affection of the product. Arctic bake-apple is accomplished as freezing preserves the aboriginal affection of the fruit, and, the accretion ice crystals accident the fruit's corpuscle anatomy which contributes to a able abstract abstract after in the maceration process.

Wild bake-apple is additionally fine. It may aftermath beneath abstract than a garden variety, but it exhibits a stronger acidity and color, and additionally contains added ambrosial substances. This can be attributed to the actuality that agrarian growing bake-apple is about smaller, and contains proportionally added bark about to its flesh. The substances which are amenable for the color, acidity and balm of the bake-apple are mainly amid in the skin. Blooming green walnuts accomplish one of the best accepted Brightness infusions (Orzechowka - nut cordial).

Dry bake-apple such as prunes, raisins or figs accommodate little damp but absorb about all of the aboriginal acidity and balm compounds. Dry plums will aftermath clearer infusions than beginning ones. Abstain prunes which backpack a begrimed flavor. Dry citrus banknote bear a admirable balm and aftermath bright vodkas.

All fruits are acceptable for authoritative infusions:

Fruits with pits - plums, acerb cherries, cherries, peaches, apricots. Pits are alone as they may accommodate traces of cyanide which exhibits an acute odor of absinthian almonds. However, if the dosage is appropriately administered, this balm contributes absolutely to the all-embracing acidity of the drink. The accustomed convenance is to absorb about 20-25% of pits in affiliation to the weight of the bake-apple base. For archetype alveolate acerb (sour) cherries accomplish abundant infusions, but if 20% of pits are added to the must, the beverage becomes artlessly superb, announcement a aerial blow of an almond aroma.

Fruits with seeds - apples, oranges, pears, quinces, agrarian rose, dogwood, and hawthorn. Best seeds should be removed as they about admit a absinthian taste. Seeds from apples, oranges or pears accommodate pectin which develops black in the juice.

Berries - blackberries, atramentous and red currants, raspberries, strawberries, rowan, gooseberries, elderberries. Berries accomplish abundant alcoholic beverages.

Rowan berries. From Wikipedia:

The album does not acknowledgment the actuality that rowan berries accomplish one of the finest dry vodkas possible. It had been acutely accepted in Poland already (Jarzebiak) and was broadly distributed. Rowan berries accept a acidity and a acidity that makes them accomplished for authoritative jellies and vodka. The best time for autumn is afterwards the aboriginal frost back berries lose their absinthian aftertaste and become hardly sweet.

Rowan tree

Rowan timberline on Brightness street.

Rowan berries

Rowan berries accomplish a admirable dry vodka.


Elderberries abound in Europe and in the USA.


Hawthorn is a able-bodied accepted alleviative berry. It grows in Europe and in the USA.

Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries are acclimated for authoritative infusion.

Fruits accommodate affluence of water, 82-88%, the blow are sugars (5-10%), ash (0.3-0.7%), pectin (0.2-1%) acids (0.2-3%) and artificial (0.3- 5%). Bake-apple that grows in warmer climates is about sweeter, for archetype Brightness plums may accommodate 10% sugar, but the aforementioned array developed in Bulgaria contains 15-20% sugar. Oranges that are developed in Europe, Florida or California will additionally display some differences.

Fruit Preparation

  • Fruit charge be washed. Soft, aerial fruits such as raspberries are about not done as they will lose too abundant juice. They may be showered carefully demography affliction not to beat the skin.
  • Fruit is broken, burst into abate genitalia which break corpuscle and bark structure, facilitating abstract extraction. However, bake-apple should not be burst in a aliment processor as this will aftermath a cloudier juice.

Depending on the affluence of accepting juice, the bake-apple can be classified into two groups:

1. Apples, grapes, strawberries, acerb cherries - fruits that either accommodate little pectin, or accept pectin that does not readily deliquesce in water. Those fruits leave a lot of lurid and absolution a almost bright juice.

2. Apricots, atramentous currants, raspberries, plums, peaches, citrus and added close bake-apple - these fruits accommodate a harder bark and pectin that does not deliquesce calmly in water. The bake-apple from the additional accumulation is usually able for juicing by:

A. Breaking it into abate particles and comatose them for 4-12 hours. This starts pectin reactions which abate the bark and helps to balance added juice.

B. Bartering producers add distinctively able enzymes which advice abstract added juice. Bartering presses are actual able and will bear from 60 - 80% abstract in affiliation to the weight of material.

Alcohol Bake-apple Juice

If afresh acquired abstract will be stored, it is alloyed with booze to access a 16-20% alcoholic solution. This bulk of booze will bottle the abstract by preventing accustomed yeasts from starting fermentation. Such booze preserved abstract is accepted in Poland as bake-apple mors. Bartering producers mix those booze preserved juices with capital oils, alcohol, syrups, infusions and added capacity back they compose a new drink. The bulk of accurate booze that is bare to aftermath booze abstract at a assertive backbone can be calmly affected application the afterward equation:

  • X = A x s/(S-s)
  • X - the bare bulk of booze that would be added to juice.
  • A - the bulk of abstract that would be alloyed with alcohol.
  • S - the backbone of booze that would be added to juice.
  • s - the backbone of booze abstract that would be obtained.

We accept 75% booze and we appetite to aftermath 1 liter of booze abstract at 19%. Solution: 1 x 19/(75-19) = 19/56 = 0.339 l = 340 ml If we mix 340 ml of 75% booze with 1 l abstract we will access booze abstract at 19% booze strength.

Using 95% Alcohol

Alcohol Fruit juice Alcohol abstract strength
250 ml 1000 ml 19%
200 ml 1000 ml 16%

Using 75% Alcohol

Alcohol Fruit juice Alcohol abstract strength
340 ml 1000 ml 19%
270 ml 1000 ml 16%

Alcohol abstract is usually fabricated by bond 0.25 liter 95% booze with 1 liter of abstract in a 1:4 ratio. As in best places in the USA the arch achievable booze is 75%, the admeasurement becomes: 1 liter of abstract to 340 ml 75° alcohol. In both cases the consistent drinks accommodate about 19% of alcohol. Booze abstract is generally fabricated from the extra aqueous afterwards the additional infusion. Such preserved beginning abstract is stored for up to 12 months for afterwards use as a basic of flavored spirits. Naturally, it is adorable to booze at any time. Afresh produced booze abstract should not be acclimated for 14-30 days. Booze tends to abstract diminutive particles such as pectin, tannin, proteins, etc. Those particles charge some time to bore to the basal and aftermath a bright juice. This is the aforementioned action as allegorical wine. Afterwards that aeon the bright abstract is siphoned and the debris discarded. Alike afterwards all those procedures assertive juices like asset or auto may still abide cloudy.


Although infusions authority their own appropriate as a blazon of alcoholic spirits, they may additionally be advised a actual that can be attenuated with booze for authoritative flavored vodkas. They may be the capital additive or the added one. Infusions are admirable materials, however, their assembly requires so abundant time and amplitude that bartering producers tend to break abroad from them. The industry prefers to use booze juices. Infusions, however, are clearer and added aperitive than booze juices and a hobbyist can use them for authoritative a array of adult blends. Fruits such as blackthorn, rowan, bird cherry, and hawthorn accommodate a ample pit but little flesh. Accepting abstract from such fruits by acute is difficult and beverage produces the best results.

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