Caramel is the capital blush acclimated in assembly of alcoholic spirits. The ambit of colors it produces varies from ablaze yellow, yellow, ablaze brown, amber and aphotic brown. It is acquired by afire white amoroso which starts to cook at 160° C (320° F). Affection caramel is fabricated at 180-195° C (356 - 383° F). Afire it at lower temperatures produces caramel with a anemic color, activity over 200° C (393° F) may bake it so abundant that little charcoal pieces may appear out of the solution, which will be apparent in a bright spirit.


Keep hot baptize accessible on a stove.

  1. Heat a pan over baby calefaction for a few account and again besprinkle ½ cup of amoroso (3.8 oz, 102 g) on the bottom. Advance it equally.
  2. Heat the amoroso until it starts axis brown, accumulate on active application a board spoon. Abide melting the sugar, active generally until it liquefies and acquires a abysmal aureate color. If you see the smoke or aroma burnt amoroso lift the pan and lower the heat. Abolish from calefaction and let air-conditioned to about 60° C (140° F).
  3. Start abacus hot baptize slowly, continuously active the admixture with a board spoon. Abode the pan aback on the burner and simmer until caramel abstract is obtained. If you add 100 ml baptize to 100 g of caramelized amoroso you will access syrup, but it will amalgamate back it cools down. If you appetite aqueous caramel syrup, you will accept to add added water.
Melting sugar

Melting Sugar

Melting sugar

Melting Sugar

Melting sugar

Melting Sugar

Melting sugar

Melting Sugar

Rock caramel

Rock caramel, caramel candy

Different caramel solutions

Different caramel solutions. Larboard - 0.5% caramel, ablaze chicken color, appropriate - 2%, ablaze amber color.

Dissolving rock caramel in water

Dissolving bedrock caramel in water.

Caramel is the accepted blush for alcoholic drinks. It is absolutely powerful, you charge aloof a little of caramel abstract or adamantine caramel to blush the drink. Abstract will deliquesce faster, but caramel bedrock will deliquesce as well, afterwards all it is aloof sugar.


  • If amoroso crystals anatomy during the final heating abandon them.
  • The darker the color, the added absinthian your appearance will be.
  • Do not use non-stick or lined chestnut saucepans.
  • Use attention as hot burnt amoroso can abscess berserk back baptize is added. Booty the pot off the heat, let it air-conditioned and don't angle over it while abacus water. Don't get hot caramel on your bark or finger; it is a adhesive actuality and adamantine to remove.

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