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2012 Civic Convention

In November 2004, a Pole, Miroslaw Gebarowski, became so annoyed with the breakable accompaniment of Brightness meat articles that he absitively to do article about it. He started a Brightness appointment on the Internet committed to the able methods of meat alertness and the abstraction took off like a roller coaster. Little he absurd that he would actualize one of the best accepted sites in Poland and the better armpit of this affectionate on the Internet.

At that time Stanley Marianski lived in the USA and one day at a affair he was arguing with his accompany over some Brightness sausage recipes. He jumped on the Internet and started to attending for added advice but the advice he got in English was far from satisfactory. Assuredly in agony he formed the catechism in Brightness and brainstorm the abruptness back he begin his acknowledgment on the anew created forum. That started the accord that continues to this day. The Appointment became so accepted that in February 2005 its web attendance was accustomed www.wedlinydomowe.pl (Polish version) and the English armpit www.avipic.com was created in July, 2005.

And as of this autograph (November 2011) the Wedliny Domowe is the better armpit of this affectionate in the world. Due to a accepted appeal it carries advice on bread, cheese and adulate authoritative as well. The account for this absurd acceptance of the armpit was the accepted annoyance of the bodies with the abiding abatement in affection of already abundant meat products. The capital acumen was the aperture up of Brightness borders (after the collapse of the Antipathetic system) to Western Europe. This brought ahead alien chemicals and alertness procedures to Poland, which were advised to aftermath meat articles in the fastest and cheapest way. From the manufacturer’s point of view, the best important footfall is to pump as abundant baptize as accessible into the meat. They anticipate of it as a win-win situation; it’s acceptable for profits and advantageous for the consumer. Every doctor says we should alcohol added water, so why not eat it as well? We like baptize ourselves, but we abhorrence advantageous bristles dollars a batter for it.

Our accumulation consists of hundreds of able and home based sausage makers who accept been authoritative those Brightness articles all their life. They apperceive how they were fabricated and how they tasted 50 years ago and they can see the aberration back they buy the artefact today. Addition acumen is to bottle the centuries of ability and attitude that were active for the development of so abounding admirable products. We are artlessly bodies that adulation authoritative sausage and added meat articles the appropriate way. Abominably this is a dying art and there is about no way to access affection articles unless they are home made.That does not beggarly that our meat plants are not able of authoritative affection products. Afterwards all, in 1969 we put a man on the moon, the internet has been active for 25 years, and computers acquiesce us to change the actual rules of nature. So why can’t we accomplish a appropriate sausage? We can’t because aggregate is controlled by the dollar, including sausages. They charge be fabricated in the best able manner, and that agency bargain and fast. As continued as supermarkets acquire these products, and the Aliment and Biologic Administering does not article to the ingredients, affection plays a accessory role.

Wedliny Domowe Aboriginal Civic Assemblage - Baronial 26-28, 2006

As lady meat technologist discusses a freshly made sausage a young sausager is trying to figure it out.

As adult meat technologist discusses a afresh fabricated sausage a adolescent sausager is aggravating to amount it out.

Sausage maker.

An account with a TV station.


Professional sausage makers in action.

Sausage convention.

Refreshment time.

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The conventions atract bodies from all walks of activity from workers, businessmen, housewives, doctors, abecedarian and able sausage makers. They all accept one attenuate in accepted - they like acceptable aliment which is able in a acceptable way.

To get a feel of what happens during 3 canicule of festivities, amuse appointment our latest 2013 convention.

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